How I Lost 70 Pounds By the Grace of God
(I got rid of stage 4 type-II diabetes in just 4 months; my AIC glucose went from 9.8 to 5.2 mmol/L)

By David J. Stewart | May 2018

I want to start out my article by praising the Lord Jesus Christ, my precious God and Savior!!! James 1:17, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” The Holy Bible says that ALL good things come from God. I remember that I had been praying for two years for God to put the desire in my heart to take better care of myself, and He did. I always choose to give God the credit for anything goof in my life, for He is worthy!

Here is a Youtube video I made last year, comparing how obese I was before I lost weight (215 pounds), compared to now (I was 157 pounds in the video after losing weight). I was once a fat tub-o-lard, but now am just little ole me...

I feel SO MUCH better overall. I just weighed myself and I am at 153.2 pounds on May 3, 2018. I love my new weight and am VERY determined to stay here. I thank and praise the Lord daily, giving Him all the credit for working in my heart.

The above photo was taken at Burger King in September of 2017. Notice that I am drinking bottled water. The soda is not mine.

Actually, there was a Christian Caucasian woman that I really liked at a church I used to attend. I hadn't seen her for some time, and my heart leaped when I saw her again, and I finally expressed my feelings for her, but she doesn't want me. So she's just my wannabe babe! Life goes on. I keep thinking of something that one of my favorite preachers, Pastor Danny Castle wisely said, “The only thing worse than not being married, is being married and not wanting to be married.”

Yet, the Lord used my feelings for her to inspire me to lose all my weight. I figured if she doesn't want me, someone else in this crazy world will. Brother Hyles used to say, “There's a fat slob for everyone!” I think he said that to make some of the fat unmarried women in the church feel better. Anyway, I always give God credit for anything good in my life, and I blame myself for the bad, no one else. I have been wanting to write this article, to inspire others who are obese, and am finally getting around to it. I am starting to relate closely to Patrick Bowen's own heartbreaks in his helpful book, “I Never Knew You!” I am really glad that he wrote that book and shared his own personal grief and losses, which he likens to Christ's rejection of those who don't obey the Gospel. It really is a great book!

I have stopped drinking sodas completely!

I lost 30 pounds in 30 days! I went walking 3 times a day, an hour at sunrise, an hour at noon, and an hour at sunset. I followed a dietary routine of limiting my calories to 1,000 the first day, and 1,000 the second day, and about 300 the third day (my fasting day). On the fourth day I rewarded myself, going to one of my favorite restaurants and eating a big meal (like sizzling beef fajitas from Chili's). I used food against itself, that is, my appetite against itself, rewarding myself after a couple days of eating very little. It works for me!

Some people may contend that it is not safe to lose so much weight so quickly (70 pounds in 120 days); but my friend, I was obese (anything over 192 pounds for me, and I was at 215 pounds), I was stage 4 type-II diabetic, injecting myself in the stomach with 40 units of insulin per day, with my left foot going numb from diabetic neuropathy! Which is worse, losing weight super fast or doing nothing, you tell me? I had tried unsuccessfully for several years to lose weight, and NOTHING ever worked. I spent several hundreds of dollars on all the worthless gimmicks from the health stores. I had determined to go on a crash diet several dozens of times, but raided the refrigerator by the end of the day. I couldn't break from from my self-destructive habits which had made me obese!

Something needed to drastically change, but it didn't know what it was! I went walking at times, but it just made me more hungry. I needed a spiritual awakening in my soul. Interestingly, I never planned on getting up early. That was an unplanned natural result of actually making it through my first day of fasting on February 21, 2017. I couldn't sleep that night because my stomach was empty. I was used to stuffing my gut before bedtime, and then sleeping for 10 hours like a fat dog! Since I have a permanent neck injury and take a high dose of opiate pain medications, which sedates me, I was restful ALL DAY LONG! I was sedentary. I had no reason to go walking, no reason to take care of myself, no reason to do anything (so I foolishly thought). But I did have a REASON, me. Without my health, I cannot enjoy the life which God has given to me, which is a gift by the way. I was so foolish in my previous thinking.

