Hilo Tsunami Caused by Nuclear Bomb!

Nuclear Tsunamis邑eapons of Mass Destruction Revealed At Last!!

by Leon Kilkenny | Last updated on Feb. 22, 2005

"No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper" (Isaiah 54:17).

While the world suffers real pain; the men in the Pentagon drink champagne!!

"Like a war zone"....Some of the devastation from a nuclear tsunami that hit Indonesia on Dec. 26, 2004, killing almost 300,000 people!!

  Pentagon strikes again . . . in Iran . . ..with another nuclear "earthquake" . . . Special report from the BBC.

Check the U.S. Geological survey daily for Pentagon nuclear activity.

March 28, 8.7 magnitude earthquake in Sumatra Trench produces no tsunami!!...joevialls.co.uk.

The Pentagon is POISONING Iraq and Afghanistan with depleted uranium!!

Pentagon has more than 10,000 nukes in its deadly arsenal!!

The Pentagon has more than 10,000 deadly nukes in its arsenal. Each hydrogen bomb is 50 times more powerful than the atomic bomb that fell on Hiroshima, Japan in 1945.

One such bomb strategically placed could devastate a country the size of England. Hitler had the H-bomb in 1945 and the Pentagon took Hitler's H-bomb to the U.S. and tested it in Alaska on April 1, 1946.

Theoretically, the Pentagon 9 megaton W-53 thermonuclear warhead shown on the left, could easily be encased in a small 'lookalike' saturation diving chamber similar to that on the right, to protect it from the massive 10,000 pounds per square inch pressures at the bottom of the Sumatran Trench. The whole armored package would weigh less than five tons, allowing it to be slipped over the stern of any oil rig supply vessel, of which there are more than 300 in Asia alone. Who would even notice?

Deadly hydrogen bomb is a nuke within a nuke!!

  The hydrogen or thermonuclear bomb is just a nuke within a nuke. In other words, it uses fission and billions of degrees in a conventional atomic bomb (primary) to trigger a chain reaction (fusion) in another bomb (secondary) in order to create a nuclear explosion. A third or tertiary stage can be added yielding up to 20 million tons of TNT!!

Dr. Edward Teller said that the limit on these monsters was 100 million tons of TNT!!

The first H-bombs produced in Nazi Germany were huge devices and needed special refrigeration devices (cryogenics) to keep the liquid deuterium below 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

A submarine was the ideal delivery method at that time but the sub would be blown up in the explosion too.

First test of an atomic bomb took place at Port Chicago on July 17, 1944!!

The world's first atomic explosion took place at Port Chicago just north of San Francisco on July 17, 1944. This was a test of the gun-assembly uranium bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan on July 6, 1945.

The atomic test was carried out using the smokescreen of conventional explosives. Hundreds of black sailors were loading ammunition ships in the harbor bound for the Pacific war. The explosion destroyed everything within 1/2 mile and actually caused a tidal wave. The Pentagon said that the ammunition on the ships caught fire and caused the explosion. This was pure fiction as there was no fire preceding the sudden explosion.

Hydrogen bomb principles were well know in 1944!!

The principles of the hydrogen bomb were well know in 1944....Compared to the destructive force of a hydrogen bomb an atomic bomb is a TOY....Hitler was not playing games and his scientists were focused on building and delivering H-bombs.

According to Dr. James B. Conant, President of Harvard University and scientific adviser to General Groves, the U.S. Super bomb was very close to development in 1944:

Dr. James B. Conant (1893-1978). President of Harvard University and scientific adviser to General Groves.

  "By various methods that seem quite possible of development within six months after the first bomb is perfected, it should be possible to increase the efficiency ... in which case the same amount of material would yield something like 24,000 Tons TNT equivalent. Further developments along this same line hold a possibility of producing a single bomb with such amounts of materials and such efficiencies as to run this figure up to several hundred thousand Tons TNT equivalent, or even perhaps a million Tons TNT equivalent... All these possibilities reside only in perfecting the efficiency of the use of elements "25"[U235] and "49"[Pu239]. You will thus see that a considerable "super" bomb is in the offing quite apart from the use of other nuclear reactions."(Bush-Conant Letter on the Super Bomb, National Archives).

