4- "The Greatest Masonic Duty..." & Media

                  In conclusion, I would like to say the following: The greatest humanistic and Masonic duty is to adhere to positive science and reasoning, to adopt the thought that positive science is the best and only way for evolution and spread this belief among people, and educate public in the light of positive sciences. 

                  Dr. Selami Isindag - A Senior Freemason
Some magazines like Scientific American, Nature, Focus and National Geographic are "respected" publications in the west on biological and natural issues that employ evolution theory as their official theory and propagandize it as a proved fact.  
The information revealed in the previous pages, evidently indicate that the theory of evolution has almost become the official ideology of the secular world order and each and every ideology of this order - be it rightist or leftist - is directly based on evolution. That is why the theory of evolution is intensively propagated all over the world and imposed on societies despite the contradictions and absurdity it inherits. 

In other words, the ones that support the groundless theory of evolution and promote it as a proved fact are the "social forces" that find the existence of this theory essential for their socio-political existence. The term "social forces" in this sense include a wide variety of groups like fascists, Marxists, capitalists and racists. 

However, among these groups there is a particular "center of force" who acknowledge the socio-political importance of the evolution more than anyone else, and therefore conceive the popularity of evolution not solely as a necessity but as the "greatest duty". This center of force was quite committed to build the New Secular Order and maintain the continuity of it and its derivatives- for instance Marxism, fascism etc.- Moreover, it possesses an extremely hierarchical and disciplined interior structure; consequently this force in question has the necessary equipment to maintain the social control. 

We are, of course, talking about Freemasonry; one of the wings of the organisation that established the New Secular Order, known to adore itself to the war waged against religion and achieved to receive considerable support from the elite classes in "remarkable" countries of the world. 

We stressed the war waged against religion by Free-masonry and the weight given to evolution in the preceding chapters. We stressed some important points of the systematic struggle made by Freemasonry against religion, religious authority and thought throughout the history. 

Yet, it would be wrong to perceive them just as a sole knowledge of history since the organisation is still active today and continues insistently  with  the war it has engaged. No doubt, revival of religion all over the world -in the words of French writer Gilles Keppel "The Revenge of God"- is the beginning of the collapse of Freemasonry. Yet, this situation does not passivize the organisation; on the contrary, it causes them to become more aggressive. The organization is determined to maintain the leadership status in the long war against God  both  in politics and philosophy. 

The publications of today’s mason lodges are full of texts about the history of the struggle made against religion. These texts always carry the  tone of determination about the necessity to continue this war. For instance in one of the Turkish Mason Lodge’s text with the title "What can be achieved with today’s Mason Lodges", the following message is given: 

Today, we have brothers holding positions at all levels of management, carrying out important responsibilities. They are all responsible to fulfill their duties within the framework of  masonic values. When we think about the dogmas that surround us and our institutions under attack- even by those who were educated in these institutions- we should believe  that there is no limit to what we can achieve. If we do not do our best in the social and political fields that we are in with the power we have, we would not be behaving in a way that would be proper with our glorious history. Today’s masons have to be as determined and committed as their preceding brothers to carry out their services to Free-masonry. 
Briefly, the war has to continue as it did in the past. Especially those brothers having influence on the socio-and political dimensions of life have to be very sensitive about this goal. 

In this war Darwinism has a distinctive place. Mimar Sinan journal published by "Turkish Great Freemasonry Lodge" discloses the success achieved in spreading the theory. Yet, the desired result has not been achieved yet. 

Today, the only valid scientific theory accepted both by most civilised countries and underdeveloped ones remains to be Darwinism. However, neither the church nor other religions have collapsed yet. "The legend of Adam and Eve" is still being taught as religious teachings in holy books. 
Consequently one of the main goals of today’s masons is to abolish what they call the "legend" of Adam and Eve. In other words, they try to indoctrinate the societies the assumption modern humans are the products of a blind natural process that has no goal and cares nothing for them. This is solely the denial of Creation. The only possible way to reject Creation was to make Darwinism widespread. This goal was achieved in science and evolution became the basic paradigm of modern biology. However the requisite of creation is the collapse of church and other religions", was rejection of  creation. 

In brief, one of the important missions of Freemasonry today, is to make evolution be accepted by societies and thus abolish religion completely. This is the best long-term precaution taken against the "revival" of religion. 