So the first night I couldn't sleep. I literally went to bed at midnight and woke up at 4 am, restless. So I figured it would be a good opportunity to go walking. I had no idea what to expect, because I hadn't gone walking in the mornings my entire 50 years of life!!! That first morning I felt like I had been born again, seeing life for the first time. I remember thinking to myself, “Where have I been all these years?” “What have I done to myself?” “Why did I deny myself this?” I saw some white doves flying in circles overhead. I heard the ocean waves breaking on the distant reef behind the local Chamorro Village. I saw the beautiful reddish sun rising over the horizon in the distance. I saw the morning dew on the ground. I heard the birds singing, and the coconut tree palms swaying, and felt the fresh morning air. I was alive and felt like it for the first time in decades!!!

If you've never been through a deep, dark, abiding, depression of soul lasting for many years, where you totally withdraw from life itself, and people, you cannot even begin to grasp the incredible liberating spirit that one feels when it is over! That is how King Nebuchadnezzar must have felt after wandering around the palace, surviving on the grounds outside like a wild animal, and then coming back into his right mind after seven long years! That is how long I was depressed. Now I just have to cope with constant neck pain, but I have never walked closer with God, or taken better care of myself, than I do today, despite my ongoing health problems and human imperfections. God is so good!!! My failed neck surgeries, an unwanted divorce, the loss of my home, and things too painful to talk about, I didn't want to live anymore. I even contemplated suicide for a time, but the blessed presence of the indwelling Holy Spirit, my website ministry that keeps me busy and gives me a cause, and the abiding promises of God's Word sustained me through it all. The below photo is from 2015 at Fort Soledad on southern Guam.

I loved getting up early and walking so much that first day, that I decided to do it again the next day, and the next and the next, but I was still in my old bad habit of going to bed until midnight or after (usually much later). So I was waking up to my alarm clock tired, drained, and not feeling like going walking (but my soul wanted to very much). I was still figuring all this out, the hard way, from years of being set in my wrong ways. So it dawned on me, after a few days, that I could try going to bed early. So I went to bed at 10-11. That helped, but I still felt the temptation to stay in bed, and I dreaded hearing my alarm clock go off! So I decided to go to bed so early, at 8 pm, that I would get all the sleep my body could need. I did just that, and I didn't need the alarm clock anymore. I went to bed at 8-9 pm, and woke up naturally at about 5 am, leaving the house early to enjoy walking and seeing God's beautiful sun rise another day on His creation.

That became the “norm” for me. As the popular adage goes, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Well, I don't know about the wealth part, but it sure made me healthy and I felt wise. My thinking became much clearer throughout the day, and I felt refreshed. I learned that nearly everything we eat basically turns into sugar (glucose) for the body to use as energy. Excess glucose is stored as body fat. If I didn't go walking each day, that glucose turned into MENTAL STRESS! There is nothing that will clear up stress and depression like physical exercise, especially walking because it is gentle on the body. Due to my permanent neck injury (stenosis and radiculopathy) I cannot jog, but I love walking. Over one year later I am still going to bed at 8 pm, rising up early to go walking at sunrise, eating healthy and have maintained my new optimal weight between 148-158 pounds.

3,500 calories equals 1 pound.

An inactive man burns about 2,200 calories per day
An inactive woman burns about 1,800 calories per day.

When I walk, I walk fast, with pep in my step, like in a hurry to go somewhere, which burns more calories than a casual stroll in the park. That is, when my radiculopathy isn't so painful that I have difficult walking on my right leg. My leg feels half asleep all the time. I have razorblade-like radiating pain down both arms and legs, 80% my right side. It gets pretty bad sometimes, but I thank God I can still walk. Losing weight has definitely helped overall, but the radiating pain is still the same. My neck injury is still the same. I have a titanium plate and 6 surgical screws at C5-C6-C7. Losing weight hasn't removed the sharp intermittent pain, but it has made me feel freer and better overall just, having shed 70 pounds. I feel so good. I weighed 215 pounds on February 21, 2017. I reached 146.4 pounds on June 15, 2017. Then, I was 145.0 pounds on June 25, 2017 on a completely empty stomach, but then when I ate normal my weight went up to 153 pounds, which is where I am at now. So, conservatively, I have lost 63 pounds at least! Amen! To God be the glory, great things He hath done. Jesus said without Him, “YE CAN DO NOTHING” (John 15:5b). Acts 17:25 says God “giveth to all life, and breath, and all things.” So I give God all the praise and glory for everything good in my life.