This letter was written by Dr. Conant to Vannevar Bush on Oct. 20, 1944!!

First "earthquake" and tsunami of 20th century was in Alaska on April 1, 1946!!

On April 1, 1946, a massive "earthquake" and tsunami hit the Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska:

"One of the most destructive Pacific-wide tsunamis was generated by a magnitude 7.8 earthquake near Unimak Island in Alaska's Aleutian Island Chain. A huge wave of 35 meters destroyed completely the U.S. Coast Guard's Scotch Cap lighthouse on Unimak and killed all five of its occupants. The lighthouse was a steel-reinforced concrete structure standing about 30 meters above sea level. Without warning, destructive tsunami waves reached the Hawaiian Islands, five hours later, causing considerable damage and loss of life. The waves completely obliterated Hilo's waterfront on the island of Hawaii, killing 159 people there. Altogether a total 165 people lost their lives from this tsunami, including children attending school at Hawaii's Laupahoehoe Point, where waves reaching up to 8 m destroyed also a hospital. Damage was estimated at $26 million (in 1946 dollars). In 1948, and as a result of this tsunami, the U.S. established a Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii."(Intl. Tsunami Info. Center).

First test of a hydrogen bomb took place in Alaska on April 1, 1946!!

After World War II, Alaska was chosen as the favorite site of the Pentagon for testing nuclear weapons. It was near Russia so the fallout would contaminate Siberia and remote enough from the mainland U.S. to hide the effects of the "shots" or testing. The coordinator of Alaska nuke testing was Dr. Edward Teller葉he so-called "father of the H-bomb:"

Dr. Edward Teller, center (1908-2003), the so-called "father of the H-bomb" visited Alaska frequently. Under the guise of the peaceful use of nukes he tested several H-bombs in Alaska under the code name Project Chariot.

  Teller tested a hydrogen bomb in Alaska on April 1, 1946. The Pentagon controlled world press reported it as an "earthquake" and tsunami.

This hydrogen bomb explosion was triggered by a gun-assembly device similar to the one used on "Little Boy"葉he Hiroshima bomb.

HItler had already perfected it for use against a British or U.S. port.

The device was either a copy of the German bomb or something invented by Teller at Los Alamos.

The destructive power of an H-bomb is unimaginable as demonstrated by the subsequent "earthquake" and tsunami.

The hydrogen bomb was also called the SUPER. Here is a quote from the authoritative U.S. Nuclear Weapons: The Secret History:

"An important early postwar meeting to review the status of the Super was held at Los Alamos between April 17th and April 23rd, 1946. The work to date on thermonuclear processes was reviewed and a specific model of a thermonuclear bomb was presented. The conference centered on the feasibility of this model, which was chosen for amenability to theoretical treatment rather than engineering practicability or efficient use of fissile material and tritium. The purpose of the conference was to study the feasibility of thermonuclear bombs in principle, not to propose designs for actual weapons. An extensive series of computations on the ENIAC of one dimensional burning of tritium and deuterium had been completed by this time. An additional purpose of the meeting was to discuss the computational results and to assess the prospects for the physical realization of a thermonuclear device. Despite the simplified but relatively ambitious nature of the model, the general consensus was that the preliminary results were encouraging (given what was known at the time about the factors of radiation cooling and fuel dispersion). Several comprehensive documents were drafted as the first phase of the thermonuclear development program drew to a close." (Hansen, U.S. Nuclear Weapons: The Secret History, p. 45).

