Making Your Own Films

by David J. Stewart

I encourage Christians to make films and get the truth out. You can upload your films, burn them to DVD to share with others, or watch them on your 300 inch television screen (just kidding). It is easy to make professional looking films on your home computer with just Corel Visual Studio software and a high speed internet connection (which I think everyone has today unless you live in a third world country).

WARNING: do not buy MAGIX MOVIE EDIT PRO. I used to use the program, but had lots of frustration with videos hanging up, dragging in playback speed. I regret recently buying their latest version, which I cannot even use it is so bad. It gives me an error message when I try to capture a screen video. Other people have had the same problem. So do yourself a favor and DON'T BUY MAGIX! I went and didn't some reading and bought COREL VISUAL STUDIO instead, which worked without any hang-ups or problems. I was able to capture screen videos right away. There are a lot of tutorials online to help you, which is awesome! Read online and you will find that MAGIX is inferior software. GET COREL and you won't be disappointed!

I love COREL. With MAGIX you have to crop the video before you capture the screen, but with COREL you do it afterwards, which makes a lot more sense, giving you full control and more options. I didn't know what I was missing when I only knew about MAGIX. GET COREL! I have nothing to gain by promoting COREL, I just love the program! Plus COREL has much more features and better tools.

What's really exciting is that there are tons of free resources available on the internet to use in your movies, whatever software you choose.

You can record from MILLIONS of copyright-free videos on YouTube to use in your own films. It's called "CREATIVECOMMONS," which you can SEARCH HERE. I use YouTube for most of my videos. Just go to YouTube and type in "creativecommons." DO NOT put a space between the two words in the search engine. Use a comma and add whatever you want you search for. For example, if I want to search for cats, I would type... "cats, creativecommons" in YouTube's search window. And there you have it. I'm going to share with you some very helpful tips later if you do decide to get MAGIX or already have the program. That should get you off to a great start.

The publisher of every video you see in the search results has given you permission to use their videos freely in your own films and movies. Pretty neat huh? You can also search Blip, Google, Flickr, Wikipedia and others for various Creative Commons images, videos and media to use copyright free. This way you don't have to worry about YouTube blocking your video or deleting your account.

Great Audio and Background Music for Your Films

There's nothing more frustrating than making a lengthy video, having spent 100 hours or more putting it all together, and then YouTube rejects it or tells you that you're using Matched Third Party Content (which means there's the potential for someone to threaten and/or sue YouTube and your channel being banned). It's not worth the hassle. I completely understand why YouTube is so strict about copyright infringements, because some people go bananas over their stuff. As a born-again Christian who loves the Lord, it is my desire and privilege to share and freely give away everything I've ever done with music, ministry, recipes or whatever. I love to share my life, all of it, which the Lord has freely given to me. God is a good God. My reward is in Heaven.

Creative Common Music (legal music for videos)

I used to search for royalty-free music, but no longer do, because many of the songs are still copyrighted. I now search for “CREATIVE COMMONS,” so no one can say anything. I can't stand when people horde things. The greatest things in life are not things. The Bible says not be to friends with anyone who places a dollar value on everything. Go away!

You can download 350,000 songs and music (no royalty and no copyright) at...

Jamendo Music | 54394 Albums Available Legally to Use

You only need a few nice songs to make a movie. There are many sources of sounds and music which you can use. I never sell my videos and never will. This webpage doesn't deal with commercial videos. I'm just sharing with others how I make my videos, which are always free and I upload them as CreativeCommons to YouTube (so you can use anything from my videos in your own). Here's a full-length video I just made titled, A NATION IN PERIL.

Also, if you have a synthesizer keyboard, Band-in-a-Box or any type of musical arrangement software on your computer... you can make your own background sounds and effects very easily. The possibilities are endless.

