Web Visitors Testify of Finding Christ Through Jesus-is-Savior Ministry

By David J. Stewart
May 2017 | Updated March 2018

       I received the following heart encouraging e-mails from some of my faithful web visitors. As a humble servant of the Lord, I praise the Lord so much for these kind of testimonies. This is what it's all about folks! These kind of precious salvation testimonies make all my diligent labors online since 2002 worthwhile, and encourage me beyond words to continue for the Lord. I give God ALL the credit and praise, for without Jesus we can do nothing (John 15:5). I am so humbled that God is using a big sinner saved by grace, like me, to reach others for eternity.

Here is a precious email received in December of 2023...

...On a happier note, I was thinking last night that yesterday was four years to the day that I was delivered from the false gospel of “inviting Jesus into your heart” and the curse of lordship salvation by simply receiving Jesus as my Savior after reading your article on how to be saved. I still remember how eye opening it was for me to see that I had foolishly been trusting my good works for many years, and that I did not need to, and could not do anything but BELIEVE to be saved. It felt like a 900 pound burden was lifted from my shoulders. I can’t thank you enough for presenting the glorious gospel, brother. Were it not for your excellent websites, I would still be just another religious unbeliever, yet in my sins and ticketed for hellfire.

I wish you a merry Christmas, and may God continue to bless you.

Take care,

Here is a precious e-mail that I received in September of 2022. In the following testimony, Mary is referring to Pensacola Christian College's Campus Church, who pastors unanimously criticized my ministry, false accusing me of “finding weaknesses in preachers.” In truth, I am faithfully contending for the Christian faith (Titus 1:13-14; Jude 1:3). ...

We are learning a lot from your websites.

I cannot understand why these churches in Florida show no appreciation for your vast knowledge of the KJV Bible. You are right up there with all the rest: Pastor Yankee Arnold, Pastor Anderson, Danny Castle, Pastor Jack Hyles, and all the other great pastors. I know that our precious Savior Jesus Christ really appreciates all of your hard work on His behalf.

My family is saved because of your websites. You have given us the courage to share the gospel of salvation with others here in our City. I am amazed at how much the truth is not appreciated in these churches. Thanks for your help.

Mary and Willis

Here is a precious e-mail that I received from a born-again man named Lois in March of 2018...

Good Morning from here Sir Stewart! I just want to message you to say thanks. I am forever grateful to have read your articles that opened my eyes to the truth. I thank the Lord for using you to reach me and change me. Keep on keeping on! Let the enemies roar, just keep the faith, our God is alive! Praying that many souls through your ministry will be saved too and have a changed life like how the Word of God changed mine. I got saved through reading your articles and have gotten myself an independent fundamental Baptist church with the bible as our final authority. I've learned so much from you, thank you for being part of the change my life had. Thank you again Sir! Glory to God!

Lois joy Polidario

Here's a great testimony from Anthony...

Thank you for your website. It had helped me to become a Christian. I lived too many years of my life rejecting our Creator. Some people I have dealt with have not had nice things to say and think you are a bit extreme but there is NOTHING more important than leading others to Christ. Thank you so much.

One question: The dates on the recent articles are always a few days ahead and I was wondering what the purpose of that was.


People sometimes ask me that same question...

The reason why I do it is a mental thing that helps me. I feel pressured to write articles sometimes. And, as it happens to everyone, if anything comes up (like my internet dropping out, or I my neck pain is afflicting me, or any one of a thousand other things that can happen), I feel pressured to upload something. So by setting the date a few days, or even two weeks when times have gotten rough for me, it helps me to have peace of mind and think clearly. It really helps me. I'm always thinking ahead for my articles, listening to sermons and researching, thinking, praying and writing to help others. In other words, I give myself a BUFFER ZONE. If my internet drops out, as it did last year for a week, I don't feel pressured. I could just as easily lag behind a few days or a week, and I know my web visitors wouldn't mind at all, but I'm a get-things-done-on-time kind of guy. I hate being late. I hate not being prepared. I believe that little things are very important, which affect big things. God feels the same way. Luke 16:10, “He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.”

Here is a wonderful testimony from a dear gentleman in Germany...

Jürgen Puschmann

Dear brother Dave,

I was very glad to see that you posted your new e-mail address to get in contact with you.
Since end of 2007 I'm saved through your ministry (God bless you!) and my family shortly after that too (my wife and our two daughters): Praise the LORD!!!

Big hug and God bless,

Here is a precious testimony from Abel in Malawi, Africa...

Hello David,

I am Abel,21, from Malawi.

I got saved in December 2012 from your article, how to go to heaven. I bamped onto the link to it as i read a result from a google search on satanic hand signs.
How the Lord works!

From then i kept browsing through your site and read lots of articles and books.

I appreciate your labour of love and was sorry to hear about your illness.
Write to me if you are able about how you feel are now.

