Modern Charismatic Speaking-in-Tongues Not Even Found in Bible

By David J. Stewart


       The demonic type of speaking-in-tongues initiated by evil men in cults today are not taught anywhere in the Scriptures. The gift of tongues taught in the Bible had certain key characteristics:

  1. Biblical tongues ALWAYS happened for the purpose of getting lost sinners saved.
  2. Biblical tongues were ALWAYS initiated by God and not men.
  3. Biblical tongues ALWAYS involved known, earthly, established languages; and not the unknown jibber-jabber done today.

As you can see, there are striking major differences between Biblical tongues verses Charismatic tongues. The fraud of contemporary tongues are demonic. God's power is not for sale, display or exploitation. Anytime money is involved, God is not. Most of the religious indoctrination that we see today all over the internet, radio and TV are intended to rake in more dollars. They've all got something for sake: books, DVD's, seminars, et cetera. It's sickening!

There are other popular false teachings today, demonic doctrines, that are synonymous with the evil of speaking-in-tongues; namely, faith healing and the heresy that salvation can be lost. These 3 demonic doctrines always go together. If a person believes one of these heresies, it is highly likely that they believe the other 2 as well. Satan is the father of the faith healing movement, who act like fools when they fall on the floor, jerk their heads back 'n' forth, shout like insane folks, bark like dogs... all allegedly in Jesus' name. They are fakes and frauds! The Charismatic Movement is all about money, money, money!

And let me say, those who falsely claim to be non-denominational are Charismatics if they believe in faith-healing, speaking-in-tongues and losing salvation.

Also, women preachers are notorious in Charismatic circles. The Bible forbids women from usurping authority over men, period. There are no exceptions. This is the will of God. 1st Timothy 2:12, "But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence." A woman who enters the pastorate is automatically a false prophet. She is disobeying God. If women we're banned from teaching in the Charismatic Movement, the cult would disband overnight.

Women nearly ALWAYS teach heresy and false doctrines. The fact that they are disobeying God by pastoring, usurping authority over men, shows that they have total disregard for what is right. Thus, women pastors are generally corrupt in their doctrines. Many women pastors claim of having seen visions or having received private revelations from God. Of course, they are liars. The Bible says that God never gives any private revelations to anybody (2nd Peter 1:20). I only teach people the Bible. Jesus commanded us to SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES in John 5:39. When someone starts speaking about a prophet or prophetess who has allegedly seen visions or has received private revelations from God, then I know I am dealing with a Satanic cult.

Hebrews 1:1-2 says that God speaks to us today through Jesus Christ, i.e., the Word of God (John 1:1-3,14; Revelation 19:13). Jesus is the living Word. The Bible is the written Word. John 1:14 teaches that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us as the Son of God. Please don't believe some fruitcake who claims to have seen visions from God. That is Satanism.

Speaking-in-tongues as done today in Pentecostal circles is similarly practiced in African pagan religions and voodoo. The gift of tongues in the Bible simply involved lost sinners hearing the gospel translated into their own language by a miracle of God. That's all it was. When Peter spoke at Pentecost, every man HEARD in his own native tongue. Peter only preached in one language, but the people HEARD in their own language.

So actually they were hearing-in-tongues at Pentecost. Sixteen known, earthly languages are listed in Acts 2:9-11. This is vastly different from the crazy mumbo-jumbo uttered in Charismatic and Assemblies of God groups today. Also, there are many non-denominational groups that have fallen into this demonic practice. They attempt to hide their Charismatic roots by claiming to be non-denominational, but they are Charismatic in their doctrines.

Again, all Charismatics believe 3 major false doctrines:

You've probably never heard the things I just taught you, but now you know. Biblical tongues was always initiated by God. It was not a form of entertainment initiated by evil men to make a buck or as a form of cheap entertainment, which is what it has become today.

And by the way, I've never met a more arrogant and malicious group of heretics than the Charismatic crowd. They love to go around condemning sick people, saying that a person could be healed if they had enough faith. What a rotten thing to tell a sick person! It's been documented by the newsmedia at Benny Hinn crusades that all the sick people in wheelchairs are kept in the back of the auditorium. They're not allowed anywhere near the platform to see pastor “Benny.” There's not one legitimate medically documented case of someone being healed at a Benny Hinn crusade. They're all a bunch of greedy fakes.

James 5:15 teaches that the prayer of faith shall heal the sick. God does heal the sick today if it is His will, but it is in a still and quiet manner at God's choosing in response to prayer. Divine healing is not a power available at the whim of some greedy televangelist who exploits Christianity to get filthy rich. God is not for sale.

The purpose of all the gifts mentioned in the Bible were solely for soul-winning. God hates the evil of tongues which are being done in religious groups today in Jesus' name. It's all demonic. It's all a bunch of nonsense. Any spirit that is not the Holy Spirit is a familiar spirit, i.e., a demonic spirit. Charismatic speaking-in-tongues is a sham. There is no such activity found in the Bible.

Many so-called churches have become entertainment centers, where everything has been spectacularized in order to draw carnal people into their cult. Speaking-in-tongues is of the Devil. If the Biblical gift of tongues were to happen today, God would initiate it, and it would be in a known earthly language and it would be solely for the purpose of getting someone saved.

This is not what Charismatics are doing nowadays. They act like crazy people, uttering unknown jibber-jabber and falsely attribute it to God. No one is saved. It is initiated by men, and not God. There were 3,000 people saved at Pentecost (Acts 2:41). The event was intended to get people saved, period. The purpose behind everything today is to make money. Although false prophets will deny this claim, the fact that they beg for so much money proves them to be evil liars and greedy dogs.

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