Gene Therapy


Information for producing the heritable traits of organisms are encoded in DNA

wpe33.jpg (11865 bytes)There are studies that describe today's increasing number of illnesses and disabilities making the connection to immunization practices plausible.  The work of pioneer researchers show convincing evidence that genetic changes are being discovered in patients where vaccine reactions appear to be casually involved.  Thus, it is also plausible  that genetic changes could be taking place as a result of the current childhood vaccination programs.   This could be affecting many of our children nationally, here in the US, and globally.  This could also be what's affecting the thousands of Gulf War Veterans with Gulf War Syndrome (GWS).

Yet another burden of proof to be solved: Vaccines are not causing adverse genetics.  This should rest on the manufacturers government agencies and schools trying to mandate vaccines with no legal authority.  This should be settled before the enforcing of vaccines on our children.  

According to an article in World Medicine, scientists at the University of Geneva made a startling discovery that biological substances entering directly into our bloodstream may become part of us and our genetic material.  Stated in the article: 

"When Japanese bacteriologists discovered that bacteria of one species transferred their own highly specific antibiotic resistance to bacteria of an entirely different species, they seemed to hit on a unique if not startling phenomenon. Dr. Maurice Stroun and Dr. Pilippe Anker, with colleagues in the Department of Plant Physiology at the University of Geneva, have now accumulated a wealth of evidence that the transfer of genetic information is not confined to bacteria but also can occur between bacteria and higher plants and animals.

"The Geneva scientists are convinced that normal animal and plant cells also shed DNA and that this DNA is also taken up by other cells in the organism. If they are right, the consequences to virtually every aspect of a cell's metabolism would be considerable. The growth and development, diseases, and even the evolution of an organism would be affected.

"Dr. Maurice Stroun and his colleagues did most of their research on plants but have now turned to animals. In their latest set of experiments they used the isolated auricles of frogs' hearts." (4)

There is no question about the results. They found a high percentage of RNA-DNA (ribonucleic-deoxyribonucleic) hybridization between bacterial DNA extracted from bacteria of the same species as that used in the experiment and titrated RNA extracted from auricles which has been dipped in the bacterial suspension. (DNA, the characteristic nucleic acid of the nucleus in all cells, is the fundamental substance which carries the genetic code within the cells of the body).

"Since we know that no bacteria got into the frog auricles, we can only conclude that the bacterial DNA must have been exuded from the bacteria and absorbed by the animal cells," says Stroun. "This transfer phenomenon, or transcession, as Dr. Anker called it, is very probably a general one, otherwise, he and Dr. Stroun would hardly have succeeded first go, in getting bacterial RNA synthesized by animal tissues....

"The implications of this work on transcession are enormous, for the Geneva work suggests that this phenomenon is going on the whole time--even in our own bodies.... Could, for example, the heart damage that can follow after rheumatic fever and similar bacterial infections be the result of the body's immunological system reacting to its own cells producing an alien RNA?"

As another possible complication of viral infections(including that of viral vaccines) similarities are found between certain viral proteins and proteins related to myelin sheaths of the brain and nervous system.   Essentially, what is found is protein mimicking between viral proteins and what's found in the nervous system, causing cross reactions and ultimately, post-infectious vaccine induced encephalitis, myelitis, or neuritis.  These viruses include measles, Epstein-Barr, influenza A and B, and others that cause upper respiratory infections.  

There has also been pointed out "a potential problem of molecular mimicry in vaccines."  This is defined as structural similarity that exists between some viral antigen and could, by having a slight modification of the tissue characteristics, cause it to appear foreign to the immune system and  become target for antibody production.  In other words, the immune system sees the structure as half you and half "them".  It is completely confused.

Dr. H.H Fundenberg has stated that one vaccine decreases  immunity by 50%, two vaccines by 70%...all triple vaccines (MMR, DTaP) markedly impair immunity, which predisposes vaccinated individuals to  recurrent viral infections, especially otitis media (ear infections), as well as yeast and fungi infections."   This is confirmed by the MMR package insert that ear infections are an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

A stealth virus, as studied by Dr. John Martin, can establish within the body a persistent infection for several years.   During the time which, it avoids detection by the immune system.  (The HIV virus behaves in this manner).  Dr. Martin sampled blood from patients that were suffering from chronic fatigue, autism and other disorders of the immune system.   This lead to his discovery of viruses not recognized by the immune system, which were destroying cells.  His findings showed that these viruses originated from the simian cytomegalic viruses (contaminant) which comes from the the monkeys used in manufacturing the polio vaccines.  He found that through expression, these viruses were missing a specific gene that induces immune responses from the host (human body).   Dr. Martin has reported to have found the Simian-CMV originated stealth virus in those suffering from chronic fatigue and in autistic children.

Dr. Howard B Urnovitz's work supports the following concepts:

  • Our bodies have a genetic memory of foreign substances it encounters, including vaccines.
  • There is a limit on how much foreign material our bodies can handle before damage occurs progressing into chronic illness.
  • Each person has their own unique genetic blueprint which responds to foreign substances differently.

His work strongly implicates that vaccines cause genetic alterations.  Our raw genetic material clearly appears to be prone to change by environmental influences brought about by toxic chemicals and vaccines.

I have found, via the FDA website the current Human Genome Project which in which every chromosome in our genes can be identified and located.   What I've just recently also found is that this technique fuses human and rat cell in tissue cultures.  Basically, the forming of both human and rat cells into one, creating human-rodent somatic cells which contain  combined human and rat chromosomes.   Essentially, hybridizing of the rodent and human species.  This enables scientists to label protein-expressing genes to individual human chromosomes.   I have to wonder if vaccines, undoubtedly contaminated and made with various human, and animal and non-human cells/DNA, can have the same effect on the human body.

Many vaccines are manufactured with the use of "immortal cell lines".  They are cancerous types of cells having no limit to their dividing process.  The most commonly used is that of the aborted fetal cell tissue.  Study shows that these can hybridize with their own.  There is also concern that these cell lines are easily contaminated with pathogens and spread cancer (mutation-promoting) material to humans.

Recombinant vaccines use genetic engineering methods in the manufacturing process.  These techniques are of great concern because of the unknown interaction of the vaccine and human proteins/DNA.  The FDA acknowledges this concern because of the mutations that take place which allows for cancers to thrive.

In a letter to the Editor of Science Magazine, October, 1967, Joshua Lederberg, Dept of Genetics, Stanford University School of Medicine, warned about live-virus vaccines:

"In point of fact we (are practicing) biological engineering on a rather large scaled by use of live viruses in mass immunization campaigns...Crude virus preparations, such as some in common use at the present time, are also vulnerable to frightful mishaps of contamination and misidentification."

Bernice, Eddy....the first person to find the SV40 cancer causing virus in the Polio vaccines also tried to warn the NIH that if the Polio vaccine was not discontinued, there would be a rise in cancer as never seen before.  Other scientistis have continued the research into the sv40 virus.

Questioning the possible effects of vaccines causing adverse genetic changes may be considered the "black hole" by some researchers.   It is questioned as to whether or not we have the technology and or time to to prove the relationship.  Studies done in Africa, England, Sweden and New Zealand consistently show the mass incidence of allergic problems (i.e. asthma, eczema) with increasing patterns of illness among fully vaccinated children.  Are these patterns of deteriorating health accompanied by corresponding genetic changes?