How will Freemasonry succeed it? 

No doubt, we should not expect such a "social brain-washing process" to be conducted by Freemasons openly. Such a practice is totally against the organisation’s traditional method. A Mason from Turkish Freemasonry lodge, Halil Mülküs explains this method: 

Freemasonry does not execute anything on its behalf. Freemasonry shows the way to individuals. Individuals sharing masonic views and masons contributing to the developing of new ideas practice their professions at various levels. They exert influence on universities, they are rectors, they are professors, they are statesmen, they are ministers, doctors, lawyers, etc. They all impose the masonic views on the societies in the institutions they have presence in. 

Media and Social Brain-Washing

Before discussing media as a tool of indoctrinating evolutionist views to the society, it would be beneficial to explain the general function of media. Under the slogan "news = life", media claims to reflect what is happening in the real life. According to this, media becomes our eyes and ears that perceive the outer world for us. Therefore, just as how we trust our own ears and eyes, we should trust media. 

Yet the facts are otherwise. Media’s main function is in fact not to convey what is actually occurring in the real world but to shape our minds about the outer world in a particular way. "News = life" is, in one sense, true; we are demanded to know the outer world by seeing what is introduced to us as "news". 

Famous American linguist and political scientist Noam Chomsky made the most detailed study about this function of the media in his Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies. In this work, he reveals how media became a tool in controlling the thought process of societies. 

Noam Chomsky first states that the democracy in his country is a totally different system from what we define as "democracy". According to him, the system is actually a hidden and invisible type of totalitarianism since the system obviously functions based on the "consent" of the public, yet this "consent" is being formed as a result of the brain-washing process generated by some "tools". 

Chomsky also gives striking examples about the invisible totalitarianism -which can also be called "democratic totalitarianism". These examples indicate that the ones in charge of American policy efficiently use media. In other words, when they decide to make a foreign intervention, they first take advantage of the irresistible magic of media in preparing the public opinion about this subject. The target the American leaders want to attack -be it Saddam, Noriega, Islamist groups, Sandinists etc.- are first presented as "evils" to the public. In order to achieve this, different type of propaganda methods or psychological techniques are used efficiently. Consequently, the public applauds the invasion of a foreign country by the American soldiers. The public give their consent to these policies formulated by the governments, yet this consent is established by political bodies. For this reason, Chomsky defines this sophisticated mechanism of totalitarianism as "manufacturing consent". 

One of the most striking examples of this method took place during the period of President Woodrow Wilson. This example referred to as "the first modern government propaganda operation" by Chomsky, can simply be outlined as convincing the public to give consent to their country to go to war in the First World War. During the early years of the First World War, majority of the American public was determined not to take part in the war. However, it was in the interests of centers of power having profound influence over the government to take part in the war. Therefore, a commission called Creel Commission was established to conduct propaganda on behalf of the government. This commission accomplished to turn this passive public in only  6 months into a hysteric type of public demonstrating a strong willingness to destroy German nation, to go to war and save the whole world. As a consequence of this propaganda USA went to war. 

A prominent theorician of this totalitarian technique is Walter Lippmann, one of the most famous columnists of USA. Lippmann is one of the founder members of Council on Foreign Relations which is an important unofficial institution on foreign policy of USA. He puts forth all his efforts to develop the best systems to control societies by elites without having any problems. For this reason, according to Chomsky, Lippmann is the "architect of the theory of ‘manufacturing consent’, - to make public approve even undesired decisions under the influence of new propaganda techniques. Lippmann argues that governing a state should be performed only by a "special intelligent group of people that is able to assume responsibility and the public should be absolutely kept away from decision-making mechanisms". According to him, public is a solely "stupid flock" and the function of this "stupid flock" is not to participate in the administration process, but to remain as an obedient follower of the decisions. Chomsky stresses that this totalitarian approach of Lippmann is also very similar to Lenninist theory. 

Today in USA, the current policy represents a system based on what Lippmann refers to as "manufacturing consent". 

No doubt, this situation indicates a fact about the current democracies represented by USA and the other Western countries: In these countries, "sovereignty" is not in the hands of the societies but seized evidently by the power controlling the thought process of the public. 