Second explosion of hydrogen bomb took place off the coast of Russia in1952

According to the "experts" Russia did not explode a hydrogen bomb until 1955. Therefore this "earthquake" and tsunami must have been the work of the Pentagon. At that time, the Korean war was going badly for General MacArthur. Here is another quote from the International Tsunami Info. Center:

"On Nov. 4, 1952 a strong earthquake (magnitude 8.2) off the coast of Kamchatka Peninsula generated a great destructive Pacific-wide tsunami. Its waves struck the Kamchatka Peninsula, the Kuril Islands and other areas of Russia's Far East, causing considerable damage and loss of life. The tsunami was widely observed and recorded in Japan, but there was no loss of life or damage there. There was considerable damage in the Hawaiian Islands and some damage in Peru and Chile. The tsunami was recorded or observed throughout the islands of the Pacific. In New Zealand waves reached height of 1m. In Alaska, in the Aleutian Islands and in California waves of up to 1.4 meters were observed or recorded. By far the largest waves outside the generating area were observed in the Hawaiian Islands. Fortunately, no human lives were lost in Hawaii from this tsunami, but damage was extensive, estimates ranging from $800,000- $1,000,000 (in 1952 dollars). The tsunami caused damage on Midway Island. Elsewhere in the Hawaiian island chain, the waves destroyed boats and piers, knocked down telephone lines, and caused extensive beach erosion. In some locations, tsunami waves were destructive in certain locations but hardly noticeable at others. The north shore of the Island of Oahu experienced higher waves of up to 4.5 meters. On the south shore of the island, the tsunami was powerful enough to throw a cement barge in the Honolulu Harbor into a freighter." (Intl. Tsunami Info. Center).

Third explosion of hydrogen bomb took place in Alaska on March 9, 1957

The Pentagon set off a BIG ONE on March 9, 1957 in Alaska. This was probably in connection with Operation Dropshot葉he planned invasion of Russia set for 1958:

"On March 9, 1957, an 8.3 magnitude earthquake south of the Andreanof Islands, in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska - in the same general area as that of April 1, 1946 - generated a Pacific-wide tsunami. Although no lives were lost, there was extensive destruction of property in the Hawaiian Islands, with damage estimated at approximately $5 million (1957 dollars). The waves were particularly high on the north shore of the island of Kauai where they reached a maximum height of 16 meters, flooding the highway and destroying houses and bridges. This was twice the height of the 1946 tsunami. At Hilo, Hawaii, the tsunami runup reached 3.9 m and there was damage to numerous buildings along the waterfront. Within Hilo Bay, Coconut Island was covered by 1 m of water and the bridge connecting it to the shore, as in 1952, was again destroyed. "(Intl. Tsunami Info. Center).

Fourth explosion of hydrogen bomb took place off the coast of Chile in1960

On May 22, 1960, a huge "earthquake" and tsunami occurred off the coast of Chile. The Pentagon was not officially at war with Chile at that time, but the Chilean government might have threatened to expel one of the Rockefeller controlled oil companies. Here is another quote from the International Tsunami Info. Center:

"The largest earthquake (magnitude 9.5) of the 20th century occurred on May 22, 1960 off the coast of south central Chile. It generated a Pacific-wide tsunami, which was destructive locally in Chile and throughout the Pacific Ocean. The tsunami killed an estimated 2,300 people in Chile. There was tremendous loss of life and property in the Hawaiian Islands, in Japan and elsewhere in the Pacific. Destructive waves in Hilo, Hawaii, destroyed the waterfront and killed 61 people. Total damage was estimated at more than $500 million (1960 dollars)."(Intl. Tsunami Info. Center).

Fifth explosion of hydrogen bomb took place in Alaska on March 28, 1964

In 1963, President Kennedy signed the nuclear test ban Treaty which banned nuclear testing in the atmosphere, outer space, and underwater. The Pentagon was FURIOUS. To make matters worse Kennedy banned them from underground testing in Alaska. Here is a quote from Kennedy's Press Secretary, Pierre Salinger:

President John F. Kennedy
(President from 1961 to '63).

