Daily Web Visitor Says, “I love your website”

By David J. Stewart | October 2012

I received the following awesome and uplifting e-mail in October of 2012 from Gilbert...

Hi David,

It is a pleasure to finally be able to communicate with you via e-mail. I started searching for the truth in 2006 and discovered 9/11 was an inside job, how money is created out of thin air, about the cancer mafia, etc.

I was also an avid listener of Alex Jones which helped to wake me up. I discovered your website in 2007 by googling "the truth will set you free" and what a blessing it's been. Your website confirmed everything I was discovering but little did I know that I was lost and on my way to Hell if I would have died.

I was raised as Catholic but didn't know much about the religion but thought I would go to heaven (if there was one) because I'm a good person. I didn't know I was a sinner in need of my Savior Jesus Christ. It's amazing how Satan (the god of this world) deceives the world. I was 43 when I discovered your site.

Not long after discovering your website, I began to attend a King James Bible believing baptist church in Edmonton, Alberta for about 2 years. I had made a friend who told me about John macArthur and his website Grace to You. I listened to his sermons nightly for over a year as I needed the word of God.

Another friend from church lent me a book called Hard To Believe. After reading the book I thought that I was still lost because I couldn't stop sinning completely. I desperately wanted to know the truth concerning my salvation so I started reading scripture from your website and discovered that it's not what I do but what Jesus there did on the cross at calvary that saves me. What a relief that was.

I began to listen to Jack Hyles nightly and still do. What an amazing preacher! I also listen to Dr. Max D. Younce among others on the Old Fashion Preaching site. I stopped going to church as I found the preaching to be shallow and boring especially after listening to Jack Hyles. One of my church friends said that because I don't go to church or tithe anymore I'm probably not saved.

I copied and pasted many of your pages but unfortunately for her she believes in a works salvation and predestination based on the lies of John MacArthur. My whole family is lost including my step-daughter who is a die hard Catholic.They all believe in that satanic religion. I e-mail them many of your articles with no response. My mom use to reply by saying she had her faith and I have mine (mine comes from the Bible) and that I should stop bashing her religion.

She asked her priest where do people go when they die and he told her nobody knows because nobody has ever come back to tell us. If someone did come back she wouldn't believe them anyways since especially since she doesn't believe the word of God which cannot lie.

Your website has become my ministry. I copy and paste your articles and send them to people I know and don't know. I also post them on my Facebook. Nobody ever clicks on the like this article as I'm sure they're all lost. I'm wondering what your thoughts are concerning Jimmy Swaggart as I've read the book I NEVER KNEW YOU and I'm not sure what to think.

Have you listened to him on http://sonlifetv.com/? You are an inspiration to me. I check for your recent articles on a daily basis. I'm sorry to hear about your pain and suffering. I will continue to pray for you and your ministry. I consider you as my soul brother and I look forward to meeting you in heaven. You will surely be rewarded at the judgement seat of Christ for your ministry. May God continue to bless you!


Your brother in Christ,

Gilbert *********

I thank the Lord very much for testimonies like this. I'm so glad that Gilbert recognizes the Catholic Church as Satanic, and it certainly is. I visited a rosary recently in my local community, just to see what it was like. The outside of the church was absolutely beautiful. The inside was just as impressive, shaped like a giant cross, with a tall ceiling and lots of space. A woman formally read about 50 titles of Mary and sounded as dead as could be. About 150 people chanted. The pews had no Bibles nor song books in them. Catholics memorize all their chants, which Jesus forbade in Matthew 6:7. The Spirit of God wasn't in that Catholic church at all. I knew that I was the only Christian believer there. It was really creepy. Those poor people!

John MacArthur is deadly in his doctrines. Jimmy Swaggart is charismatic, a member of the Assemblies Of God, speaking in demonic tongues and a believer that salvation can be lost (which is a false doctrine). If saved, always saved. The second spiritual birth is irreversible, just as is the first physical birth. Michael Bowen in his excellent book, I NEVER KNEW YOU, does a great job refuting Swaggart's Lordship Salvation corrupt plan of salvation. Swaggart is bad news!

I thank God for encouraging e-mails like this. I wanted to share this with all my web visitors, just so others can get an idea of what faithful, daily, visitors to this needful ministry think. Jesus is precious!!!


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