Media, in this context, is one of the important tools used to control the thought process. Of course all media can not be categorized in this way. Yet, "the giants of media" present in almost all countries today are in this category. That is because in some cases, despite their overt opposition to governments, they have in fact intimate relations with the power being in charge of the "government". 

At this point, we should seriosly think about what media imposes on the public. If media, just as Chomsky states, is used as a "thought controlling mechanism", then the question of what kind of methods are used to control our thought process should constitute a serious subject to think about. 

Chomsky extensively talks about brainwashing methods used by media on political matters. Nevertheless, "control over thoughts" is not only limited to political issues since, the centers of power holding control over the Western world, not only represent the political system, but also the view of the world supporting this particular system. This power in question abolished the religious authority and came into power with an anti-religious outlook. Seizing  the power can only continue if anti-religious views are generally accepted  by the society. General acceptance of religious views and seeing it as the only legitimate source of conduct is totally unacceptable by the current system. For this reason, the current power of West symbolized by Freemasonry regard religion as the biggest threat to the established system. 

Consequently, it is inevitable for the media to be used against religion as the most efficient tool for controlling the thought processes in Western societies. The most efficient long-term method of making war against religion is to make the society adopt theory of evolution. This is also evident from one and a half century's experience. 

Media and Evolution 

Today when the media in the West is scrutinized, we frequently come across with news pertaining to Darwin’s theory of evolution. Prominent and "respected" periodicals and popular media continuosly promote the theory. The style used always carries the tone of an absolute and proved theory that leaves no room for discussion. The most frequently used slogan is, "the "lost ring" of the evolution chain is finally discovered". Especially, in such cases a skull "uncovered" in a remote part of the world becomes a striking evidence for the "ape-like ancestors" of man. 

People who know nothing about theory of evolution, naturally perceive these news as absolutely true laws. The theory asserting that living-organisms came into existence casually, is thought to be a law accepted by everyone believing in science. 

Such news made by media giants are conveyed to the public through local newspapers in almost every country. The style is often a classical one that is common to almost all newspapers: "According to Time, an important fossil fulfilling the gap in the evolution chain is uncovered", or "According to Newsweek, scientists enlightened us about the unexplained points of evolution". Such sentences always become headlines. It is interesting that they all aim to make societies accept evolution as a proved fact. Yet, what is told to be a proved fact and evidence are the false evidences explained in the previous chapters. 

Besides media, the same picture is observed in scientific resources, encyclopedias and biology books. Almost all of these sources introduce evolution as an absolute fact. 

In brief, media that is under the control of secular forces and academic sources completely maintain an evolutionist point of view and accordingly influence the public. This influence is so strong that in time, it turned the theory into a taboo. Denying the theory of evolution, is presented as contradiction to science and rejection of concrete facts. For this reason, especially since 1950s, despite the fact that many unexplained points of theory of evolution were disclosed and they were overtly proclaimed by evolutionist scientists, today scientific publications and press organs say not a word criticising the theory. 

Douglas Dewar, a former evolutionist, concluded in his detailed research on Indian birds that species can not transform into each other. He, also, explains the strong relation between evolution and media: 

Only, a minority of people could conceive why it is important for evolutionists to have control over media. Today you see not many articles in journals opposing evolution. Furthermore, most of the religious journals are controlled by modernists accepting the "ape-like ancestors" story ... In general terms, editors of all newspapers, perceive evolution as a proved fact and call those rejecting evolution to be ignorant and crazy. Journals are published by evolutionists who avoid to publish an article even if it slightly criticizes evolution ... Publishing houses do not publish a book opposing a popular theory since it will attract objections from various sections of the society. 

Even if the writer pays for the publication, they assume that the company will lose credit. Therefore people are informed just from one point of view. A normal person, assume that theory of evolution is a proven fact. 

In Turkey, however,  this mission is carried out by prominent "scientific" publications like Bilim Teknik (Science & Technique) and Focus. These publications  find the slightest objection to the theory unacceptable. By this way, the hoax of evolution is imposed to the public. 

Especially in Turkey, prominent newspapers like Milliyet, Hürriyet, Sabah and Cumhuriyet and their affiliated publications periodically make the propagation of evolution. 

