Globalism is Behind Marxist Subversion

...and The War On Terrorism


By Henry Makow, Ph.D.

How would you explain the following?

Communism has been discredited in both Russia and China, yet the Communist Party slogan, "politically correct," has become part of the vernacular in the United States.

The Rockefeller Foundation funded all of:

1. The site of the United Nations headquarters in NYC.

2. The Pacific Institute, a Soviet-infiltrated think tank that influenced U.S. acceptance of Communist China in the 1940's.

3. The invention of the contraceptive pill, and the IUD.

4. The father of modern "sexual liberation," Dr. Alfred Kinsey, a gay pederast and pornographer.

5. Marxism and lesbianism, disguised as feminism (and equal rights for women which I support), has been unleashed on America like a deadly virus.

Marxists control education and the social services and use their position to destroy Judeo Christian values. They have vast influence in justice and the media. The heterosexual family is besieged: Between 1960 and 1998, the percentage of single-parent families have tripled, and one third of all American children live apart from their fathers. The national birthrate is down by 50%. Homosexuality is taught in elementary schools. In the media, promiscuity and pornography are sold as a substitute for marital fulfillment.

I have been searching for a political paradigm to explain why the "establishment" has allowed all of the above. My search has lead me to so-called conspiracy theories. I was surprised to discover that, generally speaking, there is only one conspiracy theory, and it is pretty credible:

The world is run by a super-rich elite. Far from being a threat, Marxism (i.e. Communism, now disguised as feminism) is actually subsidized and used by the super-rich to weaken and destabilize the West. The plan, bizarre as it sounds, is to formalize elite control of the world in the United Nations.

Through Rockefeller fronts like the Council for Foreign Relations, international banks, secret societies, and intelligence agencies, the super-rich have been laying this plan since the League of Nations. Most of our political leaders have been in on it, which may explain why the world is in such rough shape.

The best summary of this outlook is William F. Jasper's Global Tyranny...Step by Step: The United Nations and the Emerging New World Order. It is published by the John Birch Society.

As a former Leftist, I never imagined I would ever recommend anything by the John Birch Society. Beginning in my teen years, I marched for Negro Civil Rights, protested the Vietnam War, spent $50,000 fighting Free Trade (NAFTA) and sponsored a small pro-Sandinista newsletter. In my mind, the John Birch Society was always "a fanatical Right-wing group." I was brainwashed by the Liberal-Marxist media, and given a set of beliefs that made me, and millions like me dysfunctional.

It will take more research to substantiate this new political paradigm. Here are some of the directions I will follow.

The Birchers say the super-rich use Marxism to maintain economic monopoly and social control. By setting up Soviet Russia, they eliminated potent capitalist rivals. At the same time, they created a dangerous political rival that galvanized Americans and required huge military expenditures.

Today, they use the Marxist virus (feminism) to instill group-think, foster homosexual dysfunction and to take the upbringing of children away from heterosexual families. They hand power and position their members on the Feminist Party and their allies. Self-righteous and self-deluded, Liberals, Marxists and even some Conservatives are instruments of a super-rich totalitarian elite. Journalists, professors, politicians and businessmen, they are the new Communist Party, preying on the people.

The Birchers say the "downfall of Communism" in Russia is mostly cosmetic. The Communist elite has simply sloughed off the unworkable burden of Marxist dogma and grabbed Russia's wealth for themselves. Now they don't even pretend to share it. Under KGB operative Putin, the "nomenclatura" will play its familiar role in the New World Order.

At its formation, the acting Secretary General of the United Nations, Alger Hiss, was actually a Soviet agent. Another was Harry Hopkins, FDR's closest advisor. Hopkins spoke of "a New Deal for the world," "a worldwide leveling and redistribution of wealth," and a new "democratic world order."

The Birchers say the UN is a Marxist organization devoted to serving the world's elite. It usurps our democratic rights by passing laws which supercede Congress. Its true face can be seen in the anti Semitic spectacle of the Durban Conference, its lesbian anti-family declarations, its complicity in the slaughter of Africans, and its role in Kosovo and other globalist actions. Its sisters, the IMF and the World Bank regularly bankroll brutal Marxist dictatorships.

When I became a Conservative, I was in favor of globalism because I thought it represented healthy capitalism. I was opposed to the protesters in Seattle etc. and cheered for the police. Now I wonder if I should join the demonstrators. If Marxism is indeed a tool for elite control, old distinctions of Left and Right no longer apply. The only distinction is between democracy and global dictatorship.

Which brings me to the current "War on Terror." I'd like to see Osama bin Laden and Sadam Hussein destroyed. But I have a feeling that their crime partly consists in threatening the New World Order. I suspect that terrorism is being used to galvanize the US population in the interests of a hidden agenda. "The Report from Iron Mountain on the Possibility and Desirability of Peace" an elite document leaked in 1967 talks about the need to find "a political substitute for war" in order to control the social agenda. The environment, health and poverty were all considered and found wanting. "It is more probable in our opinion," they opined, "that such a threat will have to be invented..." (Jasper, 131)

With the "downfall" of Communism, a new threat, "the war on terror" apparently has been found. I have a hunch that elements in the US intelligence establishment were aware of the attack planned for Sept. 11. It bears too great a similarity to other outrageous attacks like the sinking of the USS Maine (1898), the Lusitania (1915) Pearl Harbor (1941) all used to mobilize the public for war. The WTC attack also resembles the recent Oklahoma City bombing (1995) which seems designed to discredit militias who oppose globalism.

I cheer the troops as much as anyone. I appreciate the Al Queda is a real danger. But I wonder if the hidden agenda is to convince us that we need the New World Order, totalitarian elite world government, to protect us from terrorism.

The Bush Administration continues to support feminist and "multi cultural" programs. The latest example: it supports the provision of US government services in foreign languages despite the fact that the Supreme Court has ruled it unnecessary. This further undermines national cohesion.

Patriotism is a worthy emotion. Unfortunately, it can be used against us. I'm afraid that some day people who defend cherished American values of democracy, individual freedom, equal opportunity and self reliance will be labeled "terrorists".

The signs of subversion and tyranny are everywhere. Americans are in the elite globalist cross-hairs. Our sexual identities, families and morals are being assaulted. Oklahoma City and Sept. 11 may be examples of the lengths to which the elites will go. Sincere people on both Left and Right must join to expose the New World Order.

Happy New Year.

Henry Makow, is the inventor of the board game Scruples. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. He welcomes your feedback and ideas. Visit his web-site.