Ye Worship Ye Know Not What

By David J. Stewart

John 4:22a, “Ye worship ye know not what.”

In John chapter 4, Jesus told the Samaritan woman that she didn't know what she worshipped. This is so true of many people today. Tragically, most of the people in this world worship a false god, in a false way, trusting in a false gospel. They are hellbound in their sins in darkness.

A lot of people arrogantly think they are doing the right thing, because someone told them so; but they are as wrong as can be. Humans have a tendency to do as they please and then look for reasons to justify the wrong decisions they made. So in an attempt to make themselves feel better they surround them self with people who pat them on the back, encourage their wickedness and tell them they did the right thing; but God cannot be fooled. Their day of judgment is coming, and God will not be swayed by a multitude of excuses.

In Matthew 7:21-23 we find a group of righteous hypocrites, who professed to know Christ, and did charitable acts during their lifetime; but they all went to Hell to burn. Matthew 7:22-23, "Many will say to Me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Thy name? and in Thy name have cast out devils? and in Thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from Me, ye that work iniquity." There is little doubt that these religious hypocrites were praised by men for their wonderful works. Yet Jesus called them “workers of iniquity.” If all you have is religion, then you're in big trouble.

So many religious people today worship Mary instead of Jesus; yet they hypocritically deny such a claim, while chanting “Hail Mary!” 53-times in every Rosary they recite. They are fools without eyes to see nor ears to hear the Spirit of God. They worship they know not what.

Muslims worship Allah, who according to the Qur'an has no son. Islam denies that Jesus is the Christ, which according to 1st John 2:22 makes them LIARS and ANTICHRISTS. Allah is a myth. Muslims claim that “Allah” simply means god; but their god is not my God. I serve the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I serve the God of the Bible. I serve the Lord Jesus Christ, Who came to this earth as God in the flesh. Jesus is the Son of God, the promised Messiah, the Lamb of God Who taketh away the sin of the world. That is the God Whom I serve.

Most Jews today still reject their King, nailing Him afresh to a cross in their own wicked hearts, denying that Jesus is the Messiah. Judaism is of the Devil. They worship they know not what.

New Age philosophy is everywhere today, teaching that god is a mere energy force that sustains all life. New Age teaches that man has the potential to become as gods through enlightenment. The concept of sin is not tolerated in New Age; but rather, a belief in karma is embraced, which leaves off any belief in the Lake of Fire (Hell) as taught in the Scriptures. Wicca witchcraft, Freemasonry, Kundalini Yoga, Ying Yang, spiritism, earth worship, the Bahá'í Faith and many other religions today are rooted in New Age doctrines. They worship they know not what.

Perhaps the most woeful idolatry of all is America's Celebrity Worship Syndrome [CWS]. Tens-of-millions of Americans are infatuated with musical singers, Hollywood entertainers and glamorous celebrities. It is evil. The crowds cheer loudly for every sort of entertainer these days; but God is forgotten. God wants somebody to cheer for Jesus. I detest every time I see a group of thousands of people clapping, cheering and praising the wicked who spit on God.

All these idiots in the music industry, who refuse to wear clothes, act worse than animals, and profane God in Heaven, don't deserve any praise. Yet Godless Americans buy their albums, make them rich and worship the ground they walk on. It's sickening. Most who profess faith in God are idolaters, who care not about genuinely serving God. They worship they know not what. They sing God Bless America while simultaneously praising homosexuals, abortionists, feminists, idolaters and Christ-rejecting blasphemers. They worship they know not what.

I judge no one. I am simply praising my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and taking a stand for Him as He commanded. Psalm 94:16, “Who will rise up for Me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for Me against the workers of iniquity?”

Most people scoff and laugh at my website (ministry), scorning me in their wicked mind. God is on my side, because I am on God's side. They won't be laughing on Judgment Day. I am not perfect, certainly, but I come a whole lot closer to being right by preaching against evil than this wicked generation does by remaining silent. The average so-called church today is more resemblant of a morgue. I have seen people smirk and look scornfully upon me because of my work for the Lord. I have received thousands-upon-thousands of hateful e-mails. Satan has opened the floodgates of Hell and attacked me in every manner. I have many enemies because of my soul-winning work for Christ. I am despised and rejected for my Lord. I am persecuted, just like Jeremiah, and Stephen, and Paul and Jesus. So be it if it pleases the Lord God!

I make no apologies for speaking the truth. God is with me and I can do all things through Christ Who strengtheneth me. I know the omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient God Whom I worship—JESUS CHRIST!

Would Jesus say to you, “Ye Worship Ye Know Not What.”

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