I learned that staying in the house almost always leads to overeating. The biggest thing that helped me lose weight was completely changing my daily routine, that is, my lifestyle. There are two very different mindsets: one I call “eating mode” and the other I call “fasting mode.” In eating mode I don't count calories, but in fasting mode I absolutely do! If you don't pay attention to how many calories you are consuming, you will very likely eat too many and gain weight over time. I know the caloric content of most foods. For example: A banana has 100 calories; An entire thin-crust pizza has about 1,200 to 1,500 calories; a medium-sized potato has 100 calories; one Reese's peanut butter cup has 105 calories; one packet of oatmeal has about 170 calories; a small carton of milk is 120 calories; one egg is 90 calories; one slice of bread is 120 calories, one fresh lumpia is 130 calories, et cetera. I have learned that a meal which makes me feel good and full is about 1,000 to 1,200 calories. I usually have a small snack for breakfast (e.g., oatmeal, a granola bar, whole grain cereal, some watermelon, et cetera), eat a big lunch and no dinner (or a snack, like popcorn). I try to avoid eating anything greasy for breakfast, which will put you in the wrong frame of mind for the rest of the day.

The bottom line is that if you want to lose weight bad enough, you WILL stop eating so much and make it happen. If you stop eating, YOU HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT! It is that simple. So no matter what else you do, YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT if you drastically reduce the amount of food you are eating. The key is to PRE-DECIDE before you eat HOW MUCH you are going to eat, and then stick to it! If you plan to eat 500 calories for the day, then figure out which foods you want to eat, and eat them slowly to make it more satisfying.

And I have to say this, YOU WILL MESS UP YOUR DIET SOMETIMES! During the 120 day fast to lose weight quickly, there were several days where I blew it, went on a feeding frenzy and ate WAY TOO MUCH. I felt bad. I had guilt! I felt like my diet was at an end. THIS IS NORMAL. So when that happens to you, it's no big deal. All you do is skip eating the following day. I still have that happen to me. The important thing is to balance out your calorie intake, so that over 3 days you are only eating an average of your daily allowable calories. At my present weight of 153, I can only eat 1,350 calories per day to maintain my weight. That is if I am inactive. I usually go walking, which means I can eat 1,700 calories for the day, to maintain my proper weight. I have heard many gluttonous people say stupid things like, “You only live once,” as a justification to abuse their health. Since it is true that you only live once, why spend that one life in a wheelchair with your legs amputated from diabetes? Americans are so obese that a whole new medical term has been created for them, called, “Sitting Disease!” Read up about it, I'm not kidding.

If you want to lose more weight, you have to eat less per time. If I eat more, I will gain weight. It is that simple! It all comes down to calories consumed per a designated time period. There is no other safe way to lose weight, you have got to stop eating so much!!! gradually reducing my calories per day has NEVER WORKED FOR ME!!! I am an all-or-nothing kind of person, so the only way I can lose weight is to have days where I don't eat at all, or VERY LITTLE. That is easy to do if you ate a big meal the previous day, as I do sometimes. Today I am fasting, eating only a Vietnamese beef salad with lettuce, tomatoes and onions (about 500 calories). Drinking lots of water helps digest food faster, hydrates your body, increases your metabolism, makes your feel better, keeps your skin young looking and is healthy overall. I avoid sink tap water. I drink bottled mineral water from Korea (it's a Korean store). When I go shopping for water each time, I buy eight cases of six 2-liter bottles for about $7 per case. One gallon is 128 ounces. One liter is 33.814 ounces. So for $7 I am getting a little over 3 gallons. I LOVE COLD PURE WATER!!! The human body is composed of about 90% water.

Here is some good wisdom on health from 16th U.S. President, Ben Franklin...

