Why Is An Occult Revival Sweeping the Globe?
By Thomas Horn for Cutting Edge Magazine
RNU News Sr. Reporter


Esoteric festivals with crowds in the tens of thousands are growing in popularity

RNU.com(Raiders News Update) - In the UK, Brighton proudly wears the title these days - Capital of Occulture. This year's Occulture festivities began on July 19th and exhibited bigger than ever venues - sacred music and dance, clairvoyance, psychic and tarot readers, chakra, traditional witchcraft, tattooing, piercing, fetish Satanism, shamanism, transcendent techniques, and lectures favoring paganism from the original Book of Shadows.

Marquee this year was the 'Pleasure Dome" where magicians, sorcerers and witches discussed their trade, including Mogg Morgon, founder of the Golden Dawn Occult Society, Ralph Harvey, a prominent Wiccan High Priest, and Emrys, a Shaman of the Cromlech Covenant.

According to the Occulture Festival's News Page, Mark Ramsden, an accomplished jazz musician with deep interest in the occult was this year's compere. "Old Occulture hands may remember Mark from the infamous Black Friday 2001 - 'a night of dark lascivious delights'" - the website says.


In the U.S., the number of earth-worshipping pagans at the Burning Man Festivals have grown to tens of thousands. People come from Canada, Brazil, Germany, Russia, and 25 other countries to an isolated corner of Black Rock Desert in Nevada, where other Wiccans, Satanists, goddesses, nudists, and a consortium of party-goers converge on the hot Nevada desert for a Labor Day weekend of "glorious Hell on earth."

Recent Burning Man festivals included The Floating World, based on the New Age concept that "Reality is so big we must protect ourselves from it.... Our little worlds, in truth, are ships that float upon a sea," the Chaos Cabaret, a dinner theater devoted to celebrating the two purest forms of chaos: the Maelstrom (a violent, disordered, turbulent state bursting with activity) and the Abyss ( an immeasurable place of the damned), "Motel 666", and "Crucifixion With a Celebrity" where one could purchase a picture of a crucified obese Elvis while eating hamburgers sold by devil-worshippers at the McSatan cafe wearing T-shirts that proudly proclaimed, "Praise The Whore!"

As in the past, this year's clothing-optional Burning Man offers a no-holds-barred "Woodstock" style festival where neo-pagans, wiccans, transvestitie entertainers, curiosity seekers, and old hippies can go to trance, perform rituals, burn sacrifices to deities, fornicate, and otherwise "express" themselves.

The 40-foot-high effigy Burning Man (the "Spirit Cave Man"-- sacred to local Indians and New Agers) will be torched as usual together with just about everything else at the close of the festivity.


The spirit of the occult has existed since the beginning of time. Like an insidious cancer—unseen, patient, deadly—it has grown.  Indications of its presence have been felt occasionally, and confirmations of its actuality have been documented from Brighton to Washington D.C.

As we approach the culmination of the “new order of the ages,” cult experts forecast a continuing revival of such mysticism. While church attendance continues to decline across the United States and Britain, adherents of the occult expand their "services" to meet the desires and mystical interests of a spiritually hungry world. 

New Age expert Judy Vorfeld says, “Dabbling in the realm of the occult is currently stylish.  Even some Christians seem unable to avoid the attraction of this colorful, seductive world.”

She's right. From Burning Man festivals to public school Environmental Education to faddish television good-guys and bad-girls, today’s generation is lapping up as much New Age Occultianity as they can get their hands on. Whether it's comic book heroes that teach youth the dangerous Persephonian idea that a person can be in league with the devil and still be a good person, or the syncretistic goals of the Occulture Festival and Burning Man, the glowing fire of pagan revival can no longer be denied.


From a Biblical point of view, powerful and ancient entities are behind the revival of paganism. In the air above and the earth beneath are nefarious progenitors of esoteric mysticism. “Demons” to some and “gods” to others, such forces have numerous titles. They can appear in hideous forms or as beautiful angels of light. They are the “wicked spirits” (poneria: the collective body of demon soldiers comprising Satan’s hordes), “rulers of darkness” (kosmokrators: governing spirits of darkness), “powers” (exousia: high ranking powers of evil), and “principalities” (arche: commanding generals over Satan’s fallen army) of Ephesians 6:12. As the "gods and goddesses" of the underworld, they live today and encourage mysticism among pagans, witches, New Agers and even church-goers in at least the following ways:

By whatever names they may otherwise be called, the underworld spirits elevated in the Burning Man and Occulture festivals are gathering the combined efforts of the kingdom of Satan toward a conspiracy of apocalyptic proportions. As a consequence, we are experiencing an unprecedented pagan revival at a time when the United States and Britain are considered the most advanced economic and technological powers in the world.

Where will the revival of paganism lead? 

Billy Graham says, “Lucifer, our archenemy, controls one of the most powerful and well-oiled war machines in the universe. He controls principalities, powers, and dominions.  Every nation, city, village, and individual has felt the hot breath of his evil power.  He is already gathering the nations of the world for the last great battle in the war against Christ—Armageddon.”

Many pagans would disagree with Graham, saying they reject the idea of personal evil spirits such as Satan and his angels. The concepts of Hell and a future Great Judgment are also disregarded. But the reality of Hell and the doom of Satan's followers is described in the Bible. The "old gods" of the underworld will be destroyed by Yahweh. "The Lord will be terrible unto them: for he will famish all the gods of the earth" (Zeph. 2:11). "The Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, saith; Behold, I will punish...the gods" (Jer. 46:25). Yahweh will also punish the leader of the gods, that old serpent, called the Devil, and his human followers. In Isaiah we read:

Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast. For, behold, the Lord cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain. In that day the Lord with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish Leviathan the piercing serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea. (Isa. 26:20-27:1)

However futile, the pagan gods will retaliate, and a war of indescribable intensity will occur. This is the war mentioned by Graham. It will be fought on land and sea, in the heavens above, and in the earth below, in the physical and spiritual worlds. It will include "Michael and his angels [fighting] against the dragon; and the dragon [fighting] and his angels" (Rev. 12:7). According to the Bible, last days pagans will join the battle, calling upon "idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and wood" (Rev. 9:20) to summon "the spirits of devils working miracles, which go forth unto the Kings of the earth...to gather them to the battle of that great day...[to] a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon" (Rev. 16:13-14; 16). There, in the valley of Megiddo, the omnipotent Christ will utterly repel the forces of darkness and destroy the pagan armies. Blood will flow like rivers, and the fowl of the air will "eat the flesh of the mighty, and drink the blood of the princes of the earth." 

Between now and then, Christian's have the same opportunity to preach the same Gospel that caused the Oracle at Delphi to surrender in 362 A.D. 

To the physician of the Emperor Julian, the Byzantine ruler who tried to restore paganism after Christianity had become the official religion of the Byzantine Empire, the god Apollo sent message: "Tell the King," said the oracle, "that the curiously built temple has fallen to the ground, that bright Apollo no longer has a roof over his head, or prophetic laurel, or babbling spring. Yes, even the murmuring water has dried up."

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