Under the name of "cultural services", these newspapers also support the publication of books about evolution. For instance, Darwin: For New Beginners, published by publication house of Milliyet praises Darwin and assaults religion. The book introduces the Darwinian point of view as a proved fact and calls  those who criticize it as 'ignorant' and 'stupid'. A small section from the book is as follows: 

Charles Darwin was able to explain the development of species when he was 30. He merged the theories of "coincidental change" with "struggle for life" and brought an explanation totally opposing the role of God. 
In 1859, the theory was met with universal acceptance despite its doubtful nature. There were also those opposing the theory. They were basically ignorant people that knew nothing about science. Clergymen spread some rumors about Darwin telling that he is the most dangerous man in Europe. The ones against the theory were not only the clergymen. Scientists believing in traditional creation were also not accepting the theory. 
The style used in this section is typical of the traditional masonic "Enlightenment" style used to attack religion. It is evident from these words that media in Turkey does not neglect to fulfil the greatest Masonic duty! 

The members of the masonic media in Turkey are also "ignorant". They mostly know very little about what they propagate. An article in Cumhuriyet dated March 28th 1985 with the topic "Dinçerler denies fossils dated 25 thousand years" is a good example. Cumhuriyet (The Republic), a newspaper in Turkey known to be a fervent supporter of evolution wrote in an article about a report distributed to schools by former Minister of Education Vehbi Dinçerler: "Fossiles known to be Java, Peking, Piltdown and Nebraska man -modern anthropologies’ most important evidences regarding the evolution of man- are called to be scientific frauds by the Ministry of Education". Yet, as we have examined in the previous sections of the book, it is an established fact that Piltdown and Nebraska men are all frauds. In 1950s, it was understood that the fossil called the Piltdown man was ‘produced’ by adding a monkey jaw to a human skull. Yet Cumhuriyet knew nothing about this fact which was proved 30 years ago. 

In fact this is not strange since "facts" have never been important for evolution. What is important is to ' give life' to the Darwinian legend despite speculations made about it. 

The propaganda spread by media is not limited only to newspapers; televisions  and radio channels also make an important contribution to the evolution propaganda. In Turkey the programme "The Fourth Dimension" was a striking example of how the propaganda of evolution is conducted through television channels. The program repeated the same scenarios about evolution for four weeks and conducted a brain-washing process with the pride of fulfilling the greatest 'Masonic Duty'. 

Beneath the Veneer of Science

Evolutionist very well take advantage of the brain-washing programs provided by media. The majority of the people are almost thoroughly convinced of the validity of the theory. Therefore questions like "how" and "why" about the theory are never raised by the public which makes it maintain its credibility. 

For instance even in the most "scientific" books about evolution, the stage of "transition from water to land" - one of the unexplainable points of evolution- is given in such simplicity that they do not prove to be believable even for children.  According to evolution, life began in water and the first developed animals on earth were fish. According to the story- one day fish species developed the ability to climb out of water and moved on land! The theory continues that fish which chose to live on land had foot instead of fins and lungs instead of gills! 

In most  of the books about evolution, nobody  explains "why" transition occurred. Even in the most "scientific" sources, writers suddenly jump to conclusions like "and transition from water to land occurred" without providing a satisfactory answer regarding how the process worked. 

Yet, how did this transformation occur? It is obvious that a fish can not survive out of water for more than one or two minutes. If, we assume that a drought really existed as claimed by evolutionists, and fish were, for some reason, drawn to lands then what would happen to fish even if this process lasts for ten millions of years? The answer is straight: Fish leaving the water would inevitably die in a few moments. Even if this process lasted for ten millions of years, the answer would still be the same; All fish would die one by one. Nobody would dare to say: "May be after 4 million years some  of  the fish suddenly acquired lungs while they were trying to survive. This would no doubt be an illogical assertion! 

However that is what evolutionist exactly claim: "The transition from water to land", " transition from land to air" and millions of other so-called "transitions" are explained by nonsense assertions. The question of how ears, eyes and other complex organs came into existence are never mentioned by evolutionists. 