Franklin later returned to the colonies and, in 1733, began to publish the famous Poor Richard's Almanac in Philadelphia. In it, he frequently proffered advice on diet and health. “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise,” he coined. “Eat to live; live not to eat,” “A full belly makes a bad brain,” and “To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals,” he also quipped. -SOURCE

Whereas I used to bake a deep-dish pizza at 3 am, eat the entire pizza (1,800 calories), go to sleep at 4 am and sleep until 2 pm, then snack all day, eat my biggest meal at night, totally sedentary; now I go to bed at 8-9 pm, try not to eat past 5 pm, get up at 4-5 am, go walking at sunrise. Then eat a snack for breakfast (if anything), eat a bigger lunch and a light or no dinner. If I do eat a bigger meal, I eat it before noon, so I can burn it off throughout the day. Going to bed early is the most important thing! Because if I go to bed early, by 5 am I am restless and cannot wait to go walking, with eager delight. Most people go to bed after midnight, and then dread getting up early, so they don't. If I go to bed early, I love and enjoy getting up early at sunrise, and seeing God's awesome creation, and birds singing, in nature. I love walking. I used to hate it. I had a wrong attitude, which was destructive to my health. My AIC (glucose) was 9.8 mmol/L, but is now 5.2 mmol/L, better than my doctor's he said. My daily sugar was up to 399 mg/dl, hovering around 180, but is now 80 mg/dl (normal). Praise God!

You can still eat some not so healthy foods; like mozzarella sticks, burgers, pizza, barbeque and so forth, but always in moderation (not every day). Make sure at least 50% of your food intake is vegetables! I love a good beef stir-fry, loaded with vegetables. One of my favorite local Vietnamese restaurants has a beef stir fry, which contains diced pineapple, zucchini, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, sliced carrots and of course, beef. I love it and it is healthy! I go to MacDonald's about once every 6 months, to satisfy my BigMac craving. Unfortunately, the bread that MacDonald's uses on Guam is chewy and horrible, I think. And we don't have all the nice MacDonald's salads that they offer in the states, you've got one choice here... Southwest salad! (which is fine with me).

The rule of thumb is if I eat taco Bell or Burger king today, then I will eat Vietnamese or a salad tomorrow. I work hard to balance my food intake, to ensure that I always get plenty of greens and vegetables, healthy things, and very little processed foods. If you eat junk you're going to feel like junk. We learn from the awesome book of Daniel in the Holy Bible about the health benefits of eating well. When the princes gorged on red meats, wines and heavy foods, they were lethargic, having that glazed look in their eyes and weak; but when they ate lentils, beans and healthy foods, and drank just water, for 10 days, they appeared alive, felt vibrant and had energy. I like to go into the local grocery store and buy pre-cut watermelon, cantaloupe or honeydew melon which they prepare daily. I feel great after eating that stuff. A handful of nuts, a diced cucumber, some fresh tomatoes, et cetera. That is how to make yourself feel great bodily!!! I always take two multi-vitamins a day. I take 2 “Ultra-Man, Max” multi-vitamins every day from Vitamin World.

Today I woke up at 4 am. I went walking at sunrise in the rain. I ate 100 calories (one bag) of oatmeal before I left. I came home and ate one fried lumpia (a popular local Asian food) with 4 extra romaine lettuce leaves and extra bean spouts. I also cut up 1 potato and made homemade French fries. Although some people frown on deep-fried foods, I use that as my reward for eating right. I use soybean oil. The 1 potato has 100 calories, but potatoes make you feel full, curbing my appetite for the rest of the day. The romaine lettuce and bean sprouts are what I really needed to eat, and the little bit of fried rice-paper roll (lumpia) makes me look forward to eating the meal. I ate fried lumpia and fresh lumpia (my favorite, it comes with chicken and shrimp) very often during my weight loss, and since. It is not so much what we eat that is a concern, but how much we eat. Granted, we need to eat nutritious foods.

When fasting, I avoided breads, rices, pastas, orange juice (which is just processed sugar), pizzas, desserts, pastries, sugary foods, soda pop... basically all processed foods, junk foods. I've probably drank 3 or 4 cans of soda in the past 1 year (at barbecues). I love and almost always drink ice water with lemon when I go out to eat at a restaurant. I love Asian cuisine. My favorite local restaurant is a Vietnamese place. You don't see too many fat Asian people. They have a totally different attitude toward eating than Americans do. I read that 34% of people in the state of Mississippi are obese! 10% of Americans have diabetes, but 25% of people on Guam have diabetes, because of the laidback island lifestyle. Barbecuing is a way of life on Guam, which is not healthy is not balanced with much green vegetables. My doctor taught me to eat at least 50% green vegetables in my total diet. I try to do that. Cucumbers are great, having 95% water, which significantly reduce my blood-pressure! I ate one cucumber a day for 3 days, limiting my calories to 1,000 per day, and my blood-pressure went from 140/90 to 110/70.

