Heart Warming Melodies

Glad I've Been Born Again” by The Four Galileans

These gospel songs may not be very thrilling to most people, but they are precious and dear to those of us who grew up in an old-fashioned, soul-winning, King James Bible preaching church.

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Download 251 MIDI Gospel Songs HERE (ZIP file, 734 Kb)

OldChristianMusic.com | Old Christian Radio (listen)


Then Came Jesus by 'The John Marshall Family' (David J Stewart playing pedal steel*)
*Note: I've always loved the music of the John Marshall Family. In the preceding song, I'm just playing along on my own, I didn't record on the original recording. The pedal steel guitar is a beautiful and fascinating musical instrument.

Pedal Steel Guitar by David J. Stewart...

*Please understand that I am just playing along with the following recordings to share my steel guitar playing with others. I did not play on the original recordings, nor have the original singers and musicians sanctioned my recordings.

Then Came Jesus - 320kbps (The John Marshall Family; with David J. Stewart playing pedal steel guitar-128kbps)

Here's the same recording, but the steel guitar isn't quite as loud. I love this song's message and melody. I've provided 320 and 128kbps quality. 320 is the best quality. 128 is digital quality. 128 is about 3 MB in size and 320 is about 9 MB. The human ear can't hear the difference above 128kbps, so you won't hear any difference, but I still like to provide the higher quality MP3's.

Here's a wonderful song titled, I've Been Through Enough...

I Just Want To Thank You Lord - 320kbps (The Rochesters; with David J. Stewart playing pedal steel guitar-128kbps)

Tell Me The Story Of Jesus | WMV (I added a pedal steel guitar to the song for you to hear)

Brighter Day - 320kbps (The John Marshall Family; with David J. Stewart playing pedal steel guitar-128kbps)

Here's the same recording, but the steel guitar isn't quite as loud.

Here are three songs that I recorded (added a pedal steel guitar) in January of 2020...

Faded Love | Steel Guitar In Left Speaker Only

His Hand In Mine | Left Speaker Only

Should We Neglect The Cause | Left Speaker Only | Original YouTube Song

This song is by The Primitive Quartet and is called, Please Go With Us To Heaven...

I recorded the pedal steel guitar on this song, “He Came Looking For Me,” sang by the gospel group, Southern Raised Bluegrass in September of 2014...

*Note: For this particular song I used a S-10 Rittenberry pedal steel guitar which Tim Rittenberry built for me in 2012. To add the steel guitar I used the “preamp out” on my Nashville 112 amplifier (reverb on 5), into a Lexicon USB interface (Alpha model) into my computer, and recorded using MixCraft software. Although I generally use a BOSS DD-3 digital delay, it tends to clutter recordings, so I kept it off most of the time. I like a purer steel sound. That's it.

Here's a song called “I Have Been Blessed” by The Far City Boys...

The next heart-touching song is titled, If You Only Knew by The Rochesters...

Remind Me Dear Lord

Pedal steel guitar from my heart (the same songs as above, but including the original recordings without the pedal steel guitar).

My pedal steel guitar recordings from my heart to yours...

In The Garden  Louder Vocals  Loudest Vocals  Original Song (The Statler Brothers)

The same with these three songs. The first mixes were a mistake (left speaker only), so I redid them in stereo...

Faded Love † Left Speaker Only

His Hand In Mine † Left Speaker Only (The Booth Brothers)

Should We Neglect The Cause † Left Speaker Only † Original Song (The Rochesters)

These are all stereo too...

Back Home Again (John Denver)

Do They See Jesus In Me? † Less Bass (Hyles-Anderson College)

He Knows My Name † Louder Steel † Original song (The Rochesters)

God Understands † Original song (singer unknown)

Near To The Heart Of God † Original song (Ralph Carmichael Orchestra)

In The Garden † Original Song (Alan Jackson)

Come Unto Me † Quieter Steel Guitar  Original Song (The Rochesters)

I Want To Stroll Heaven With You (Alan Jackson)

There's A Highway To Heaven † Original Song (The Rochesters)

Several Older Pedal Steel Guitar Songs I've Recorded (from my heart to yours)

MP3's To Stir The Heart...

