Bolivia Now Under Communist Regime in 2018

By David J. Stewart | January 2018

Colossians 4:3, “Withal praying also for us, that God would open unto us a
door of utterance, to speak the mystery of Christ, for which I am also in bonds.”

       Bolivia this week has gone full-communist. It has created a state church and criminalized Christianity. Jail for anyone doing a religious gathering/ceremony is 7-12 years. Anyone with a Bible is being denied entry into the country. Apparently they are now heading for strikes and civil war. The “news media” is dead quiet about this. But I am getting this from a saved brother in Brazil and confirmed by another saved brother in Peru. And the media is saying NOTHING.

Below are the some of the messages I've received, coming out of Brazil, which is on the Bolivian border.

Post 1 (16 Jan 2018)

“In Bolivia, there is no upheaval, there is a conspiracy of right-wing groups against our CULTURAL POLITICAL REVOLUTION.” - Evo Morales.

The bestialization of the Latin American left blows in Bolivia. President Evo Morales has criminalized evangelization in the country, with a hefty sentence of seven to twelve years in prison; prohibited religious meetings in public houses and religious demonstrations; created the Renewed Apostolic Catholic Church of the Plurinational State [sic.], to replace the Catholic Church in Bolivia; demanded the meticulous registration of all the churches in the country; statized ALL private schools, ALL the media and ALL the companies; eliminated university autonomy; and ANY protests, demonstrations and demonstrations against the government will be considered serious crimes - treason to the motherland.

The changes in the Penal Code and the Bolivian Constitution will have “a period of one year to be socialized,” President Morales said. There are strikes all over the country. The doctors have been standing for more than 45 days.

This is an exact and explicit repetition of what happened in Albania in 1967 (by the bloody hands of Henver Hoxha) in communist Russia in 1918, and in the regime of the French revolutionaries at the end of the eighteenth century.

Post 2 (17 Jan 2018)
Latest news from Bolivia: Brazilians with Bibles are being prevented from entering Bolivia on the border with Mato Grosso. If a church is closed by the government and the religious leader returns to worship services, he will have his property taken by the government, as well as those owners who hold religious meetings in their homes.

Only the Bolivian Episcopal conference manifested against the government. For now there is no official Vatican statement.

Post 3 (17 Jan 2018)
Socialism in practice: Evo Morales wants imprisonment from 7 to 12 years for those who start religious ceremonies in Bolivia
BOLIVIA - To ensure that Bolivia fits into the socialist ideal, a new Penal Code was proposed in December 2017 and is under consideration in Congress.

Article 88 of the new legislation provides for imprisonment from 7 to 12 years for those initiating religious meetings or ceremonies in the country. The 12th paragraph characterizes the attitude as crime “the recruitment of people for participation in religious or cult organizations.”

For Evo Morales, the current “president,” freedom of expression is a “concession of the state.” And with that, another South American country is headed for a communist dictatorship, like Venezuela.

Post 4 (17 Jan 2018)
In Bolivia, Christian leaders protest against Evo: “we will only have peace in the cemeteries.”

Sermon of archbishop sends a hard message to the president, but Pope is silent.

In recent weeks, Bolivia has been seized by protests against the New Criminal System Code, which violates individual freedoms. In addition to the prohibition of evangelization, the new law (which has not yet been voted by Congress) can legalize abortion, censor the press and virtually establish the dictatorial regime of Evo Morales.

Pastors held parades and prayer drives in the middle of the streets. So far the Catholic Church, majority in the country, was not speaking. The pope, who has been with the president five times - the last few days after the release of the new summer terms of the Bolivian Penal Code - has not yet ruled on the matter.

Since 2013 President Evo Morales has signaled that he intended to curtail religious freedom. Following the Chinese Communist model, he proposed the creation of a "Plurinational State Catholic Reformed Apostolic Church", which would be a religious form controlled by his government.

On the occasion, Bishop Cristobal Bialasic of Oruro diocese warned that Morales had plans to divide Bolivians by attacking his religion. In the past, the Bolivian president called the Catholic Church an "instrument of domination."

On January 9, the Bolivian Episcopal Conference made a public statement and issued a document condemning various articles of the controversial law, saying it "violates human rights and fundamental rights," including religious freedom.

Post 5 Jan 2018
Maduro demands punishment for religious leaders who have prayed against corruption in their government.