I have learnt about marriage from both Men's page and women's page. God knows how much your ministry has edified me.

I learnt about false religion, new world order, pre-tribulation rapture, if i can name a few.

Along the way i have shared your site with the people I witnessed to. And when i share my testimony with other believers, i can't fail to mention your site in explaining how i got saved.

The Lord has your reward.

I came to your site this time to read about marriage and i just wanted to check the recent tab and there i saw your longed for email address and did not hesitate to contact you.

I came across a bible understanding that i want you to consider and tell me your thoughts on...
All about it is in the link below


Hope to hear from and if not, see you when He appears.

-Abel Mkandawire.

Here's another wonderful testimony. It doesn't get any better than soulwinning folks...

Dear Brother David,

Firstly, thank you Lord Jesus for saving a sinner like me. It's my faith/belief/trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and His death, burial and bodily resurrection that has pulled me out of the pit of Hell, and I'm eternally grateful for that. Amen!

David, it was your ministry that originally gave me confidence that salvation is by grace through faith, and not of works. "But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness."
Romans 4:5 KJV.

Apostasy like 'repent of your sins' salvation is in every non-denominational church we attended going back to 2008 (we are now in a King James Only, IFB church) when my wife and I first professed Christ as our Savior. Looking back, I honestly thought I was saved, but when I found your sight you challenged me to read not just any book claiming to be a Bible, but THE PERFECT BIBLE in English--the King James Bible! The more I read, the more I discovered that what I had been told and taught did not match what the scriptures say. Thank you for having the courage to call out the multitude of lies in 'professed' Christianity today. "I Never Knew You" was/is also an excellent read and revelation of what God's Word says vs what the 'popular' teachers' of today espouse--Lordship/repent-of-your-sins salvation, which is no salvation at all! Shame on those false teachers!

Thanks again brother David! I pray for you from time to time, as I know your afflictions and physical pain are great.

"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."
Matthew 11:28‭-‬30 KJV

In Christ,

Brother Brian Z.

Here is a precious salvation testimony for a young person in Cyprus...

Andreas Zachariadis

Dear Brother David,

I would just like to thank you for your website and for what you do. I got saved 3 years ago by reading the Gospel on your site. I am now almost 17 years old and I live in a country where the Biblical preaching of the Gospel is almost nonexistent (Cyprus). Without your preaching, I would still be probably trapped in the Greek Orthodox Church, trying to 'earn' salvation through dead works.

I know that you have had health problems recently so I hope and pray that you are feeling better.

Thank you for everything,

Thank you folks for sharing your testimonies with me. I don't take them lightly...

Brother Stewart, I continue to learn much from your website. Since the Lord led me to your site, I've been set free from the heretical bondage of lordship Salvationism. And I've been introduced to Pastor Younce's teaching on the Gap principle. I'm no longer a believer in young earth creationism. I'd now like to get your views on the rapture possibly occurring on September 23rd & if you believe that the new French President, Emmanuel Macron, or someone else is the Ant-Christ. Please forgive my directness, but I earnestly seek to know the truth, and I believe that the Lord has directed me to your website to learn more. Thank you!

Brian ******

Praise the Lord!

Here is another wonderful testimony that I received, this one in June of 2017...

Navid K*********

Brother Stewart,

I would like to take this time to thank you for your ministry. I grew up in a communist household to parents who are from a terrorist country. I denied the existence of God for most of my life, and from a teenager I drowned myself in demonic music like D12, 50 cent, etc., and I messed with drugs, and I was addicted to porn, and by the time I reached my senior year in high school, had symptoms of schizophrenia (I was really paranoid and narcissistic). I went to university very prideful and arrogant, endeavoring to become a politician, but God had different plans for me. Depression hit me in one night, and slowly overtime after about a year of pain and suffering my pride went away and I became humbled and as a result open to the idea of God. Jeremiah 29:13 says “And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.” Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. If Jesus is really the truth and the Lord, and if someone searches for the truth wholeheartedly, they will find the truth about Jesus, as promised in Jeremiah 29:13, which was the case for me. I found the gospel by accident while I was searching the internet for the truth. I just happened to stumble across your website 5 years ago where the gospel is found on the how to go to heaven page. As I was reading the gospel I fell under Holy Ghost conviction, and fortunately I responded, and now I’m a Historic Baptist preacher who works a secular job full-time and preaches occasionally in church, and am now waiting for the Lord to call me into the ministry. My pastor, Dr. Gary La More uses KJB material from your ministry as he is a staunch defender of the KJB since 1992 and has wrote several books in defense, and speaks annually at the King James Bible conference held at Toronto Baptist Church. We appreciate your ministry and if you ever need help with anything or are in need of resources, please feel free to ask me. I’m indebted to you for your efforts that lead me to salvation. I don’t believe it was a coincidence that I came across your website at that rare moment in my life that I wasn’t full of crap. I’m here to support you.

