Links Exposing Mormonism
1. Russian "The Visitors"
Two young Mormon missionaries learn the truth about their religion. Filled with documented facts. Powerful!
2. The Visitors
Two young Mormon missionaries learn the truth about their religion. Filled with documented facts. Powerful!
3. Read "Answers to my Mormon Friends" online
Mormonism stands or falls on the story of Joseph Smith. Which was he... a prophet of God or a fraud? This book provides those facts, examining Smith's personal life, the doctrines he created, and much more.
4. "Answers to my Mormon Friends" - Chapter 1
The Mormon Scriptures
5. "Answers to my Mormon Friends" - Chapter 2
Mormon Salvation
6. "Answers to my Mormon Friends" - Chapter 3
The Book of Mormon and Church Doctrine
7. "Answers to my Mormon Friends" - Chapter 4
Joseph Smith
8. The Secret World of Mormonism (Video)
The Mormon church looks Christian, sounds Christian, and identifies itself with the virtues of family values, patriotism and wholesome living. But when you have finished watching this video you will understand one thing very clearly...Mormons expect to gain entrance into the "celestial" kingdom by a means very different.
9. Answers to my Mormon Friends - by Thomas F. Heinze
This well-researched book exposes serious problems with the doctrines founder Joseph Smith created, as well as facts you need to know about his abilities as a translator.
10. Be Prepared - by Thomas F. Heinze
This little booklet gives quick answers, with Scripture references, that meet the challenges of Catholicism, Mormonism, and Jehovah's Witness head on.
11. Mormons gaining respect but history still weird
BC Article - Recent DNA tests refute a key teaching of the Book of Mormon.
12. Mormon professor threatened for telling the truth.
His crime? Exposing errors in the Book of Mormon.
13. Would you trust Satan's brother for your salvation?
BC Article - This is one of the false doctrines taught by the Mormon church.
14. Olympic games open the flood gates for Mormon missionaries
BC Article - The major public relations gains they scored during the games will open doors for their missionaries everywhere. Christians need to be ready with answers for Mormons now!
15. Mormons maneuvering to appear more Christian
BC Article - But they don't believe in the same Jesus that Christians do. Here are the surprising facts.
16. Book of Mormon written through a 'peep stone' in a hat
BC Article - It appears that Joseph Smith's "translating instrument" was the same tool that got him convicted of fraud.
17. Mormon myths exposed by their own literature
BC Article - Did you know that the Book of Mormon fails to teach their basic doctrine of how to become gods?
18. Mormon teaching: there is nothing more pagan
BC Article - If you are a Christian who has always wondered what Mormons teach, this list will shock you!
19. Mormonism - how did it all begin?
BC Article - Historical beginnings of this cult.
20. Witnessing to Mormons
BC Article - Basic suggestions on how to show Mormons that their church is not what it claims to be, and that it cannot save them.