Thank You To All My Web Visitors Who Care

by David J. Stewart | December 2020

       I have received many wonderful words of encouragement from my faithful web visitors, which I cherish. According to online analytics, my website ministry has a cult following. That is, I have a small diehard group of followers. To God alone be the glory! I learned long ago to give any praise to the Lord Jesus Christ, so that I can equally pass on any criticism to Him as well. As a child of God, my life is hidden in Jesus, my God and Savior (Colossians 3:1-3).

Jesus said whatsoever is done (or not done) to one of His sheep, it is as if unto the Lord Himself (Matthew 25:40, 45). Since 2014, Jesus hasn't been allowed to attend the Harvest Baptist Church on Guam, he has been put outside the gate, and shunned, because he told THE TRUTH. Of course, I am speaking about myself. The Lord said whatsoever is done to me, as His redeemed child, is also done unto Him. Harvest's pastors effectively said: “Go away Jesus, we don't want you and your truth about there not being umpteen Bible versions today!” They said: “Go away Jesus, we don't want to hear that John MacArthur is a false teacher, and that Lordship Salvation is not true! Leave us!” Mark 5:15a-17, “Jesus... And they began to pray him to depart out of their coasts.” And so it is, since 2014 I have been without a church family, living only three minutes from the biggest independent Baptist church on Guam.

Anyway, let's move on to more important things than Harvest, shall we. As I mentioned to everyone recently, I am preparing to move back to the United States a.s.a.p., Lord willing. The COVID-19 pandemic is serious right now, and this is not the best time to do anything, except stay home. I still cannot figure out where to move. It is so frustrating. I am thankful for some of the suggestions from web visitors. I think the truth is that no matter where I move, I won't feel at home in this world. I need to join a church family, and Lord willing find a wife.

I just took this photo of my living room, although it is not fit for living as you can see. I am getting packed up to move. I have been really up and down emotionally for the past several years—mainly because of Harvest's rejection since 2014, not having an opportunity to find a Christian wife, my constant agonizing neck pain since 2004, an unwanted divorce in 2006, two failed attempts at moving back to the United States since 2013, being alone without a wife, and the moody side effects of the prescription medications since 2007.

ABOVE: My living room today. I actually bought a brand new refrigerator back in June. You can see the date written on the refrigerator (6/20). I bought a new refrigerator in 2014 when I moved in, but it started going flaky on me, not cooling sometimes. So I bought a new one for $1,100. But then three days later the old one started working fine. That was weird! I was an idiot and only measured the outside door. When Townhouse delivered the refrigerator, because of the COVID-19 they could only set it inside the door. When I went to roll it into the kitchen by myself, I realized that the inside doorway was way too narrow, and the unit won't fit. That is why it has been sitting in my living room since June. I was too depressed to return it, and too embarrassed, so I am just leaving it for someone else to have when I leave. I'm leaving most of the stuff you see behind. You can see all my musical instruments in the back corner. All the cut wood blocks are to raise my stuff when storms come through, which floods my entire place under water.

Here are some more photos I took today of my messy apartment. This shows what a depressed mind is like...

My banjo buried under my clothes...

This is where I record my music...

Yes, I have too much junk! I am looking forward to leaving most of it behind for strangers to take or toss. I don't even want to show you the rest of my place! All the furniture (what little I have) is staying.

I have been fighting weight gain my whole adult life. You don't have to be 400 pounds to have weight issues. In 2010 I was 225 pounds. For 5' 7" my optimal weight is 150 pounds. I lost a bunch of weight and got down to 168 pounds from December 2010 to February 2011. I gained it all back over the next 6 months. In 2015, at 215 pounds, I needed to have my infected gallbladder removed. I was heartbroken without a church family, after Harvest Baptist Church kicked me out the door in 2014 for being King James Bible only. They'll never know how much they hurt me, especially that horrible monster Pastor Marty Herron! Monsters come in many shapes and sizes. When a man takes away your church family, and you have nothing left, that is a monster!

I found out in 2015 that I had stage 4 type II diabetes, with a A1C sugar level of 9.8 (really bad). I was depressed and started injecting myself in the stomach daily with 40 units of prescription insulin shots. My left foot started going numb. I got rid of the doctor, who couldn't explain what was going on. I stopped taking the insulin. On February 21, 2017 I met the former nurse of Harvest while walking at Asan Beach. Kris had liked me when I attended Harvest, and I fell in love with her, but her monster for a pastor (who has a wife and selfishly couldn't care less about anybody except himself), coerced Kris to write me a mean letter, telling me never to contact her again. I mailed her two DVD King James Bibles, a long love letter, and sent her a special original copy of the Gospel of John from 1922 published by Moody Publishers. She never thanked me. She is a Bob Jones University (BJU) graduate. Ingratitude seems to be the way of the Bob Jones crowd.

Shameful associate Pastor at Harvest, Joe Hanson, literally threw Barnabas in my face in the Bible. Joe said that Paul and Barnabas couldn't get along, and he used that as an excuse not to let me attend church services at Harvest. What a rotten jerk! Paul and Barnabas disagreed over taking John Mark on a missionary journey, not over whether someone could attend church services. My God, what the hell is wrong with pastors today? They've lost their minds! Only a Satanic cult tells someone with a humble, broken and contrite heart (which I fully expressed multiple times in writing to the pastors of Harvest in 2017), that they cannot attend church services. I had no where to go! I never saw or heard from Kris again, and it still breaks my heart.