You can record any song that you can hear on your computer with MIXCRAFT (I just use the basic version of MixCraft). The great thing about buying MixCraft is that once you purchase it, it's yours FOR LIFE. You can download it 10 or 15 years from now again if you need to. You only have to buy it once! If you lose your registration ID and CODE, just e-mail the company and they'll search for your order. That's awesome!!! I recommend the pro version if you do a lot with music.

With the MixCraft software, anything that you can hear on your computer can be recorded... If not, run a 1/8" stereo jumper cable between your audio OUT port (blue) and your microphone IN port (pink) on back of your computer. Make sure these audio ports are enabled in your "Control Panel" "Sounds and Audio Devices" folder and the volume turned up.

Of course, as always you are more than welcome to use anything from my website for your own Christian films, videos, articles and website. It's all public domain. No credit need be given. God is keeping track of my labors. There are several hundred sermons on my websites that you can freely use in your films, all copyright free. I used Dr. Jack Hyles' MP3 sermon "I SHALL NOT BE MOVED" toward the end of my film for both quotes. Here's Dr. Hyles' sermon page. People get bored just listening to a voice, so I combine music behind the voice to make it interesting. I recommend this technique.

Here's a movie that I made...


When I was getting started, I sincerely thought it would cost over $1000 to buy software to make a movie. You can get everything you need for only $79. I thought it was going to be hard to learn, but it turned out to be very simple. If you can click and drag you can make a professional looking film. You can import movies from DVD right into COREL if they're not copyrighted.

Note: I'd recommend at least 10 gigabytes free on one of your computer's hardrives to make videos. If you have a newer computer, you likely have all the space you need. You can use a laptop. You can find out how much space you have by double-clicking on "My Computer" on your Desktop. Right click on your "C" drive (or other drives you may have) and select "Properties" at the bottom. Here you'll see how much space you have remaining on this particular drive. What I do is store as much as possible on an external USB drive (which frees-up much needed hardrive space for my programs, particularly COREL). Videos simply require a lot of space. If you don't have enough space, then you can purchase an external USB 2.0 drive.

A word of advice to the wise is to never trust a hardrive! I've lost terabytes of data because of external drives which went bad. It is all too common. Even name brand drives go bad suddenly. It's all from China and Taiwan, cheap garbage. Although there are recovery CD programs available, they don't always work, as it didn't on my drive. I had a terabyte drive almost full and it went bad. I could send the drive to a clean lab (a dust-free lab that specializes in recovering date from frozen hardrives, but it costs over a thousand dollars). The answer is to get multiple external drives and BACK-UP all your important data regularly. ALWAYS have at least two copies of your important work in additional to the original.

My "A NATION IN PERIL" film (1:45 hours long) required 919 megabytes when I exported it as a .WMV file. That's what I uploaded to YouTube. So it's basically one gigabyte in size. You don't need a lot of space to load the program (COREL), but the videos you make will take up a lot of space. To burn my project as MPEG 4 (which is the recommended format for DVDs) to DVD disk requires 4.5 GB, which barely fits on a standard 4.7 GB DVD. I all depends on the final size that you render your video. With COREL I use the lowest resolution at 720 x 480 at 2.5 Mbps. It uses the least space and works fine for YouTube videos. As a rule, use the highest resolution you need to get the quality that you desire. For simple preaching videos, you don't need high definition videos that require massive space.

Raw MPEG 4 (MP4) video imported from a HD (high-definition) camcorder can use up hardrive space quickly. Ideally, I recommend having at least one Terabyte of space free in my opinion (which is way more than you need). Hardrives have really become inexpensive. You can buy an external 2 terabyte hardrive that plugs into your USB port for $139 (see below). The USB drive appears in Windows Explorer or My Computer just like any other computer drive letter. You can specify within MAGIX the directory where to save completed videos (you'd specify your USB drive) in "Preferences." You can also copy/paste files to a USB external drive just like any other drive. Nearly all external USB drives running on modern systems are plug-n-play compatible.

