A Ministry Friend Says Thank You

by David J. Stewart

I received the following encouraging e-mail in September of 2012 from a ministry friend...

hey david

I love your book you wrote on salvation. It helped me out a lot when I rededicated my life to God. I thought it wasn't saved because I got saved when I was young at the age of 8 and I didn't grow as a christian because I didn't study the bible and my family didn't take me to church. I nailed it down when I was about 18 and made sure I was saved. If I didn't get saved when I was 8, I know I am for sure saved now. Your book you wrote on your site helped me out so much and answered all my questions. Your whole site has been a big help to me. I have told a lot of people about it. They usually get mad when they see their favorite singer getting put down on there and they get mad when they see my videos the same way I get mad when I hear people making fun of Jesus. I think though that it really does get to them because people who cussed me out at first will send me messages saying they got saved after watching my video and that they are sorry for cussing me out and saying all that stuff. I just wanted to tell you that your site has really helped me :).

This young man has encouraged me so much, especially by uploading tons of life-changing sermons by Pastor Danny Castle.