But seeing Kris did something to my heart on February 21 2017, which compelled me to lose 70 pounds of weight over the next four months. On June 25, 2017, I weighed 145.0 pounds. My A1C sugar was now 5.2 (super good). My diabetes was all gone! The numbness in my foot went away. My blood pressure was 110/70. I kept the weight off for the next year and a half. After Kris rejected me, another intriguing young lady name Abby moved into my neighbourhood in April of 2017, who also attends Harvest Baptist Church. I personally gave her a care bear, and a love letter, and shared my heart toward her. She has never shown any interest in me, and to my sadness she returned the bear, but I have thought about her nearly every day since, which is another reason I need to move. It hurts my heart too much, day by day, to love someone who doesn't love me back. I loved her the moment I saw her, and still very much do. I have written about her some in website articles, mostly in the latter part of 2019. Due to my being counted as an “enemy” (Galatians 4:16) by the Bob Jones University crowd (because they promote corruptible seed and another gospel of Lordship Salvation), Kris and Abby rejected me too. I know God will reward me for doing the right thing (Romans 3:4), especially since telling the truth has come at such a high cost to me socially (Isaiah 53:3; John 15:20).

I maintained my weight around 160 pounds for all of 2017 and 2018. But in late 2019 I took a scouting trip to Pensacola, Florida, to see if perhaps I would like to move there. I forgot about my diet while in Florida, surrounded by new awesome restaurants. I came back to Guam 172 pounds. My weight began creeping up throughout 2020. I reached 208 pounds on the doctor's scale a few months ago. I have been fighting my weight gain and am now at 186.4 pounds. I am really determined to get back down between 160 to 170 and stay there. My diabetes hasn't come back yet, but I am at the threshold, so I have to be strong and fight this. With neck pain, no wife, and loneliness, going hungry is not easy to do! I appreciate everyone's prayers. I honestly don't know if the prayers are helping me or not, only God knows that. But I sure do ask for everyone's prayers. One of the reasons why I post dates 10 days in the future on my “Recent” webpage, is simply because I am so miserable I wish my life would hurry up. For me loneliness is torture.

I am not seeking sympathy, I just feel better sharing what I am going through with others. It helps to let people know what you are suffering. I am so blessed in so many ways. I am not complaining. I just heard in the news on YouTube today about a firefighter in Chicago, who retired 2 years ago. Four punks approached him, one shot him in the stomach to carjack his vehicle. The man died. I have been watching homeless videos, and am thankful for my disability. One thing that always helps me is a long walk in the fresh air and sunshine. I take my shirt off and soak up the sun. That's one thing I love about Guam, it is always summer here! Yet, I sure miss October and November. I love the fall season. I took this cool photo of a wild mushroom with my TG-6 Olympus camera not too long ago, while walking at Asan Beach Park early in the morning.

My heart is heavy. I am a bit scared of what the future holds, but I know God is with me each step of the way (Hebrews 13:5). Faith is not the absence of fear, but trusting God in spite of it. I am frustrated each day and night, lonely, and not sure where to move. Lord willing, I plan to move as soon as possible. I might need to wait until these vaccines are available. I plan to get mine, if everyone else seems to be doing okay from it. I still feel like something is suspicious about the way the media has hyped all this pandemic. You cannot blame Americans for being skeptical of the government, since they are still lying to us about what really happened on 911. The attack on the World Trade Center on 911 was a blatant Inside Job! As Dr. Jack Hyles wisely said: “Tell one lie and all your truths become suspect!”

I am taking things one day at a time. That is how God gives life to us, 24 hours at a time. Moving will disturb everything. I will need a new doctor. I will be assigned a new caseworker for my disability. I will live in a new city. I will need to rent another apartment. I will need to find a church, hopefully one that won't count me as their enemy (as has Harvest Baptist Church on Guam) for believing that God only authored ONE BOOK; and for believing that eternal life is a FREE GIFT, that you don't have to “exchange” all that you are to receive (which is the lie Bob Jones' crowd preach today).

I am just a nobody. God knows that I don't hate anybody, nor would I ever intentionally be unkind to someone. I always root for the underdog, like Pastor Jack Hyles taught me. I am the underdog in all this debate with the Bob Jones University crowd over the King James Bible. I am just the “crazy King James Bible only nut” who thinks God kept His promise to preserve “EVERY ONE” of His inspired words (which means they're still inspired) today. BJU insanely believes God kept His promise by preserving His “VERY PURE” Words (Psalms 119:140) in hundreds of English Bible revisions! Does that sound “VERY PURE” to you? All the while the Devil is laughing at the ignorance of Bible colleges and churches, who have wholly succumbed to a bunch of pseudo-scholars, who have convinced us that we do not have an infallible Bible anymore today. Again, I ask you, what the hell is wrong with pastors today? Does anybody love Jesus anymore, Who is the Word of God? How can we have just one Savior, but 339 different Bible versions? Or even two for that matter?

As messed up as my own personal life is, it is not one ten-thousandth as messed up as the Bob Jones' crowd are spiritually today! My pain, loneliness and suffering will end when my life is over (which at age 53 cannot be much longer), but the damage being done by Bob Jones University and their ungodly alumni will perpetrate for generations to come, if the Lord tarries. Like Noah, who preached to deaf ears and hard hearts for 120 years, I am just a VOICE crying out the truth! I know I am right, as sure as I am saved, I KNOW I am right!!! Oh, why won't you all listen Bob Jones friends?

I love everyone with God's unconditional love.

The Gift Of Eternal Life Is Wrapped In The Wonderful Package Of Jesus


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