Sample mp3's of the Churchmen Quartet (partial songs)

The Daybreak Quartet (MP3's)

How Great Thou Art - Barbershop Multitrack By Vance Perry (one man sings all parts!)

The Calvary Quartet (MP3's)

Gold City Quartet (MP3)

The Greater Vision (MP3)

The Four Galileans (MP3)

Songs by Homer Rodeheaver...

My Mom, Barbara Stewart, playing piano (1935-2001)

Rudy Atwood (partial songs)

Christmas with Rudy Atwood (m3u streaming audio; your browser may not support this)

Learn to Play Gospel Piano

Pastor Lester Roloff Singing (NOTE: right mouse-click on hyperlinks to save MP3s)

The Original Honeybees (Roloff Homes―1973, 17 songs, continuous playback)

The U.S. Air force Heritage of America Band Sings God Bless America...

Boston Orchestra performing God Bless America...

Gaither Vocal Band

Track Listing:

Thank you to those who have expressed an appreciation for my music. The steel guitar is a beautiful instrument. Music is a gift from God. Here's one of my recordings, a favorite Hawaiian song called Beautiful Kahana (download). You may freely share my music with others. People hear me performing publicly and try to give me money. I always decline. One man tossed $5 at me and ran away. What a nice man. I gave it away. I've turned down dozens of offers to perform in local bars, at the airport bar, night clubs and fancy hotels. Last year I was offered a regular job making $100 a night to perform steel guitar in an upscale night club. I turned them all down. I belong to King Jesus. God will give me an angel band when I get to Heaven. I thank God for putting the desire to play steel guitar into my heart.

Below is the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, which is where Hanalei Moon and Bali Hai are favorite songs.

The most beautiful place on earth is NOT in Hawaii, it is located within the pages of God's Word!

The following video is the classic Hawaiian song, Sweet Leilani, played by the great steel guitarist Basil Henriques...

The following cheerful video is by Marty Robbins and my favorite Hawaiian Steel guitarist Jerry Byrd (1920-2005) on acoustic steel guitar. I once met Jerry Byrd in Winchester, Indiana, in 1993. A true gentleman.

Here's Maurice Anderson from Texas performing, Tiny Bubbles. Reece is playing a 12-string non-pedal steel guitar.

The following is Maurice Anderson's 12-string Extended C6th tuning...

12 String C6th

Hawaii 105 KINE.com | am940hawaii.com

Well, my main tuning is C6th, that’s my bread and butter neck. It has a little variation. Staring with the first string on the small end: E, C, A, G, E, C#, A, A (an octave lower). You will notice that I have two A’s together...the second is real low for that boom effect. It’s almost like a big third more than anything else. I use it only occasionally when I’m doing some thump style. Getting back to that C#, normally if you’re playing this C6th tuning and you rake across it, it will sound out of tune. But, if you rake across the strings and leave the second string out, then you’ve got a whole new tuning...and you see that second string there, the C, if you pull that a half step, it will fall right in tune with that tuning. You can really play some jazzy sounding stuff with it. It makes a whole new ball game. It’s like having a dual tuning. And on the other neck I’ve got a special tuning...it’s for rides and special things. The first string is F, D, A, F, G, Eb, C, F, but I couldn’t remember these if I didn’t right them down. I keep a list at home in case someone calls and wants to know. Don’t mind sharing these cause I don’t have any secrets. Of course, Hank doesn’t like notes played on the high register, so I’m usually limited to playing on the lower end.

...In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, he gave man so many good things to enjoy. He gave us a steel guitar to play if we choose to. This to me, is the most expressive instrument in the world. It fulfills a special hunger in my life and it won’t hurt you, as a lot of bad things in this world will. I met my wife Iva Lee while playing the steel guitar, our children followed, altogether they are my most treasured possessions!

SOURCE: Steel Guitar World magazine, Jan/Feb, 1993 issue

Kayton is using the C6th Tuning, which he tunes [High to low: E, C, A, G, E, C#, A, A (low bass)]

Here below is a video of one of my favorite steel guitar artists, Kayton Roberts, playing a 1941 Dual 8-string Fender along with his loyal wife playing a Wurlitzer organ, performing the Hawaiian classic, Mapuana, in an up-tempo arrangement. Here's Kayton's own words about his tunings...