Nevertheless it is quite easy to heavily influence ignorant people with just calling these lies to be "scientific": The only thing to do is to draw imaginary pictures representing the "transition from water to land" and to coin and give Latin names to the "grandson" living on land and the "intermediary creature" -which is in most  of the cases an imaginary animals-. Then comes the time to tell the lie: "Eusthenopteron, transformed into Rhipitistion Crossopterygian, and then to Ichthyostega after a long process of evolution". If these words are told by a serious-looking "scientist" with black framed glasses, the assertions become absolutely convincing on the majority of people. The media heralds this great invention (!) to millions of people all over the world, fulfilling its Masonic duty with a great excitement. For  most of the people who have no other opinion other than the one dictated by media, this " strong evidence" becomes a highly satisfactory one. 

Another type of lie are the "reconstruction" drawings made by evolutionists. When we take a look at evolutionist publications we find half human-half ape creatures, pictured in their family circles. 
For instance the fossil shown as the skull of Australopithecus (Ardepithecus) is in fact the fossil of a Homo Erectus discovered in Koobi Fora in 1975. 

These creatures having stooping posture, hairy bodies and: half-ape half human faces were drawn by evolutionists based on the fossils alleged  to be found. 

However these drawings are not reliable since a fossil can only give information pertaining to the structure of bones. A scientist can never estimate how hairy a body is based on its fossil. In the same way, such fossils do not reveal any information about nose, ears, lips and hair. However evolutionists especially emphasize the half human- half ape noses, ears and lips in their illustrations. 

This is the way for evolutionists to draw imaginary transition forms actually. 

Evolutionists even draw different types of faces for a single skull. Australopithecus robustus (zinjanthropus) is a well-known example for such illustrations; it has three reconstruction drawings totally different from each other. As mentioned in the first chapter of the book, the imaginary Nebraska man who is drawn in his family circle is an example of the boundaries of the imagination of evolutionists. 


Apart from imaginary illustrations there is an indirect way of making evolution propaganda. Stories told for decades about "aliens" are typical of such propaganda. 

You can come across with hundreds of films, thousands of book s and ten thousands of news on media regarding "aliens". Up until now no concrete information was gathered about the existence of such creatures. Yet the legend  of "aliens" are insistently injected to the minds of people. 

One of the most important messages of the propaganda made about "aliens" are their appearances. The illustrations always depict aliens with fantastic bodies; some have a single eye, some have three heads and antennas. There are also those aliens in these depictions that are like octopuses or look like a disgusting ball of meat. 

When one makes a careful evolution of the propaganda, he would easily see that the illustrations made about aliens indoctrinate the idea of evolution into the minds of people. That is because what "aliens" represent! Some living things which has evolved casually under different conditions of a planet in a remote part of the world. These creatures had gone through a different evolution process under different casual conditions and ended up in totally different bodies. 

News about UFO which are nothing but fantasies have been very popular both in the  western and local media for decades probably because of the interest people  show to mysterious issues. However the reason why media especially and insistently allocates considerable space to "aliens" can not be explained with the sole interest of public in mysterious issues. That is because Jinns (or demons) which are also metaphysical creatures referred in the Holy Books have also a "mysterious nature" for human beings. Yet they are mostly not preferred as a theme for films, news or articles. It is always the aliens that are kept on the agenda. The existence of Jinns  always brings mind the Creation since we know their existence from Holy Books only. Aliens, on the other hand, have  a certain attachment to evolution. 

There are many other evolutionary messages indirectly given by the stories of aliens. Therefore it is easy to understand the underlying reasons of efforts given by evolutionist scientists who try to prove the existence of  "aliens". Their efforts, however, consist of just engaging in speculations since they can not base their arguments on evidence. 

On the other hand, it is interesting that humanist messages are given through some films and books about "aliens". Humanist ideology which foresees that human beings are not created by a Creator, is the basic message of the scenarios about " the struggle people make against invader ‘aliens’"! 

All the direct and indirect propaganda techniques of evolutionists - be it imaginary schemes, reconstructions , stories about UFO etc.,- are becoming popular by the propaganda engaged in by these "scientists". People adhere to scientists assuming that they are the authorities in this subject and they have the best of knowledge about it! 

Nevertheless the "scientists" in question generate such lies and invent all other so-called evidences of evolution, do it with the pride of fulfilling  a "sacred duty". 

That is because they are the believers of a "Darwinist Religion". 

SOURCE: http://www.harunyahya.com/evolution_introduction.php (Note: I do not endorse the Muslim religion, but the information published here is very truthful concerning the evils of evolution. —David J. Stewart)

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