General Movie Making Tips

The hardest part about making a film is gathering all your resources together and actually figuring out what to make. Putting it together is the easiest part. I save often and save an extra backup copy as I progress because THINGS HAPPEN. MAGIX will at times abruptly freeze up when you go to open a big folder to import a file, and you'll lose anything not saved. SAVE OFTEN!!! That is why I don't like MAGIX. So far I haven't had any problems with COREL.

Click on "EDIT" at the upper right-hand of your screen to build your film.

Green Screen is Awesome!

What is "green screen"? Green screen allows you to put any background that you want behind you or an image. For example, you can play guitar and put an ocean behind you, Here's a Green Screen video which I made and how I made it (it's a very simple process). Hollywood uses Green Screen or Blue Screen sometimes, either works. That's how they put mountains in the background where their are none, or display massive explosions and other interesting things.

How to Import Photos and Videos to Your Storyboard

It's amazing how the simplest things can be the hardest to figure out. I want to save you such headaches. It is so easy to import graphics to your movie. Just click and drag! If you don't know this, it can be frustrating. Just click on the "Import" tab at the upper-right of MAGIX. This brings up your file tree on your computer and you can browse for the file you want on your hardrive. Just click the item you want and then drag it onto the storyboard. This is the main method that I use to import saved videos and photos into my movie. The Storyboard is where you make your movie on the bottom section of MAGIX.

Removing Annoying Background Hiss from Audio

I have both MAGIX and COREL. So often use MAGIX MOVIE EDIT PRO (I have the "PLUS" version, which is $99) just to improve audio quality. You can import an MP3 or WAV file and then double-click on the track (or right click and select "Properties"). In properties you can put a check into the box for removing hiss or other options. I usually select "weak" or "medium" at a range between 6 or 15. There's a trade off though. As you go stronger with the hiss removal tool, your recording will begin to sound garbled if you use "high." Albeit, this feature WORKS well.

Having said that, I have learned that an even better way to remove hiss is to use the "Equalizer" feature instead (also found in "Properties"). It's a standard graphics equalizer which has about 10 bands you can adjust. Your bass is to the left, your treble is to the right, and your mid section is in the middle of course. To remove background hiss, just lower the last band. It's the control all the way to the right (treble). I lower it to about 25% or sometimes down completely. This one band control will remove more hiss than the hiss removal tool will (and it won't garble your audio).

As a general rule, I lower the treble on sermons. If the original audio doesn't have hiss, I never adjust it. Leave it alone if it sounds good already. You'll find that most sermons are recorded with much treble and hardly no bass (umph). I like to raise the bass band (all the way to the left) to about 75% to give preachers a more authoritative sound (a powerful manly voice). I don't enjoy sermons as much where the preacher's voice sounds empty, thin and all treble. A little bass makes a big difference. I adjust all the bars a little bit. Each piece of audio that you import will be different and require different settings. There are numerous presets in MAGIX already. One is for male voices and another for female. One is for stereo music. Your ears are the best tool though, let them guide you.

This tool in MAGIX is great for fixing audio with noisy background hiss, which is inherent to cassette recordings. If you have some old tape recordings and would like to clean them up, MAGIX is helpful. Sometimes a PA (public address) system will act up for one reason or another and it sounds terrible during a sermon recording. By removing the treble (band adjustment all the way to the right), it really cleans up the recording.

I do want to mention though that as a lover of music and audio, I try not to lose any more treble than I need to. You'll learn as I have that there's a sweetness to an original recording. When you remove the high end (that is, the treble), you lose a lot of the ambience of the overall piece of audio.

I also use these features in MAGIX to adjust the audio in a video. Simply right click and select on "Properties" on the bottom track (or just double-click the track and the Properties window will come up). Remember, the video track is on top and audio is on the bottom on your storyboard where you make your movie. If you don't see your Storyboard, click on "EDIT" in the upper right-hand corner.