  "Of all the press officers who cooperated in this manner, one of the most outstanding was Arthur Sylvester. The Defense Department is a real labyrinth, and for any President or Secretary of Defense to keep on top of everything that is going on there is almost impossible. Sylvester's information to me about proposed activities of the Defense Department proved on occasion to be invaluable. For instance, he once reported to me that a plan was proceeding in the Defense Department to construct some nuclear testing sites for the United States in Alaska. When he gave me this information, the immediate thought came to my mind about the possible action of the Soviet Union to U.S. nuclear testing that close to their borders. I reported the matter to the President, who had never heard of the plan. A call from the President to Secretary of Defense McNamara (who had also not heard of the plan) brought the whole idea to a shuddering stop."(Pierre Salinger, With Kennedy, p. 137)

This banning of the Pentagon from nuclear testing was another reason for them to assassinate the President!!

The largest "earthquake" in the northern hemisphere took place on March 28, 1964, in Alaska. The nuclear test ban Treaty was signed by President Kennedy and went into effect on Oct. 11,1963. This test was a blatant violation of that Treaty....Here is another quote from the International Tsunami Info. Center:

"The largest earthquake of the 20th Century in the northern hemisphere, with a magnitude 8.4, affected an area in Alaska that was almost 1600 km long and more than 300 km wide - extending from Valdez to the Trinity Islands, southwest of Kodiak Island in the Gulf of Alaska. The earthquake caused areas to be lifted by as much as 15 m (50 feet) in certain areas, while many other areas subsided greatly. In addition to many local tsunamis generated within the Prince William Sound, vertical crustal displacements averaging 1.8 m (6 ft.) over an area of about 300,000 square kilometers (115,000 square miles) extending in the Gulf of Alaska's continental shelf, generated a Pacific-wide tsunami. Its waves were very destructive in southeastern Alaska, in Vancouver Island (British Columbia), and in the U.S. States of Washington, California and Hawaii. The tsunami killed more than 120 people and caused more than $106 million in damages, making it the costliest ever to strike the Western United States and Canada. Five of Alaska's seven largest communities were devastated by the combination of earthquake and tsunami wave damage. Alaska's fishing industry and most seaport facilities were virtually destroyed. Tsunami waves at Kodiak Island washed away a total of 158 houses and buildings within two blocks of the waterfront. Fishing boats were carried hundreds of meters inland. The 1964 tsunami waves caused also extensive damage in Vancouver Island (British Columbia), and in the states of Washington, California and Hawaii, in the U.S.. The waves affected the entire California coastline, but were particularly high from Crescent City to Monterey ranging from 2.1 - 6.3 meters (7-21 feet). Hardest hit was Crescent City, California, where waves reaching as much as 6 meters (20-21 feet) destroyed half of the waterfront business district. Eleven persons lost their lives there. At Santa Cruz Harbor, the tsunami waves reached as high as 3.3 meters (11 feet) causing some damage. There was extensive damage in San Francisco Bay, the marinas in Marin County and at the Noyo, Los Angeles and Long Beach harbors. Estimated losses in California were between $1,500,000 and $2,375,000 (1964 dollars), while at Crescent City tsunami damage was estimated at $7,414,000." (Intl. Tsunami Info. Center).

Sixth explosion of hydrogen bomb took place in Indonesia on Dec. 26, 2004

On the day after CHRIST MASS, the Death's Head Jesuit General in the Vatican ordered the Pentagon to temporarily suspend the ecumenical movement and send a Christ MASS present to the Moslems in Indonesia. Traditionally Satan; I mean Santa, is supposed to arrive via AIR....This time he arrived by sea bringing DEATH and Destruction to hundreds of thousands of unbelievers.

  The nuke or nukes were planted by the Pentagon Navy in the Sumatran Trench off the coast of Indonesia.

The TIMING of this event is the clue to Rome's involvement.

All the great Inquisitions of history began around CHRIST MASS time. Charlemagne, the unholy Roman Emperor was crowned on CHRIST MASS Day in the year 800. Soon after, terror came from the sea to the British Isles in the form of Viking longships.

All of the Vatican "holy" years or Jubilees began on Christ Mass Day.