Always available,

And here's another precious testimony from a dear man in Lancaster, Pennsylvania...

To David,

Many thanks for the massive website you have created with the help of the lord. Your arduous labors are not in vain I stumbled upon your website nine years ago (26 yrs I am) in a image linked from google pictures search. Whoever would know that very moment would change my life and show me the truth (I used to believe you had to do good work to get to heaven, and I had no idea how corrupt modern Bibles truly were). I have spent countless hours on your many websites and have kept up over the years. I remember when you visited Hawaii and Tennessee in the hopes of looking for a new place to live and also your gallbladder surgery.

I pray to God daily that he shall continue to help you with the website and to bring you comfort due to your neck pain. Like you, I have been through much in life, and even at a young age, I find comfort in God that he will continue to guide me in the many years to come, especially with the state of the world and America itself. It's really hard sometimes to cope. I read about your past hardships and find hope and admiration on your turning to God to help move on. I've had a poor childhood and even then the experiences haunt me. It becomes easy to give in on the feelings of misanthropy, a feeling that I work hardest to avoid by telling myself Jesus also loves them.

About me, My name is John G Toro, 26yrs as previously mentioned, and I live in Lancaster Pa, Cozy and quiet here compared to my former home of New York City. I'll be soon working full time once my training ends. I'm like you, I live a rather simple life and I mostly love to exercise, particularly bike riding and body building, as well as whatever interesting even is going on around town.. I like reading book as well. : ).

Again, thanks you for your hard work on your website, I'd be lost to this day had you not made it and had not God led me there.

Many Thanks and hope to see you soon,


And here's another testimony from  a good Christian friend in Tennessee...

It is Hensley from YouTube. Want to thank you for all your hard work in the ministry. I'll never forget coming across your websites years back that led me to the truth about rock music, the King James Bible, and hard preaching by Danny Castle. The Jesus is saviour website is what made me want to start an internet ministry. I gave you a testimony years back that I had been saved at a young age but I believe I was truly born again when I listened to some sermons on your website in summer 2010. It could be one of those situations where a man gets saved at a young age but then feels like he isn't saved in his late teens/early twenties and nails it down. I know for sure though that I have been saved since I listened to those sermons and was under strong conviction and believed on Jesus Christ that night. Because ever since that night something in me has been different. I know that we may have doctrinal differences but I don't see it as a reason to not consider each other brothers and friends in the ministry. I hope you feel the same. Once again thank you for all the work.


I wrote my good friend Hensley back and comforted him that I have no problem with our minor doctrinal differences. We both agree on the Gospel and the King James Bible, which are the key fundamental issues. Someone doesn't have to agree with me, or me them, to be my friend. There's not a preacher alive or in Heaven that I agree with 100% on everything, and I think that is true for just about every preacher.

And here's another awesome salvation testimony, from a dear man on the Caribbean island of Aruba...

Hello Bro. David

This is brother David from the Caribbean island of Aruba. It has been 5 years that we spoke with each other through e-mail. You are always in my prayers. It was through your website and my wife's prayers that I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior.

During the last 7 years a lot of things has happened. My wife and I have a Bible kids club at our house. And now we have the full support from our local church. A lot of the parents also accepted Christ through our small ministry.

The Lord has blessed us in knowledge. I preach or teach when our pastor is away. I also interpret the sermons while the pastor is preaching from Spanish to English or from English to Spanish. (Not boasting, but I am glad that the Lord is using this vessel)

All that I can say is that the Lord has changed me and I am very thankful that he guided me first to your web ministry.

Keep on doing the good work.
1Cor 15:58

Whenever that you would like to visit Aruba please contact us.

Berea Baptist Church
God bless!

Best regards,
Mr. David R. Govaard "ArubaDave"

Amen! That makes my day!!! I am humbles that people from around the world are being influenced for Jesus Christ through my humble labors. All I've ever wanted to do is reach others for God with THE TRUTH. Thank you dear Lord Jesus, my Savior and my God!

Here is a heart-breaking e-mail I received from a young lady named Karina in August of 2017, testifying that she found the Lord through this needful website ministry...

Hi there my name is Karina I'm writing to you because I have no where else to go. Everyone thinks I'm crazy because I believe in the new world order and demons. My mom is catholic and praises Mary all day. Have 5 brother addicted to heroine. They hate me and try to bring me down. What can I do to help I also feel like one of my brother has a demonic spirit. We are living in the last days I feel it. I can't find a church! I don't have any Christian friends if I do they go to Hillsong or Pentecostal church. Need help in how to deliver my family. Thank you I got saved coming into your website I learned so much since 2012.

Here is a blessed testimony that I received in September of 2017 from East Africa...

Hello David!