To burn a DVD, Blu-Ray or other options for exporting, click "BURN" in the upper right-hand corner. I mostly export my films by going up to "FILE" on the top drop-down menu, then select "Render As" to export as "Windows Media," et cetera. I almost always use Windows media (.WMV) because it's YouTube friendly and the size of the files are much smaller than MPEG.

Adjusting Your Film's Volume

Using the mouse, just click and grab the diamond on your audio track and move it up or down.

Each video that you import will have separate video and audio tracks. The video track is on top and the audio track is on the bottom. To adjust the volume of a video, right click on the bottom track and look for "Set Volume." Here you can select the preferred volume. I learned a little trick. I've had situations where -12dB is too quiet, but -6dB is too loud. The program doesn't give you the option of choosing -9 dB. in between. So what I do is right click on the lower audio track and go to "Volume Curve."

You'll now see a green line in your lower audio track, which is how you can adjust your volume to -9dB or +9dB or wherever you want it. It's important to adjust your video clips and music accordingly so that your film will be pleasant for the viewer. The worst thing is for a listener to have to continually turn their volume up and down because the film is poorly made. Some videos are louder than other, so it's up to you to adjust them as you make your film.

How to Use the “Print Screen SysRq” Button On Your Keyboard

Here's a really great tool that's very simple to use. It's been in front of you all the time and you probably didn't even know about it. It's the "Print Screen SysRq" key next to your numeric pad on any standard computer keyboard. When you press this button, it records everything on your screen. You can then paste the contents directly into Microsoft Front Page or numerous other programs, including Microsoft Paint which every Windows-based operating system has. It will also paste in Microsoft Word. Paste the contents by pressing the "Ctrl + V" keys together on your keyboard.

If you only want to use a portion of an image, you can click the "Select" tool (upper left screen) within Microsoft Paint, then click and drag a box over the portion of your image that you want to use, then copy/paste to your webpage.

The "SysRq" part of the key simply means that you need to have some type of program loaded that will allow you to paste what you have copied by pressing "Print Screen." Word Pad doesn't work. You need Microsoft Word, Publisher, FrontPage or Microsoft Paint. There are numerous programs that will work too, like Adobe Photoshop.

What's really neat is that you can capture a moving image in any movie or film. I captured the following three images while the video was playing on YouTube. Here's the original video. At the very end of the video I pressed the "Print Screen SysRq" button at three different times and places to capture these three images. Obviously you'll have to rewind the video and press play again to capture each image.

The following .JPG images were captured simply by pressing the "Print Screen SysRq" button on my computer's keyboard. I then use "Ctrl + V" to paste the photo into Microsoft FrontPage (2003 version). As mentioned, you can also paste photos into Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Paint and certain other graphics programs...

You can capture images from video's while they're playing, which is really nice. Just press the "Print Screen" button.

When you save your webpage, it will also save your pasted image as a .JPG file. You can rename it whatever you want. You can now use these images in future movies. Just click and drag the photo from the "IMPORT" section of MAGIX MOVIE PRO onto your storyboard below. Remember to click "EDIT" to the above right in MAGIX if you'd like to get to the storyboard area to work on your movie.

How to Fix Mismatched Audio/Video

If you have a video where the lips of the person talking (video) doesn't match the audio that you're hearing, you can easily adjust and fix this problem. Each film clip that you've dragged or recorded onto your storyboard is in two sections. The top is your video and the bottom is your audio. This is nice, allowing you to work with either separately. To fix video that doesn't match audio, right click on either the upper or lower portion of the film to be fixed, then select "Set Audio/Video Offset" and adjust it accordingly.

To avoid confusion, I adjust the video offset either direction to start. If the offset gets worse, then you know that you need to go the other way. I start with 15 points, then reduce it if needed. By starting with a larger 15 point correction, you'll know immediately if the problem has gotten worse or better. Then I fine tune it. This is how I do it.

