This is Shiite Islam!

This is Shiite Islam!

Child Cutting (Tiq Zani)

Child Cutting!
Fine Art of Cutting Child's Head via Dagger by very civilized
Muslim Mothers, so the child can be blessed by Imam


Lobaik Lobaik!
Allah Loving Parent, wisely cutting the child's head with a sharp razor blade, Shiite style! Ain't Shiite Islam Great?! Love them Shiites! Allah is Merciful!




Anxious Child!
Look at child's face, so eager to be cut on the head by his educated, knowledgeable and civilized mother! What will happen to these children in the future? They will grow up to be some fine Fanatical Suicide Bombers, thats what will happen to them!

Shiite Parenthood!
Look at that child's face, he cannot wait for his head to be parted in
two! This is Model Islamic Parenting by Model Shiite Muslims from
India! I can see the love of Allah in this baby's eyes, Can't you?
Mahdi already reserved him a tent in heaven!


Baby Cutting!
Very Educated and Wise Shiite Muslim Parents in Iraq are
cutting apart their baby's head in two, so the baby will be
blessed on Ashura by Imam Hussein! Islam, the Religion
of Peace!


Come here boy!
Daddy: Come here boy, take it like a man, you will be blessed by Imam! Come on, shed some blood boy!
Baby: Help, please help me, save me from these maniacs! Daddy, how come Ayatollahs don't cut their heads open?!



    How animals treat their Children
How Shiite Muslims treat their Children
A Lebanese Shiite Muslim holds his terrified son as the man on the right ritually slashes his head with a razor during Ashura. The blood will be spread by hitting the wound.


Worshipping the Dead (Morde Parasti)

Worship of the Dead
An important Shiite tradition is worship of the dead. Iranian Shiites tend to worship the murderers of their ancestors: Ali (right) and Hussein (left), Holy Saints of Shiites! Iranian Shiites created 12 Imams out of these Arab murderers!

Shiite Sites
Holy Shiite Graves of Imams are pilgrimage points for world Shiites. They circle the fenced grave a few times, kiss the fence, cry some, ask for miracles, beg for mercy, and plead for health. The fence around the grave is often made of gold.


Ya Hussein Ya Hussein
A young lamb of Allah is
raising Hussein's picture in
Ashura! The lamb is even
dressed to recreate the
events of Ashura in a
religious play!

Shrine Kissing!
The Shiite Tradition of Shrine Kissing and Step Kissing in
India. Shiites kiss the steps of the Manbar (tribune), where
the Mullahs preach on top of them!


Shrine Making
Another Shiite Tradition is shrine making, which is much closer to pagan totem worship than to Real Islam which is Sunni Islam!



Raising Hussein!
The Shiite Cattle are raising Hussein's portrait while
banging on their heads for his loss!


Fainting and Collapsing (Qash Zani)

Faint Wave!
People pass out during the self horrors of Ashura
and then other people pass them above the heads to
the corner, kind of like the Wave in Alternative Rock
Concerts, yet The Faint Wave!


Carry The Collapsed!
To carry the collapsed and dehydrated during the ceremonies is a tradition in the Faint Collapsing
episodes of Ashura!


"When you meet the unbelievers in the Jihad, strike off their heads and, when you have laid them low, bind your captives firmly. Then grant them their freedom or take ransom from them, until War shall lay down her burdens."
(Quran: Muhammad: 47 - 4)

Dagger Banging (Qame Zani)
Dagger Banging!
Boy, look at them heads split open to be blessed by Imam!
Specific Ayatollah's orders!


My Blood is Thicker!
Abdol: Look Yadollah, my blood is thicker! I'm a better Muslim, maybe I'll get 73 Virgins in Heaven!


Ya Hussein!
Lamb of Allah: Ya Hussein, let me suffer instead of you,
let me Martyr and volunteer for Martyrdom, Ya Seyed ol
Shohada, do you hear me?


The Kiss After!
Akbar: Give me a kiss Asqar, you really cut that head wide open! What brave man you are! Afterlife, you will go straight to Hussein in Heavens. Ya Hussein ........



Cattle on the Loose!
For 30 years the Baath Party kept Iraqi Shiites on the
leash. But as soon as the Americans gave them their
freedom the first thing the Shiites did was go straight to
Karbala for an orgy of Mass Pilgrimage, Mass Self
Mutilation, Mass Bleeding and Mass Barbarism! Cattle
need to be leashed!


Thank Allah!
Thank Allah I am a civilized, spiritually enlightened Shiite Muslim!


Ali Ali Hussein Hussein!
Ya Ali, Ya Hussein ........


After Dagger Banging!
Some fine Young Shiite Cattle of the Lebanese kind, after Dagger Banging on Ashura!



Ya Hussein I Feel it!
Ya Hussein, I feel your pain, let it bleed, Ya Hussein ..........



This is America!


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