Eastern Verses Western Cultures

Those Spoiled Americans!

Here are some obvious differences between Eastern and Western cultures. Some might disagree with the generalizations, as in some societies they may not be altogether true:



Live in 'time'
Value rest and relaxation
Passive, accepting
Accept what is
Live in nature (part of nature itself)
Want to know meaning
Freedom of silence
Lapse into meditation
Marry first, then love
Love is silent
Focus on consideration of others' feelings
Learn to do with less material assets
Ideal: love of life
Honour austerity
Wealth or poverty: results of fortune
Cherish wisdom of years
Retire to enjoy the gift of one's family
Live in 'space'
Value activity
Assertive, confronting
Seek change
Live with nature (co-existing with nature)
Want to know how it works
Freedom of speech
Strive for articulation
Love first, then marry
Love is vocal
Focus on self-assuredness, own needs
Attempt to get more of everything
Ideal: being successful
Honour achievement
Wealth or poverty: results of enterprise
Cherish vitality of youth
Retire to enjoy the rewards of one's work

“Ye that love the LORD, hate evil...” —Psalm 97:10