Note: YouTube's system doesn't like MP4 video files. You'll get a warning if you try to upload one that says the video offset will be messed up. I always upload Windows media (.WMV) files. I used to upload MPEG2 files, but they are MUCH bigger in size (which is why I went to WMV which are much smaller in comparison... and don't take nearly as long to upload).

I really appreciate this tool, as I've found many preaching videos that didn't match. It's like watching those old Godzilla movies from the 1970 and 1980's where the Japanese voices redone in English never matched the video.

Hot to Copy/Paste Text into Your Movies

You can import text into TITLE boxes by copying and then using your keyboard's hotkeys... Ctrl + V (trying to right mouse click to paste doesn't work in MAGIX).

Also, MAGIX won't recognize HTML text, so what you do is copy the HTML (webpage text) and paste it into Microsoft Word and save it as "RICH TEXT FORMAT" (which is called an .RTF file). MAGIX does recognize .RTF text. Word Pad works just as well (located in your "Accessories" folder of your "Start Menu" on your computer). Everyone has Word Pad. This saves a lot of time typing in long webpages into MAGIX. There may be a better way of importing text, but I haven't found it yet. I'm just a beginner myself on MAGIX. I am simply sharing with you what I know works and has helped me tremendously to make my own films and videos for YouTube and to share.

How to Move Multiple Objects at Once in Your Storyboard

Using the Shift and Ctrl Keys

As you're working on a film you'll often be working on top of yourself. That is, videos on your storyboard may get cluttered or end up far away from where the work is at. I learned a neat way to move multiple files at once. For example: If I have a dozen images that I want to move as a group... Just click the first image, then press and hold down "Shift" on your keyboard, and press the last image. Now let off shift. Click and drag your selection wherever you'd like on your storyboard. This is the standard way of using the Shift key to select multiple files at once on your computer. You use the Ctrl key to select just one item.

What I often do is hold down the "Ctrl" button while left clicking on each item until I've selected them all. Then let off the "Ctrl" key, left mouse click again and move all the items at once. The reason why I like using this method is because sometimes when I press "Shift" and then select the end item, some of them don't highlight if they're on a higher or lower track. By holding down "Ctrl" I can individually select all the files I want from different tracks and then move them.

You can even press "Shift" to select a group of files, and then press "Ctrl" as well to select any files that you may have missed. The SHIFT and CTRL keys are really great to learn and use to select and move files. I use them all the time when working with files.

Using YouTube

Most people don't know that there are user options available to prevent indecent things from appearing with your videos. Since YouTube is open to the public, there are some immoral and bad things on YouTube. This is why it's even more important that Christians upload tons of good, decent and righteous videos that honor God and His Word.

I recommend always making your movies “CreativeCommons,” which allows others to freely use your videos without worry over copyrights. Understandably, YouTube strictly enforces copyright laws to avoid lawsuits. So please share your original Christian works with others, so that they'll have resources to contend for the faith. I am saddened by the greed of so many professed Christians who want to be paid for everything.

I understand the reasons for copywriting some works (mainly so that dishonest and greedy people can't steal or or go sell your work), but let's focus on things that don't need to be copyrighted. I mean, if you do a work and copyright it, at least share some of it. For example: Many people author a great book and freely share the first few chapters to spark interest. I like that. At least they're sharing some of their works and not hording it. There are so many awesome and doctrinally sound books from times past, that are sitting idle today; while all manner of heresy and deception are being sold in bookstores and on the internet.

If you do have third-party content in your videos, YouTube will not allow you to make it “CreativeCommons.” I hope and pray that many Christians will start uploading Christ-honoring videos to the internet.

First, if you allow comments, mean people are going to mock the Word of God and use vulgarity and curse words. Sadly, the “F___ word” is common and allowed on YouTube. It is mainly for this reason that I always disable comments. I went to look up a Chinese recipe and found a very nice video. There were comments attacking the man's culture and making fun of him, calling him names and saying rotten things about his cooking. I then understood why other members don't allow comments on their cooking videos. It's much worse for any videos praising the Word of God or the Son of God. Every form of vulgar slander and potty-talk is found on the internet. This evil world hates God. I am preaching the truth and don't care what the God-haters and blasphemers have to say. I'll never enable comments, because this wicked generation is characterless and totally devoid of God.

