Delicious Bacon Sandwiches

By David J. Stewart

       Here's another of my favorite recipes. I love bacon, chewy Oscar Meyer bacon. To cook it soft and chewy, you must cook the bacon low and slow. Put the frying pan's flame on low and let it cook slow. It will come out nice and chewy. High heat makes the bacon hard and crispy. When the bacon is done, set the strips on a paper towel or two to absorb the greasy fat. (A tablespoon or two leftover bacon fat adds natural flavoring to a lot of meals, but not too much or the meal will come out greasy.)


I try to get all my ingredients fresh. I like my white bread real soft. I like a thin slice or two of red tomato, not unripe tomatoes that are still white in the center. The Miracle Whip tastes very different than mayonnaise and it's my favorite for bacon sandwiches. If you like mayonnaise instead, it won't taste the same. The crispy cold fresh lettuce complements the meal well. All these ingredients combined are awesome!

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