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“Prayer is asking, and the answer to prayer is receiving.” —Dr. Rice

John R. Rice       John Richard Rice was born in Cooke County, Texas, on December 11, 1895, the son of William H. and Sallie Elizabeth La Prade Rice. Educated at Decatur Baptist College and Baylor University, he did graduate work at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and the University of Chicago.

On September 27, 1921, he was married to Lloys McClure Cooke. Six daughters were born of that union, all of whom, with their husbands, went on to labor in full-time Christian service.

Although Dr. Rice served as pastor of Baptist churches in Dallas and Shamrock, Texas--in addition to starting about a dozen others from his successful independent crusades—his primary work was as an evangelist. He was a friend and peer of Billy and Ma Sunday, Bob Jones, Sr., W. B. Riley, Homer Rodeheaver, H. A. Ironside, Robert G. Lee, Harry Rimmer and other leaders of that era. He himself held huge citywide crusades in Chicago, Cleveland, Buffalo, Seattle and numerous other key metropolitan centers.

Called "The 20th Century's Mightiest Pen," Dr. Rice authored more than 200 books and booklets circulating in excess of 60 million copies before his death, about a dozen of which were translated into at least 35 foreign languages. His sermon booklet, "What Must I Do to Be Saved?" has been distributed in over 32 million copies in English alone, 8.5 million in Japanese and nearly 2 million in Spanish. In 1934 he launched THE SWORD OF THE LORD, which, by the time of his death, had become the largest independent religious weekly in the world, with subscribers in every state of the Union and more than 100 foreign countries. Thousands of preachers read it regularly, and it undoubtedly had the greatest impact upon the fundamentalist movement of any publication in the 20th century.

In 1959, Dr. Rice started the Voice of Revival, a 30-minute radio broadcast heard on 69 stations in 29 states, Puerto Rico and the Philippine Islands. He died in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on December 29, 1980.

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“Present-Day Wickedness, Apostasy and Modern Civilization Cannot Prevent Revival” —Evangelist John R. Rice

“Everybody that goes to hell gets exactly what he deserves. He walks up to the ticket window and pays his own fare to Hell, in wages! But everybody that goes to heaven rides on a free pass.” —Dr. John R. Rice in When Skeletons Come Out of Closets (MP3 Audio sermon)

Check out this old handbill advertisement below from one of Dr. Rice's evangelistic crusades. Dr. Rice moved from Dallas, Texas, to Wheaton, Illinois, in 1940 so this meeting took place before 1940.

SOURCE: http://www.wheaton.edu/bgc/archives/rice.htm

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“There is no record of any person in Bible times who was ever told to wait, or mourn, or weep over his sins before trusting Jesus and being saved!” —Dr. John R. Rice