Another thing you can do to safeguard your videos is to go into your account settings and specify that you don't want advertisements appearing on your videos. That's nice that YouTube gives users this option.

A third thing that you can do is choose not to allow other videos to be displayed at the end of an embedded video. When you click to “Share” on a particular video, and then “Embed,” put a check into the box that says, “Show suggested videos when the video finished.” Unchecking this option will prevent other videos (which may be indecent) from being displayed at the end of a video which you've embedded.

Importing Your Own Original Content Videos

You can also import your own home videos into your movie. You do this also by clicking on "RECORD" at the upper right-hand of MAGIX. You can record directly from your video camera into MAGIX. Perhaps use a sermon by your pastor, or of yourself sharing your Christian testimony. YouTube is completely free and there are numerous others websites to upload video to as well. The world is turning to the internet.

If SOPA is passed into law, it will be like a nuclear bomb on the internet. Any websites, videos or web content that is even thought to infringe on a copyright will be cancelled, deleted and/or censored. This is why I am telling you about these FREE, LEGAL and COPYRIGHT FREE resources to make your own films. Don't give the Devil a reason to silent your voice for Christ on the internet.

Of course, anything that you personally record is original content and no one can say anything about it, so I encourage you to make videos of everything from homelessness on the streets, to cooking, to auto-repair, to sermons of your pastor (with his permission) to... YOU NAME IT!!! Upload it! Make sure to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in EACH VIDEO!!! It's a great opportunity! Upload them to the internet.

If you upload to YouTube, make sure to EDIT the video after it's uploaded and under LICENSING specify, "CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSING" so others can use it in their videos. If a video only has a STANDARD YouTube license, it may or may not be copyrighted. Usually news is not and is safe to use unless otherwise stated. Alex Jones on Infowars is safe to use. Anything from the mainstream newsmedia is safe. You can record from the digital out of your TV right into your camcorder and then upload mainstream news into MAGIX to use in a film (or you can record it from internet news online. There's TONS of resources to use.)

It can be frustrating searching for everything that you need to make a movie in one day. What I do is keep my eyes open continually for anything that jumps out at me... music, images, videos, news... and I save it into a file for future use. Just create a file somewhere (I use my desktop so I'll remember where it's at) and save things as you run across them. If it's a sound that's not copyrighted, record it with MixCraft. If it's a photo, make sure it's not copyrighted and save it. If it's a video, record the clip with Magix Movie Pro. This way you'll already have a pretty good idea which direction to take your movie by the time you have a bunch of resources.

A lot of people want to make their own videos and are looking for quality resources in the CreativeCommons area. It's an opportunity to share sermons, Biblical truths and the gospel of Jesus Christ with other. Let's flood the internet with Scriptures, sermons and the things of Christ. People will find them. Everything that you upload to the internet for Jesus Christ is an investment in eternity!

You are more than welcome to use everything on my website in your films. You have my permission to use anything and everything. No credit needs to be given. God is keeping record of my works. Just use my search feature at the top of the main page and click on "images" in the search engine. There are several hundred images on my ministry website.

And remember, all of the videos at CreativeCommons are free, legal and copyright-free for you to use in your own videos. The possibilities are endless...


What I do is click and drag the edge of each photo and movie clip on my storyboard in just a little bit, which makes it fade-in and fade-out at the beginning and then at the end. It gives it a professional look. I do the same with each audio clip. I rarely have a voice speaking without some type of audio in the background. Voice is boring by itself, but is more interesting with some music.