Steel Guitar Videos by David J. Stewart

My Favorite Hobby: Steel Guitar

1937 Silver Hawaiian RickenbacherMusic makes the world a better place and helps me to forget about my neck pain (at least for a while). The most beautiful music this side of Heaven is produced by an amazing instrument called the steel guitar. The steel guitar is distinctive for Hawaiian music.

Here's a few songs I've recorded using the C6th tuning on a 6-string 1936 Rickenbacher Bakelite: Beautiful Kahana, Lovely Hula Hands, Sophisticated Hula, Little Brown Gal, Sweet Leilani, Rainbows Over Paradise, Farewell My Tani and Bali Hai. Here's the MP3 versions if you'd like to download them (right mouse-click to save): Beautiful Kahana, Lovely Hula hands, Sophisticated Hula, Little Brown Gal, Sweet Leilani, Rainbows Over Paradise, Farewell My Tani and Bali Hai. You may freely distribute these songs, enjoy!

On My Yellow Ginger Lei and The Hukilau Song I played steel guitar accompaniment. You can download My Yellow Ginger Lei and The Hukilau Song here.

One of my good friends and faithful web visitors has put together a YouTube channel with my music. I am so grateful. Thank you...


I also recorded Moon of Manakoora recently using the D9th tuning and Paradise Isle using the F#m9th tuning. You can download Moon of Manakoora here and Paradise Isle Here. I recorded Adventures In Paradise with a Jerry Byrd 8-string Frypan (download: Adventures In Paradise).

You're welcome to freely share my music with others. God has given me a love and desire to play the steel guitar. I hope by God's grace to record some Gospel songs in the Hawaiian style, but lack accompaniment. I hope to find an organist or pianist who will make me some slow and pretty backgrounds to Gospel hymns, with padded portions of the song, where I can record my steel guitar and freely share them online. I never sell my music.

Here's the popular Hawaiian song, Mapuana, played by me on the B11th tuning. You can download Mapuana here. I also played another favorite, Sand, on the B11th tuning. You can download Sand here to share with others. Believe it or not, I played the previous two songs on a cheap $99 lap steel I bought from Musicians' Friend online. I bought the black guitar, stripped it down, painted it antique white and put on some flat-wound strings. I looks more fancy with the nice paint job. I don't use the .011" because it's too small for me. I want my first string at least .015" gauge. So I only use the other 6 strings in the pack. I like heavier gauge strings on the low-end.

I only use flat-wounds for steel guitar. I don't like the feel of semi-flats on my palm when sliding. I also replaced the guitar nut with a metal one for better tone. I use the Dunlop 3/4 x 2 7/8" bar for lap steel. Anyone can learn to play steel guitar. It just takes desire, commitment and hard work (per Jerry Byrd). For everything needed to learn steel, there's... http://www.scottysmusic.com. Ask about Jerry Byrd's instruction course if you want to really learn Hawaiian steel guitar.

Steel guitar being played liveYou can hear me play Hawaiian Music on a pedal steel guitar using an A7th tuning, which I recorded for my mom in 2001 before she went to be with the Lord in Heaven.

Pictured above to the right is an Old Rickenbacher lap steel called the SILVER HAWAIIAN. It is made of solid chrome and is famous for it's horseshoe shaped pickup magnets. The most common Hawaiian tunings on the lap steel are the C6th and the B11th. C6th is my favorite, which I can play by ear (i.e., I can play the melody of any song just by hearing it).

Bud Tutmarc is one of my favorite steel guitarists and has much beautiful Gospel music available (Bud used a C#m tuning on a 7-string lap steel for all his recordings). Bud was good friends with Sol Ho'opi'i before Sol's untimely death at age 51.

I once met the great steel guitarist Jerry Byrd in Winchester, Indiana. He passed away at age 85 in 2005. Here's a video of Jerry Byrd at a much younger age playing Hawaiian guitar. Beyond The Reef is one of my favorite Hawaiian songs to play on the steel guitar. Here's some more videos of Jerry Byrd. Here are some videos of Hawaiian steel guitar. Jerry taught his steel guitar students that... "Talent is highly overrated. All the talent in the world means nothing if you don't have DESIRE." If you've ever heard Hawaiian music, then you've very likely heard Jerry Byrd's beautiful music. Thank God for the beautiful steel guitar!

