Warning About Yahoo, Facebook, and Privacy

By David J. Stewart

What HAPPENS in the Facebook STAYS in the Facebook! (warning to all users)

       Most people think they're getting a great deal with a free Yahoo e-mail account, or a free Facebook page; but there's a catch, and you may be sorry one day if you aren't very careful. Here is a portion of Yahoo's Privacy Statement...

"Please note that any information that we have copied may remain in back-up storage for some period of time after your deletion request."

SOURCE: Yahoo! Privacy Policy

"Some period of time?" Legally Yahoo could retain that information forever on a backup computer, even after you've decided to terminate your account. What HAPPENS in Yahoo STAYS in Yahoo! The same is true for Facebook. Watch the video link above and you'll be shocked what these companies can do with your information. The average person mindlessly sings up for these alluring free internet accounts, failing to realize that the government owns many of these companies and is collecting data on people.

By following you around on the internet and monitoring your every move, the government can form a complex and strikingly accurate profile on the type of person that you are, your beliefs, your tastes and preferences, your diet, your spending habits... more information than you could ever imagine.

Few people realize how much their garbage man knows about them (if he wants to know) from what people throw away. Your garbage reveals what you eat, how much you eat, medications you take, all your financial data unless you use a paper-shredder (which is recommended), personal notes, phone numbers, your mortgage, credit card information, et cetera. If you think I'm being paranoid and ridiculous, boy have I got a shocker for you. There's already a program nationwide called WASTE WATCH, training garbage collectors to spy on citizens and report anything suspicious to the government. I'm not kidding, you've got to be careful about everything these days, because the world is becoming a giant Police State insane asylum. The world will be a Prison Planet by 2050 if the Lord Jesus Christ tarries His return.

Also of serious concern should be the notification message at the bottom of every Yahoo e-mail account. If you have a Yahoo account, login into your account and then look all the way at the bottom, and you'll find this message...

NOTICE: "We collect personal information on this site."

SOURCE: Yahoo! Privacy Policy

The same is true of Google's G-mail and Facebook. Anything free is spying on you, plain and simple, and all the information they collect on you can and will be used against you when opportunities arise for the government to do so.

I don't know if you knew this or not, but even your web hosting company can monitor everywhere that you browse on the internet via the use of cockles that they automatically place them on your computer every time you use it. Google and Amazon.com do this too, to varying degrees. Some companies only want to know what you're looking at on their website; BUT many companies put a clause in the fine print when you sign up with them that allows them to MONITOR EVERYWHERE THAT YOU GO ON THE INTERNET.

Literally, there are hundreds of people watching your every move, especially law enforcement and the government. Through cookies they monitor your every move. Upon request from law enforcement, your internet provider company can even record your computer screen, frame by frame, cloning your every mouse move, every stroke of the keyboard, how long you view certain webpages, what you focus on. They can record your every move, saving exactly what you see, and it tells a story about the kind of person you are. It's no secret that the internet is saturated with immorality, smut and unmentionable wickedness.

StartingPage Search Engine Doesn't Spy On You (but your internet provider can still monitor everything you do)

When you go on the internet in the privacy of your home, you need to realize that their are thousands of people from various companies, law enforcement, the F.B.I., Homeland Security, Spammers, and God only knows who else viewing everything you do. And if you are a known patriot, speaking out against evils in government, then you KNOW that Homeland Security (what a misnomer) is tracking your IP address carefully.

Forget turning off your cookies because you'll have all sorts of problems accessing e-mails, purchasing items in a shopping cart, et cetera. So it's really frustrating dealing with the issue of privacy. Of course, the best solution is to stay off the internet, which is the only truly guaranteed way that your privacy will be protected. Your privacy is at risk every time you go on a home computer or identify yourself with a credit card number, or by accessing an account at a cafe computer. This is why the government is going to eventually require everyone to thumbs can in order to access the internet, whether it be to surf the internet, bank online, or order your favorite vitamins, et cetera.

American society (as well as every nation) is going to deteriorate into a thug Police State control grid, where citizens are now considered civilians. Life has become cheap in the eyes of modern civilization, dehumanized by television's insatiable lust for violence and killing, a culture dependant upon abortion to rid itself of the consequences of sexual immorality, and the Communist indoctrinations of evolution (which regards men as mere biological products and a phenomena of nature). History always repeats itself because each new generation is as ignorant as the past before they learned the truth.

So be extreme careful what you type into your e-mail account, because Yahoo is confiscating and indefinitely storing that information, which God only knows what might be done with it in the future. Be very careful what you type into Facebook, because they tell you in the fine print that they can even reprint your personal data into different languages and use it any way they want. They basically own you when you agree to their terms of service. I don't have a Facebook account and don't want one. Nothing is totally secure on the internet.

If I had my way I'd rip out every internet connection in the world and there'd be no internet. We are losing touch with reality in modern times. Instead of gathering around the family dinner table and enjoying a home-cooked meal, people today eat from microwaves and sit around the television. Instead of doing something constructive, kids today sit around playing indecent video games and listening to trashy music. The traditional American family is a thing of the past. Today you've got two lesbians raising children birthed through artificial insemination. It's insane!

Anyway, be careful what you do on the internet and don't type, view, upload or download anything that you wouldn't want the whole world to know.

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