In fact, mixing voice and music is a powerful tool that I encourage you to use. Just make sure that the voice is a bit louder than the music. Sometimes I want the music very low and just barely heard for effect. At other times I may want the music a little louder, especially when using images. Making films is an expressive art, allowing an individual to express their opinions with sounds and graphics to enhance the message.

Every Person You Reach Counts!

Also, don't have unrealistic expectations. If you upload a video to YouTube and 400 or 500 people view it in a year, that's about average. That's a lot of people! Most churches only have less than 50 members. I you have an online ministry that reaches hundreds of people a week, that is awesome.

I used to get discouraged when I saw wicked people prospering, YouTube videos by heathen Pop singers, getting 200,000,000 hits. Shakira had the most popular video ever on YouTube. Sadly, she also blasphemes God horribly in her sinful song, HOW DO YOU DO? What an ingrate! I know that hardly anyone views my videos compared to Shakira. Praise God for my Signs of Satan video which has received over 30,000 visitors! That's bigger than a sports stadium filled with people!

Jesus said that the End Times would return as it was in the days of Noah... when everyone was eating, drinking, marrying and partying... but then the flood came and took them all away into Hell forever (Matthew 24:37-38) I see a lot of people these days in American society who don't care about God, truth or what's right. You can't go anywhere with having to battle

A Great and Effectual Door is Opened Unto Us (1st Corinthians 16:9)

The reality of the matter is that people from around the world are increasingly searching the internet and the trend will continue, although government intervention and censorship will eventually ruin the internet for truth-seekers. I personally believe that as long as the internet is free and without censorship that the Lord will not return, because 2nd Peter 3:9 teaches that the only reason Christ hasn't returned is because God is waiting for more people to repent and get saved. The internet is waking people up and reaching untold millions of souls in the name of Jesus Christ.

When the criminal elite Globalists completely hi-jack the internet (like they have all of America's major newspapers and mainstream newsmedia), I believe the Lord will likely return because the internet is the last remaining bastion of truth today in the world... AND, likewise, it is also quickly becoming the main source of satanic indoctrination and worship of the image of the Beast (Revelation 13:15). When people are no longer getting saved, as in the evil days of Noah when only eight people got onto the ark, Christ will return. 2nd Peter 3:9 teaches this. Jesus said the world would once against become wicked as it was in the days of Noah (Matthew 24:37-38). And so is the world becoming today.

When the Gospel has been preached throughout the four corners of the whole world, and people are no longer receiving Christ, then Jesus will return. The internet will undoubtedly be instrumental to the Antichrist. Biblically, we don't know for certain when the Lord will return (the Rapture) for His saints, but we do know the End Time conditions which the Lord spoke of, when He wouldn't faith any faith (Luke 18:8). There's lots of religion in the world. There are some wonderful religious people, who are really trying to live right; but they know it and are self-righteous and lost in their sins. Christ only saves THE UNGODLY (Romans 4:5-6).

We have a one-time opportunity today to win the world to Jesus Christ. So what are you waiting for, start making some films and join the battle for the Lord! Let's get the Gospel out... the true Gospel that says Jesus died on the cross, was buried, and physically rose again, and only saves wicked sinners through His shed blood. Jesus doesn't save religious people. Jesus doesn't save good people. Jesus doesn't save sincere people. Jesus saves THE UNGODLY who trust on Him!!!

Start You Own Christian Website

I Encourage Others to Make Movies

You could literally start a ministry just making documentary films. You can go down to your local library and research tons of older books that are out of print. There you'll find tons of ideas, quotes, photos to scan and truths to teach. In the past numerous people asked me where I found all this stuff to make my website. I tell them that I'm a truth-seeker and my mind is always on the lookout. While most people are preoccupied with hobbies, television and recreational activities (doing nothing for Christ's sake or the Gospels), I'm busy searching for the truth of everything and things of interest. I must have the truth! The entire purpose for Jesus coming into the world was to bear witness unto the truth (John 18:37).

America Needs Voices!!!

Ye Must Be Born Again! | You Need HIS Righteousness!