A whole jar of dill pickles is only 5 calories! Pickles are a great way to snack and lose weight!

Microwave popcorn is very good, which is high in whole grain; but best of all, it lets you eat a large volume of food without eating a lot of calories. I just bought some “Skinny Girl” brand popcorn, which is only 160 calories per bag, and it tastes great!

A big bag of shrimp is only 560 calories (the whole bag). Not bad! So I eat shrimp. Some people are allergic to shrimp, I'm not, thankfully.

My first month of fasting I lost 30 pounds.
My second month I lost 20 pounds.
My third month 12 pounds.
My fourth month I lost 7 pounds.

The more overweight a person is, the easier it is to lose weight, because all that extra weight is like wearing a heavy weight vest. When I lost 70 pounds, it became VERY difficult to lose any more, because my body was now at it's proper weight. My optimal weight for 51 years old, 5' 7", male, is 150 pounds. There are many weight calculators online.

That's how I lost 70 pounds in 4 months, and have kept it off for the past 10 months since. I plan to keep it off too! 90% of people who lose lots of weight gain it all back in 3 years; 67% gain it all back in 9 months. So I've already beat the 67%, and am determined to beat the 90% too! My type II diabetes is all gone, and with the Lord's help, I don't ever want it back. As a preacher, I feel much better having control over my weight. I saw a 380 pound visiting Baptist pastor come to the island last year; It was awful! I don't judge anybody, but I think it glorifies God more when God's men are fit and healthy, like Pastor Danny Castle (his weight is about the same as mine now... 153 pounds). If nothing else, I want to keep my weight at 150 to honor God. Health problems can cause weight gain too, so I never judge people for being obese. It is VERY difficult to lose weight, but very EASY to gain it.

My daughter took the above photo, with her car in the background. You can see my Christmas lights in the background, which I always keep up all year, because they are cheerful.

I lost 30 pounds in the first 30 days! I went walking 3 times a day, an hour at sunrise, an hour at noon, and an hour at sunset. Some days my permanent neck injury bothered me and I didn't walk, but I would just eat less on those days. I followed a dietary routine of limiting my calories to 1,000 the first day, and 1,000 the second day, and about 300 the third day (my fasting day). On the fourth day I rewarded myself, going to one of my favorite restaurants and eating a big meal (like sizzling beef fajitas from Chili's). Albeit, that was my only meal for the whole day! I used food against itself, that is, my appetite against itself, rewarding myself after a couple days of eating very little. It works for me! Everybody has their own “journey,” so to speak, on how they lost weight.

I learned that it's never a good idea to eat nothing, because you will feel too weak and likely raid the refrigerator by the end of the day. Foods like oatmeal and dark chocolate (at least 70% or higher cocoa) help curb my appetite. Oatmeal fills my stomach and is very nutritious. Also, fresh watermelon always makes me feel good and seems to curb my hunger. Each day I eat a little dark chocolate (to replenish the energy expended in walking). I crave chocolate! Of course, I go walking, so the chocolate doesn't make me fat. If you don't go walking, DON'T eat chocolate!

I use mouthwash also to rinse a few times throughout the day, which curbs my cravings. With a refreshing minty taste in my mouth I am less likely to want to go eat more. I weighed 215 pounds on February 21, 2017. I weighed 145.0 pounds (on a completely empty stomach) on June 15, 2017. I weighed 149.4 pounds on Thursday (April 5, 2018), after a couple days of fasting (i.e., eating no more than 500 calories for each day). So over the past 10 months, I have not gained even one pound of weight back. Amen and amen! I still love to eat, and my weight does sometimes creep upward toward 160, which always compels me to skip a day of regular eating, limit my calories and focus on eating more greens (like Romaine lettuce) and lots of mineral water (I drink bottled water, never tap). I fast back down to 150 when that happens. I have to do that, to maintain my weight, or it WILL creep back up slowly. I watch the scale closely each morning. Ideally, I need to learn to eat proportionately, so that I don't need to monitor the scale so closely. Thankfully, I have maintained my new low weight for 10 months. If I pig out one day, I need to fast the next, eating very little to balance it out. It works for me!