The lap steel guitar is not that difficult to play if you're willing to stick with it. It is a very rewarding instrument to learn to play which cheers the heart's of others.

The following 3-recordings are played on a Pedal Steel Guitar (E9th tuning), which is a much bigger and heavier instrument than the lap steel. Due to the herniated disks in my neck (C5-C6-C7), I mostly play lap steel nowadays. Tommy White (one of my favorite steel guitar artists) recorded the following beautiful E9th songs several years ago in St. Louis:

Note: Clicking on the songs files on this page may say that "the codec is corrupted," but it only means the server is busy. After clicking several times, the songs should hopefully play. Sometimes they play right away, sometimes after several tries. I apologize for the technical inconvenience.

Pedal Steel Guitar by David J. Stewart . . .

Single-neck, E9th, ShoBud, 3 Pedals, 3 Knee Levers, wooden neck with lacquer finish.

All of the following songs ARE performed by me on a ShoBud Pro-II pedal steel guitar. I want to share them with my friends. This is not my guitar to the right, but similar. The steel guitar is such a beautiful and interesting instrument from God.

Because I don't want to use my God-given talent to promote the sale of booze, I've never played in a band. Nearly all bands (including so-called Christian groups) play in establishments that sell alcoholic beverages, which I have never done, nor will do. So I perform only at home with rhythm tracks, or publickly for free, which is what these are.

The following songs and lyrics are general songs, most recorded by myself way back in the 1990's; such as Greensleeves, a traditional favorite, and some newer recordings too. This first song is Beyond The Reef, one of my favorites.

You can hear a bunch of free great Hawaiian music here. Hawaiian steel guitar links. Aloha! Here's a recent picture of me from November of 2008...

David J. Stewart - 2008 - playing a 1936 Rickenbacher

Adventures in Paradise | Download
(Recorded in 2009. Please share freely.)

Note: Clicking on the songs files on this page may say that "the codec is corrupted," but it only means the server is busy.
After clicking several times, the songs should hopefully play. Sometimes they play right away, sometimes after several tries. I apologize for the technical inconvenience.

The following YouTube video is by a wonderful gentleman named Billy Robinson, a legendary steel guitarist, whom I had the privilege of meeting in Knoxville, Tennessee back in 1992 at a steel guitar convention. I first heard him play the song, Candy Kisses, a classic. Anyway, the following video is nothing less than amazing. Billy is using a 10-string, non-pedal, extended C6th tuning [ (D-G-E-C-A-G-E-C-A-F) ... D being the 1st string (highest on top) and F the 10th, or lowest string on bottom. I've never seen such incredible bar slants like he does in here. He uses a 12 string bar I believe. The song is named, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IT HURTS ME, a classic steel guitar favorite. This'll make the dogs howl for sure! Enjoy!) More Billy Robinson Videos. This is real music folks.

Below are a few more favorite secular MIDI songs:

† † † Online Christian Music † † †

Music and Hymns

Helpful Technical Information

The Devil's Music


“I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving.” ―Psalm 69:30

Emily's Bluegrass
(Emily's dobro has no frets because she's completely blind and plays completely by ear...pitch perfect)

'Front Porch Bluegrass' - Free Internet Bluegrass Radio
(Note: I certainly don't approve of all the music on this radio station, but there's much free beautiful gospel, country and bluegrass music. I'm teaching myself Dobro and this has been very helpful to me. I record what I want using MixCraft software. Here's some helpful information on using MixCraft if you do decide to get the program.)

Listen to David Stewart's Hawaiian Album 2001

Listen to Hundreds of Cheerful Hawaiian Songs

In 2001 I recorded a Hawaiian album for my mother before she passed away to go be with the Lord later that year. I used the A7th tuning on a pedal steel guitar. I converted my C6th neck into an A7th, very similar to the ingenious tuning of Basil Henriques. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did recording them.

David Stewart - July 26th, 2010

Song for Sarah | Way Beyond the Reef | Westphalia Waltz | So Sad

Genesis 32:10, “I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies, and of all the truth, which thou hast shewed unto thy servant...”

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