In a speech, dictator classified critical posture as "hate crime"

Post 6 (18 Jan 2018)
I just spoke with a pastor on the border of Acre with Bolivia. In Cochabamba one already speaks in civil war and State of Siege.

There are rumors and threats that tomorrow there will be armed conflict with the Government because of the paralyzes and strikes. La Paz is in the same situation. Strong indications that communications, especially online, are being monitored.

Post 7 (18 Jan 2018)
More information about the new Penal Code of Bolivia:

* Individual possession of MACONHA up to 100g, from cocaine base paste up to 50g, of COCAINE 25g (article 107) is allowed.

ABORTO, in practice, is decriminalized until the 8th week of pregnancy (article 157).

EUTHANASIA is softened (article 133).

The crime of torture was softened (article 87).

PHYSICIANS MAY BE PRISONERS and / or pay for economic reparations if patients die or suffer damage (article 205). This caused the doctors' strike.

ARMADO conflict comparison and RELIGIOUS or cult organizations (article 88, paragraph 11).

* rectified at 4:10 p.m. That's the real amount.

The End of Religious Freedom in Bolivia

by Jarbas Aragão

       Maduro wants to punish religious leaders who have prayed against corruption. The South American communist regime, better known as Bolivarianism, is not curbing free religious expression in Bolivia alone. Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro is calling for a punishment of religious leaders who are against corruption by the Chávez regime.

In a mass celebrated last Sunday, Victor Hugo Basabe, bishop of San Felipe, in the state of Yaracuy, prayed for Venezuela to be free “from the plague of political corruption that led the country to moral, economic and social ruin.”

On the same day, Antonio López Castillo, Archbishop of Barquisimeto, in the state of Lara, asked the heavens for Venezuelans to be free from hunger and corruption. “We do not believe in misery. It's already hungry,” he said.

The material was posted on the internet and it is possible to see that in both cases, they were applauded by the faithful.

President Maduro classified the declarations as “attacks on the regime” and demanded that the Justice, the Public Ministry, a Comptroller General and a People's Procuratorate investigate. With everything in Venezuela under your regime, there certainly is punishment that must occur.

“[Basabe] called the Chavista people of plague, they should see [...] if like words spoken by some of the people do not correspond to real hate crimes, which claim to generate clashes,” he said on TV.

Curiously, Maduro appealed for a religious address, saying that Venezuelans are Christians and are not held in middlemen. Even less in those robes. We love our Creator God and Lord Jesus. “To claim that this” robed devil '[the bishop] has now' incited the confrontation between Venezuelans.” (non-English video:

Laws Against Hate

The Constituent Assembly created by Maduro and totally composed of allies of the regime, instituted a Constitutional Law against Hate, for Peaceful Coexistence and Tolerance. It provides for sentences of up to 20 years in prison for those who promote "hatred."

The concept is quite broad and can be investigated in any statement against the government. The artifice, common in dictatorships, provides as a penalty the registration cassation of parties and the closure of organizations and media that are investigated under this law.

The first case of punishment by new law was a couple, it is not day 3 in Naguanagua, no State of Carabobo. They are part of a demonstration against the lack of food in the city. National Information most of them comes from this site: (in Portuguese).

A Hard Message

Now the archbishop of Santa Cruz, Sergio Gualberti, delivered a sermon that is getting a lot of repercussion, being considered the hardest message coming from a Christian leader against the president. He denounced Morales' attempt to perpetuate himself in power once he was able to change the constitution and go to his fourth consecutive term.

The phrase “With this system, the only thing that will achieve will be the peace of the cemeteries,” caused great commotion among the Bolivians. “Today, in our country, ignoring the clamor of the people, they try to impose a system that allows them to perpetuate themselves in power, which limits freedoms, opens the way to the persecution of the opposition and favors the impunity of corruption of those who are in government.”

For the Catholic leader, individual freedoms and human rights must be respected in order to live in peace and fraternity. Protesting against the prohibition of evangelization, he reminded Christians: "The Gospel encourages us to live our vocation to carry the word of the Lord with joy and conviction."

Excerpts from the archbishop's homily were broadcast on national television. The immediate response was given by Minister Galo Bonifaz, who condemned the “political stance” of the Catholic Church, which he said was in line with “extreme right-wing movements.” With information of The Times.

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