Mark Dice On William Schnoebelen

By David J. Stewart | August 2014

       Is William Schnoebelen a reliable authority on the Illuminati, occult, Mormonism, Catholicism, Freemasonry, Wicca and witchcraft? (he claims to have been a high level member of all of these demonic groups). Is Schnoebelen a legitimate author? Not according to investigative author and professed Christian, Mark Dice, who states in his book “THE ILLUMINATI: FACTS & FICTION”...

“Now, this author (Mark Dice) certainly has an open mind. Many things that I now know as indisputable facts, I would have considered exaggerations or paranoid delusions in the past before I had seen enough evidence that came from reliable sources.  While it is certainly possible that Schnoebelen was a Satanist and high level Freemason, or even a member of the Illuminati, one has to see his claims of becoming a vampire as completely 100% fraudulent, and his claims of having sex with a fallen angel as highly suspicious and unlikely. ...

While large portions of his lecture Exposing the Illuminati from Within are based on historic facts and philosophies, which Schnoebelen then mixes with his own fantasies and distortions, his Interview with an Ex-Vampire begins with a series of absurdities which even the most gullible and uneducated person should see as fictitious. The interview starts with him recounting numerous supposed experiences from his past as he studied the occult, all of which get more absurd than the next. He begins with tales of haunted houses and ghosts throwing silverware in the kitchen, and later claims that a friend of his disappeared before his eyes in a magic circle during an occult ritual performed in a garage and never returned.

One can't help but see a pathetic old man telling ghost stories as if they had actually happened to him, or a delusional schizophrenic who was once so absorbed with such stories, that now his mind can't distinguish them from reality. There is also an eerie look of joy and excitement on his face when he tells his stories, probably from his own amusement that his audience is listening to him as if his fantastic tales were real, but instead the man is a walking, talking fictional novel.

While a completely honest and well meaning person may unknowingly exaggerate or inaccurately convey details from personal experiences from their past, Schnoebelen's claims far exceed any standard of objectivity or credibility and upon even the brief examination found here it should be clear that he is not an authentic Illuminati defector and is a complete fraud.”

SOURCE: Mark Dice, “THE ILLUMINATI: FACTS & FICTION”; page 167,169; copyright 2009 by Mark Dice and The Resistance.

I certainly agree with Mark Dice that Schnoebelen makes some VERY absurd claims which discredit him. Check out this website that reveals some of Schnoebelen's insane stories. Here's a quote from the werewolf website...

The next story is told with plenty of revolting detail; he claims a woman came to him trying to get support after a divorce with her werewolf/airline pilot husband. He raped her while in werewolf form, Schnoebelen claims, and she had scars to prove it, as well as a (deformed?) child to prove it. The next story was one I mentioned in the post, but my favorite of all time, is when Bill recounts the tale of a Samoan Mormon Elder who transforms halfway into a “were-orangutan” in his passionate protest against the Christians who were preaching in a park, against the Mormon doctrine. My favorite, because it shows Bill’s blatant racism and prejudice, not to mention the best example of his lunacy. Oh, and that the last transformation scene in The Howling… was real. If you haven’t seen the interview, and are in need of a good laugh, –or if you enjoy Art Bell’s AM radio show, you’ll love Schnoebelen’s interview.

SOURCE: Bill Schnoebelen Talks About His Werewolf Friends | Werewolves

Superstitious Zionist Jack Chick is a big promoter of William Schnoebelen's numerous available books. The purpose of my website ministry is to wake up Christians and provide as accurate and truthful information as possible. I have to agree with Mark Dice that Schnoebelen appears to be an intellectual fraud. I wouldn't say he's a complete fraud, as many of the things he says are legitimate claims. However, there is no doubt that Schnoebelen is a nut when he starts talking about literal werewolves raping women. I still share some of Schnoebelen's writings on my website, such as his rebuttal of Freemasonry, because it is good information.