Food and water usually add 7-8 pounds to my weight from an empty stomach, after eating normally for a few days. One gallon of water weighs 8 pounds. I have learned that the body retains water after eating a meal, and releases water on an empty stomach. So even though you only eat a pound of food, your weight may increase by 2 to 4 pounds from water retention after meals. This is good to keep in mind, so you don't get discouraged.

I also bought a Boombotix portable radio that clips onto my belt. I love this thing! It has a medical grade internal battery that lasts for a few hours on medium volume (2 hours at highest volume). The top part detaches from the bottom bass/charging part...

I used my favorite music to motivate myself to lose weight. I like all kinds of music, from the 1950's up until the present (but especially the older classics and 1970's). The radio connects to my computer like an i-pad, using a standard micro USB cable and I simple copy/paste the MP3's to it. I have 188 songs on mine right now. The device holds 4 GB. It is also water resistant against rain. I always wear my colorful ukulele neck strap, because it is cheery and makes me feel loved by God and happy, because music and God are the two happiest things in my life.

I read something interesting online that a lady said about losing weight. She said to “think about the future.” As simple as that sounds, she is absolutely right! I did what she said, knowing that if I lost weight and achieved a certain number on my scale, I would feel great about myself; and contrawise, I knew that if I gave into my cravings I would feel horrible. So when I was tempted to eat, I thought about how I would feel if I did. I still ate sometimes, but I ate less. If I totally blew my diet for that day and ate way too much (and that will happens at times), then I got even with my body the next day be fasting all day, or ate only very little (which was easy to do because I had a full belly from the day before). The important thing is to be consistent in reducing your calorie intake on AVERAGE, and increasing your calorie outgo. My goal is 1,000 calories a day. So if I eat 1,500 today, then I'll try to eat only 500 tomorrow. By walking 3 hours a day, I was basically walking off ALL the calories I was eating, and then some.

To lose lots of weight quickly, you need MOTIVATION. So I planned after fasting for 3 days, to reward myself by going to one of my favorite eating places and ordering a nice big meal. It is okay to do that. So every fourth day I am going to eat a normal 2,000 calories for the day. This prepares me to eat NOTHING the next day, or up to 1,000 calories, depending on the signals from my body. Listen to what your body is telling you. For example: If you feel weak, you need to eat some meat. If you feel a lack of energy, you need a candy bar to replenish you spunk! Feeling weak and feeling a lack of energy are not the same thing. Feeling weak is when you are walking and your body feels like falling over; but feeling a lack of energy is when you just don't feel like doing anything. Your body needs BOTH!

Every day, when I returned home from walking at sunrise, over the next couple hours I craved a candybar. I didn't figure out why at first when I started losing weight, but then it occurred to me that I was burning up a lot of energy walking, and my body needed to be replenished with the energy provided from sugar. I know some people will argue my point, but the important thing is that you only eat a candybar IF YOU WENT WALKING FOR AN HOUR! I usually ate dark chocolate, which is very high in antioxidants and nutrients, and for me, curbed my appetite. If you talk to a dozen different people who've lost a lot of weight, they'll all tell their own unique story, each taking their own journey. That's to be expected and it okay! Do what works for you!!! I am simply sharing my journey, what worked for me.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I learned from Brother Lester Roloff (1914-1982) that, “One hour of sleep before midnight is worth two hours of sleep after midnight.” That is so true! I love getting to sleep early.

I have always been able to lose weight when I got serious about it. All the dozens of times that I tried and failed, were simply because I lacked the proper motivation to follow it through. The same is true about maintaining my weight, I can keep it where it should be as long as I really want it there. I would never criticize an obese person, but honestly folks, I have never seen so many fat people in my life as I do in America today. I've enjoyed sharing all this with you dear reader, and I hope perhaps it may be of some help to someone. If you ever want to get an idea of what your extra weight is doing to you, pick up something heavy, then weight yourself holding it, and then without it, and see how much that weight feels like. Losing lots of weight feels so good! I can wear size 34 pants now, whereas before I couldn't even barely fit into size 42, and I was looking for size 44. I took a measuring tape before and after I lost weight. My belly went from 48 inches down to 38 inches! Each 5 pounds that I lost took another inch off my belly. Anyway, best of wishes to anyone reading this, I just want to help others in the Lord, because I care.

God bless you dear friend, thank you for reading all this, and I sincerely hope you have a good day.

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