Marriott Hotel Chain Owned by Mormon Cult!

Christians should not do business with a cult!

"And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them." -Ephesians 5:11

Mormons (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)

Photo to Right: A Mormon apron with the occult eye of Horus, located in the Salt Lake City Mormon temple.  Mormonism is highly Masonic, and a Satanic organization.

The Mormons are one of the most successful and prosperous cults of all time. The cult currently owns large pieces of land in Utah, Hawaii and Canada, along with owning the Marriott Hotel chain, Beneficial Life Assurance Company along with many television and radio stations. The cult was started in New York State by a farm worker in the 1820's named Joseph Smith. Mr. Smith was driven to action after he claimed to have been visited by a vision of God and by an angel called Moroni who revealed the whereabouts of buried golden plates to him.

The Book of Mormons is based on these very same magical golden plates. The cult later moved to Salt Lake City where it enjoys a very prosperous existence, partially based on the necessary 10% tithing for all members. Members, whom wear special undergarments with sacred markings upon them and have coded handshakes.

Mormons are Deceivers!

If you go to their official website, on the page titled "Who is Jesus Christ?," you will discover that they believe much of what the Bible teaches concerning Jesus Christ, EXCEPT HIS DEITY.  Deceitfully, they don't state this fact.  Mormons deny the Biblical teaching that Jesus Christ is Almighty God.  Since Mormons don't address the issue of Christ's deity, an unsuspecting person would likely be deceived by the cult.  Don't be fooled friend, the Word of God proclaims that Jesus is God Almighty.  How could Jesus be God's only begotten Son, and yet not be God?  It is impossible!  Also, Mormons deceitfully claim to believe that Jesus was born of a virgin; BUT, they clearly believe that the Mormon God Elohim had Sex with Mary to conceive Jesus.  Mormons are tricky and deceptive.  Praise God, there's nothing that the Christian needs to hide.  Mormons have to continually hide the dark side of their religion from the naive public.  They don't believe in Christ's deity.  They deceitfully claim to believe in the Godhead; BUT, they only believe that Jesus is "a god," not God Almighty.  Jesus clearly declared that He and the Father were ONE (John 10:30, 1st John 5:7).

The Bible Verses Mormonism Concerning the Person of Christ

Traditional Christianity accepts the revelation of Jesus Christ as presented in the Holy Bible. The Mormon church considers the Bible to have been changed by corrupt Catholic priests, is missing many parts that were originally included and additions have been made that were not originally included. This denigration of the Bible was first advanced by the founder of the Mormon church, Joseph Smith, Jr. Therefore, the claim by the Mormon church that the Bible is one of their sources of scripture, and is authoritative, is false.

The Mormon church believes in the Jesus Christ that is presented in the Book of Mormon and various other sources such as the Doctrine and Covenants, Journal of Discourses and the Pearl of Great Price.

As a result, there is a difference between what is taught in the Bible about Jesus Christ and what is presented in the Mormon sources. Even a cursory comparison of the Biblical Jesus Christ and the Mormon Jesus Christ will reveal that, although the names are the same, the two persons are not the same, and their identity, accomplishments and reason for being are completely different in the two systems of belief.

A few of these differences are as follows:

The Biblical Jesus Christ exists as co-equal with the Father from eternity past.
The Mormon Jesus Christ is a spirit child of the heavenly father and one of his wives and his physical body was a result of a sexual union of the heavenly father and Mary who is one of the spirit children of the heavenly father. So the heavenly father had an incestuous relationship with one of his own daughters in order to produce the temporal (physical) body of Jesus Christ into which his spirit entered.


The Biblical Jesus Christ is part of the trinity of the Godhead, co-equal with the Father and the Holy Spirit, three persons in one Godhead.
The Mormon Jesus Christ is a god, separate from the father.

The Biblical Jesus Christ came to earth to die on a Cross to save sinners, because Salvation as revealed in the New Testament of the Bible, is the rescue from judgment by God for sins committed and involves a reconciliation to God by means of faith, confession of sin, repentance, and accepting the work of Jesus Christ on the cross as the only means of becoming right with God.
The Mormon Jesus Christ died to provide a guarantee of resurrection after death, but He cannot save sinners, because Mormons save themselves by their good works.

These are core doctrinal differences and define only a few of the reasons why the Mormon church is not "Christian" from a Biblical standpoint. Mormons may call themselves Christians, but it is important to note that the term used is "Christian" by the Mormon definition, and not by means of identifying with the Jesus Christ revealed in the Bible. -SOURCE

Mormons Pervert the Virgin Birth of Jesus

It may come as a shock to Christians who read this page that the Mormons have a teaching, going back to the time of their second President, Brigham Young, stating that God the Father came down to earth and had sexual relations with the Virgin Mary. Many Mormons today tend to deny this was ever really an official teaching of their church, but the writings of Brigham Young, and others, refute this. How any Christian could envisage that such a teaching on the Holy and Immaculate Virgin Mother of God could even be proposed, let alone believed, indicates that Mormonism worships a different 'God' from the One True God of Christianity.

I have spoken to missionaries who have openly admitted to me that sexual intercourse between the Father and Mary was involved in the conception of Jesus. l was also given to understand that this is an official teaching of the Church. One missionary told me that even though Mary had sex with God the Father she was still a virgin after the event because she had sex with an immortal man rather than a mortal man. (So if you are knocked down by a train, are you not really dead, because the train is not mortal? Just wondering.)

I ask Mormon readers of this page to check out what Bruce R. McConkie wrote in Mormon Doctrine under ''ONLY BEGOTTEN SON'', (see pages 546-547).

Please see the following references from LDS sources as evidence that many General Authorities from the Church did indeed subscribe to this view.

There is ample evidence to show that Brigham Young, the Second President of the LDS church, most certainly claimed he knew how the conception of Jesus occurred. in the Journal of Discourses, Brigham Young made the following statements (emphasis mine):

In the above statements there can be absolutely no doubt that Brigham Young believed and taught that Heavenly Father came down from Heaven and appeared on earth with a body of flesh and bones and had sexual intercourse with Mary in order to produce the body of Jesus.

If Mormons reject these teachings as being part of their beliefs, a few other questions are in order:

It should be clear at this point that the early Mormons taught the truly shocking doctrine that God the Father (or at least, their 'God the Father') had sex with the Virgin Mary. Surely this is irrefutable proof that Mormons cannot be termed 'Christians' as they worship a different 'God' from Christians. It is not acceptable for Mormon missionaries to now state the doctrine was never taught, when it clearly was. It is time for Mormon missionaries, and Mormons in general, to face up to the fact that here is one more doctrine that the Mormon religion is only too anxious to forget. -SOURCE

Baptismal Regeneration Heresy!

Mormons teach Baptismal regeneration (i.e., that one's sins are forgiven through being Baptized).  This is a damnable heresy.  Please read What is Biblical Baptism for a clear understanding of baptism.