The Soviet Union was officially dissolved by Jesuit Gorbechev on Christ Mass Day 1991.

Hitler had the hydrogen bomb in 1945!!

Hitler's bomb used the gun-assembly uranium trigger to initiate the hydrogen chain reaction. After the British bombed the Nazi heavy water facilities in Norway, Hitler obtained heavy water from the Belgian Congo. He built a hugh underground nuclear weapons facility in Sangerhausen in the eastern part of Germany.

Norsk Hydro in Norway supplied Nazi Germany with the heavy water for the hydrogen bomb until it was bombed by the British in 1943.

  Hitler obtained pure uranium (U-235) from his undercover agents in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and the heavy water isotope deuterium from the Belgium Congo.

The Belgium Congo uranium mines were flooded by the British but a hydroelectric dam on the Congo River was used by the Nazis to produce the heavy water for the hydrogen bomb.

In Jan, 1945, Hitler was ready to deliver an H-bomb via submarine to the port of Liverpool, England.

One bomb could have devastated almost all of Britain!!

Heavy water is not necessary to build an atomic bomb . . . but absolutely essential for a hydrogen bomb!!

Some reactors today use heavy water as a moderator to slow the chain reaction but in the U.S., Enrico Fermi used a graphite pile . . . not heavy water . . . to slow the reaction.

This nuclear reactor was commonly known as the graphite pile reactor. During his research Fermi bombarded the nucleus of an atom with neutrons. During this bombardment, the nucleus of the atom split and nuclear fission reaction occurred. Fermi used the graphite in the reactor to slow down the neutrons enough to react with the nucleus of the reaction. Here is a quote from Critical Assembly:

"Teller pointed out that deuterium would be far cheaper to obtain than U-235 or Pu-239 and that the explosion could be made indefinitely large by increasing the amount of deuterium placed near the fission bomb. From that point on, although Oppenheimer tried to bring the discussion back to the fission bomb, Bethe and others spent much of their time at the meeting arguing with Teller about his Super ideas. Bethe recalls Teller being so preoccupied with the Super that at one point, in a discussion of the Germans' desire for heavy water (as a moderator in the nuclear reactor), "Teller as usual jumped thirty years ahead of time and said, 'Of course they want heavy water to make a Super.'"(Hoddeson, Critical Assembly, p. 45).

Where will the Pentagon strike next with their "earthquakes" and tsunamis???

We don't know how many bombs the Pentagon set off under the ocean but they must have been substantial. Where will the Pentagon strike next with their weapons of mass destruction?Nobody is safe from the those deadly Fatima Crusaders!!

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Editor's Notes

Dr. Edward Teller studied in Germany under the German physicist Dr. Werner Heisenberg葉he real "father of the H-bomb." Teller came to the U.S. in 1935 under a Rockefeller Foundation scholarship:

"Still supported by Rockefeller Foundation grants, Teller went on to spend a year in Britain at the University of London, studying and working under Dr. F. G. Donnan, the noted biochemist. Then, having become widely known in scientific circles through his work on the Rockefeller Foundation, Teller attracted the attention of two U.S. universities. Princeton offered Teller a fellowship; George Washington (in Washington, D.C.) offered him a full professorship. Teller accepted the latter offer, and in 1935, moved to the United States, where he has lived ever since."(Shepley, The Hydrogen Bomb, pp. 43-44).

The Rockefeller Foundation also founded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics in Berlin in Jan. 1938. That was where research on the German H-bomb was carried out.... In case Hitler lost WW II, Rockefeller had a backup plan of using his Pentagon to carry on his fanatical Fatima Crusade against Russia!!

In Dec. 1938, German physicists Hahn and Strassman announced the discovery of fission in uranium. In March 1939, Germany invaded Czechoslovakia in order to control that country's uranium mines. In Sept. 1939, World War II officially began with the invasion of Poland.

Why would Hitler begin a world war over control of uranium and then not make an all out effort to develop the ultimate weapon葉he H-bomb??


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