My name is Abel from Dare es Salaam, Tanzania (East Africa)! I was born again through your website! I'm learning a lot from your materials! I just don't know how to thank you, but glory be to God Almighty! I believe one day we gonna meet in Heaven because I'm sure 100% I'm going there because salvation is by faith alone through Christ alone!


Here is a great testimony that I received from September of 2017...

Dear brother David,

I was searching for worldly truth and Jesus-is-Savior.com kept coming up in my Google searches. God showed me, over a few months, that I needed Spiritual truth. After those few months I finally confessed and got born again right there on the floor, in front of my computer desk.

I don't agree with everything on the website but I can never deny the truth that is contained therein, the truth I needed to learn.

Be encouraged, God has used you
In Christ,

Brother Daniel

I am grateful for this precious letter in October in 2017 from a gentleman in North Carolina named Victor...

Thank you for your website God truly loves you. I know because when I got saved something very special happened and I would love to speak to you about it. Thank Jesus for your website because that is what God used to save me. It is an absolute honor to write to you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. October 31st, 2011 in Charlotte, NC. The LORD, your website, and Jack Hyles' preaching laid down the groundwork for what I know is the truth and I cannot thank you enough. My doctrine comes completely from your website. If you ever want to hear my testimony I can send it to you but you were right there in it. God bless you my brother, there are great rewards for you in heaven, your servant, Bro. Victor ****** ********

Here is a precious testimony that I received from a gentleman in Denver, Colorado, who was saved and called to preach through the influence of Jesus-is-Savior.com, which humbles me greatly. It's not me folks, but the power of the Holy Spirit. I'm just a VOICE! (an excellent MP3 sermon by Dr. Jack Hyles, 1926-2001). ...

You don't need to respond to this, but I just wanted to tell you thank you for your website. I became more involved with the more "deep-thinkers" of Revelation until I stumbled upon your website in either 2009 or 2010.

I remember I would spend hours upon hours upon hours delving into all of the information you have on the occult, false sects of Christianity, and general truther things.

It was probably in 2012 that I remember reading about your article talking about how to know 100% sure if you're going to Heaven. I felt completely unworthy to ask for such a thing and so I put off salvation for a few months until one night where I kneeled at my bed and prayed and accepted Jesus as my savior.

In 2014, a coworker invited me to a local Baptist Church (you might know the pastor, Corey Seulean from Hyles-Anderson.) Ever since then, I've been steadily growing and I received the call to be a pastor. Your website has been indispensable for all of the miscellaneous this I have researched. Everything from the inerrancy of the KJV, false religions, Dr. Hyles' sermons, and simply everything in between.

I just wanted to thank you for these past several years. Your ministry had been a literal Godsend and I wanted to let you know your ministry has influenced me to accept this call. Thank you

From your unknown pupil,

Here is a precious e-mail that I received on the last day of the year in 2017 from Mitchell...

Mitchell ******

I was saved in the 9th grade when I read your article “How To Go To Heaven”. That was back in 2012 or 2013.

Thanks to what you shared, I accepted the free gift of eternal life and trusted Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection to pay the price of my sin (Hell).

I read your articles all the time and I’m thankful for your website. Before your website I assumed I was going to Hell and there was nothing I could do because of my past mistakes, and that I had to somehow earn my way to Heaven.

If your website ever goes down, I just want to say your content is so beautiful... may you please send me a backup if it goes down? I love how direct and straightforward you are.

Also, if you want me to make your website look more modern, I can do that for free for you.

Thank you for Jesus-is-Savior.com!

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!!! You can have these kinds of testimonies too friend, if you'll simply get busy for God sharing the truth. I've learned that if you put your fishing line out there, you will get many bites, and every once in a while a fish will bite. These handful of testimonies are out of 80,000,000 visitors to Jesus-is-Savior.com over the past 15 years since 2002. No doubt there are multitudes more that I will never hear about, until I get to Heaven. That really encourages me, knowing that people in the dark privacy of their home can be saved and learn the truth, and I'll never know about it here on earth. I rejoice in having that power of communication with the souls of men. I pray for all my web visitors regularly. Job 16:21, “O that one might plead for a man with God, as a man pleadeth for his neighbour!” Oh, how people need the Lord!!!

The internet is a powerful tool and grand opportunity to reach others. 1st Corinthians 16:9, “For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.” Many believers are making a profound difference with just a YouTube channel. There is something that everyone can do for God. You can start a blog. Or you can simply promote other ministries, like mine, that preach the truth. You can promote the MP3 sermons of Dr. Jack Hyles and other preachers who tell the truth. Download them, burn them to disk, and share them at church with others. There are thousands of things that can be done, you just have to find your niche. Pray and ask God to show you. One Christian farm family put Bible verses inside their egg cartons to share the truth. What Is That In Thine Hand? (Moses only had a rod, but God used it to work all the miracles in Egypt and the Wilderness).

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