An Honest Letter From An Industrial Musician

When I started this website, I decided that I was going to proclaim the truth without apology.  I surely did not want to make enemies or offend people, but the truth often does exactly that.  Sadly, much of my "hate mail" comes from other professed "Christians."  I recently received the following letter from a professional secular musician.  I'm amazed that a secular heavy metal musician would send me such an honest letter, while many professed "Christians" continue to send me hate mail.  Though I certainly don't agree with everything in the letter, I thought the letter was worthy of sharing with my Christian web visitors.

I've posted the following letter on my website with permission.   I hope this secular musician can talk some sense into some of my Christian web visitors.  Please keep in mind that this article is written from a secular viewpoint.  Here's the letter (Received 07/11/05):

"I am an industrial musician.  I sing music Similar to Nine inch Nails, Manson, KMFDM and I function in society quite well.  I am friends with Christians and I work in sales, I am great with people, and I love Dark Electronic Rock.  I understand what you're saying very much.  Just look at your typical rock musician.  A lot of these people have deeply seeded problems that are rooted in a bad childhood.  Evil things have happened to them and evil things continue to happen to them because of the people they associate with, and they have it in their genes form their parents.

There is a beauty that cannot be explained in dark music.  It can sooth the senses and bring out feelings that other wise would not be dealt with.  Groups like Dio, and Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper are performers and the imagery is what sold to teenage boys.  Similar to Manson, but Manson is on a different level than these people.  He probably knows more about the Bible than all of them and any of my friends that claim to be Christian or Catholic.  What Manson does is very strange.  He is an icon, and a symbol for people to focus their hatred.  Many Christians blamed him in columbine but the killer did not even listen to Marilyn Manson.  He is a perfect scapegoat, he is a perfect Rock star.  I listen to a lot of strange groups, not your typical crap that is on the radio. 

Now I do not know how all of these people live, but I am sure a lot of them do drugs, drink and have premarital sex, as do many of the Catholic girls and boys I knew in High School.  In our society no one cares about anything anymore.  People vote for someone who claims to be Christian, Christians watch Fox news, and buy Jesus from Walmart.  I understand why, but a lot of people do not.  The Masses are easy to control with the media, marketing, free promotions and NASCAR.  We live in a world with evil Christians and Moral rock Stars.  How did this happen?  Man is innately Evil and people love to see others in pain.  Love or war, Christian or Rock Star.  Drug use in the 60's, WOW.  The baby boomer generation are screwed, as are many of their children because of their choices.  They are all divorced and have all done drugs.  If not, then they are crazy religious and this spawns other issues with their children.  There is no balance anymore.  People use the bible as reference when they know nothing about it.  People do not even know that Marriage is based in Christianity. 

I understand your point and I commend you for informing people.  If people could just help themselves this world would be a different place, but it is not.  I hope you can understand where I am coming from."

Carson Duke

July 11th,2005



Thanks again Carson, much appreciated...

Dave Stewart