Be alert and take Schnoebelen's writings with a pound of caution. I highly recommend Mark Dice's 415 page book, which I am holding in my lap, titled “THE ILLUMINATI: FACTS & FICTION” (Available on Amazon and also in Kindle format). The book analyzes hundreds of authors, eyewitnesses, books, cards, purported Illuminati texts, media and films, telling you who's fake and who's real (according to Mark Dice, but he's really good at discerning).

Please understand that I do not agree with Mark when he bashes the pretribulation Rapture. Kindly, Mark's not as good a theologian as he is an investigative secular author. The Bible teaches that the Rapture will happen BEFORE the 7-year Tribulation period.

It bothers me that Mark doesn't tell anyone how to become a Christian. Anyone who has influence over others has been given that influence as a gift from God and; therefore, becomes accountable to God for what they do with that influence (2nd Corinthians 5:9-11). Amy Grant is the most popular religious singer in American history, yet she shamefully said in an interview that she's a singer and not a preacher and has no interest in converting anybody. “I'm a singer, not a preacher, I'm not looking to convert anybody says Christian rock diva Amy Grant (Los Angeles Times, 5/4/84, pg. 2-c). Ladies and gentlemen, there is an everlasting place of eternal torment and fire, called Hell, where every Christ-rejecting sinner will spend all of eternity in horrific pain and misery. How shall they hear without a preacher?

Mark Dice does a great job exposing the satanic, pedophile-protecting, poop-promoting, Catholic so-called “church.” Mark also exposes Mormons, Scientology and other false religions. I've greatly enjoyed and benefited from watching Mark's hundreds of videos. Mark's really good at what he does. I'd like to see Mark make some videos exposing the false Bible versions today, which are corrupting our evangelical churches. For example: John 3:16 in most “new and improved” Bible versions remove the all-important word “begotten.” The removal of this word is a direct attack on Christ's deity. John 1:12 calls all believers sons of God (i.e., adopted sons of God), but Jesus is the only begotten child of God, meaning, God's literal biological son.

I trust Mark Dice's information and recommend his books and videos, but you need to be aware that he is presently led astray in 2014 concerning the pretribulation Rapture, but hopefully and prayerfully he will research the Scriptures further and come around. Jesus plainly taught that no man knows WHEN He will return. Anything other than a pretribulation Rapture literally enables men to calculate the exact time when Christ will return. Mark 13:32, “But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.” I couldn't explain this truth any simpler than this. The Bible clearly teaches a Rapture, and this catching away of the saints (1st Thessalonians 4:17) will happen BEFORE the 7-year Tribulation period.

I'm Glad Mark Dice Professes To Be A Christian, But Am Leery

I am a bit concerned about Mark Dice's profession of being a Christian. As of August 2014, Mark appears to be following in the money-making footsteps of syndicated radio host Alex Jones, who very vaguely professes to be a Christian without ever specifically defining what it means to be or become a Christian. I've been listening regularly to Alex since 2002 and have never heard him clearly present the Gospel to his millions of listeners, nor have I ever heard him plainly share his own faith in the Gospel. May I say, Satan's greatest weapon is to con people into living the Christian life without ever being born-again!

Mark Dice, like Alex, vaguely claims to be a Christian, but doesn't explain what he means. Since even Satan himself claims to be a Christian (2nd Corinthians 11:13-15), we'd like to know where Alex and Mark stand on the Gospel according to 1st Corinthians 15:1-4. Sadly, by these men remaining silent, it appears that they deliberately desire to remain as vague as can be to increase their marketing base. This is the same horrible thing that all the CCM (contemporary Christian music) singers are doing, that is, claiming to be Christian while remaining extremely shallow, ambiguous and vague concerning the specifics of what they really believe. Consequently, as an example, some of Amy Grant's biggest fans are hellbound Roman Catholics and other apostates! By remaining vague, these apostates in effect are really saying... let our fans all go to Hell!

I am one of Mark Dice's biggest fans, but will be paying close attention to his comments concerning Christianity. Mark's a good guy and I really enjoy watching his daily videos. Mark Dice is “real people.” I'm thankful for Mark's hardwork and highly recommend his books and videos.

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