VENOM Is Of The Devil

By David J. Stewart

       Pictured to the right is the album cover of the band VENOM. Notice the inverted Pentagram, which represents the Beast, Satan. Heavy metal is a religion and a law to live by, as taught by Ozzy Osbourne in the lyrics to the song, "YOU CAN'T KILL ROCK 'N' ROLL" (from the "DIARY OF A MADMAN ALBUM," 1981).

The ordinary (point-up) pentagram is the symbol of witches, warlocks and Wiccans in general and which they call “The Great Rite,” whereas the inverted (point-down) pentagram is the symbol of Satanism. The point-down pentacle is also the symbol of Masonry and the Eastern Star.

Heavy metal music is of the Devil, admittedly by all the performers. It is sad that tens-of-millions of Americans listen to this kind of Satanic-worshipping music.

And that's exactly what heavy metal is all about... worshipping Satan, death, destruction, anarchy, and everything unholy and evil. Again, heavy metal is "A RELIGION AND A LAW" to live by, as taught by Ozzy Osbourne in the lyrics to the song, "YOU CAN'T KILL ROCK 'N' ROLL" (from the "DIARY OF A MADMAN ALBUM," 1981). As you will see in the lyrics below, VENOM worships Satan through their music and leads America's youth to worship Satan. ...

Dave Mustaine of MEGADETH (former band member of METALLICA), wearing a VENOM T-shirt

Hail Satanas (from VENOM's album, "FALLEN ANGELS," 2011)

All hail Satanas – Lucifer
He walks among us – Everywhere
The fallen angel – Is the light
His throne of diamonds – The most high

Through the stones of fire
Blameless in your ways
Sing unholy choir
His glorious name – Lucifer/Evil One

All hail Satanas – Diabolus
He stands beside you – One of us
Star of the morning – The son of dawn
A realm of sinners – Fires burn

Through the stones of fire
Blameless in your ways
Sing satanic choirs
His infernal names – Baphomet/Diabolus

Hail Satan
Hail Satan

Commend me father for
I have sinned

Hail Satan
Hail Satan
Hail Satan
Hail Satan!

Dave Mustaine of MEGADETH claims that since he became a born-again Christian in recent years that he no longer will perform concerts with “confessed satanists.” But Mustaine says he still likes to open for some dark bands like SLAYER (because Mustaine says we all have some darkness in us). That's a sinful attitude to have.

Although it is true that we all have the sin-nature from birth (Romans 5:12), that doesn't give anyone God's permission to live in sin “because we all have a little darkness in us,” as he says. Dave Mustaine is dangerous because he has more influence over the world's youth than all the preachers in America combined (I'm not kidding!). MEGADETH has sold over 30,000,000 albums worldwide throughout their career since the band started in 1983. MEGADETH has been nominated 10-times for Grammy Award For Best metal Performance.

Fallen Angels (from VENOM's album of the same title, "FALLEN ANGELS," 2011)

At the dawn when time began
Blink of raven’s eye
Prophecies of the great beast
That God could not deny
Frantic in creations for
A creature called mankind
With the gift of a free will
Let Satan in their mind

Cast from heaven
Damned to hell
In the beginning
Angels fell

With a choice to reign in hell
Or serve in heaven’s law
Angels did not hesitate
To take their chance below
Cherubim & seraphim
United in their quest
Lucifer would lead the way
The one he loved the best
Lies of heaven
Lies of hell
Through the ages
Mankind fell

Dragons rise – Then priests die - Heaven cries

Hell unites - & man fights – Hypnotised

Broken laws – Predators – Satan’s hordes

In hell jaws – Heaven falls – Then no more

Look at the children of Fallen Angels
Free in a world of the Fallen Angels
No more lies – The fallen rise

Heavy Metal music is of the Devil. I know this offends a lot of rockers, but you need to decide who you love more, God or the sinful world. James 4:4 teaches that there is no middle-ground. If you befriend the sinful world, then the Bible calls you God's enemy.

The Freemasons worship the goat-headed Baphomet (pictured below), as their god of enlightenment. 

satanic goatThe Beast sits atop the world. The moons may also suggest that this is the Prince of Darkness. The moon is also an accurate metaphor for Satan, masquerading as a 'source of light'

It can only reflect the true light down upon those living in darkness, and it pales in comparison.

Satan is the god of this sinful world (2nd Corinthians 4:4) and as such demands allegiance from those who desire fame, fortune and power. In Luke 4:6 and 7 Satan said to Jesus... "All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine." Although Jesus declined Satan's offer, wicked men and women have been accepting Satan's offer throughout history, worshipping the Prince of Darkness. It's simple... if you want to be massively successful in this sinful world, then you've got to sell your soul to the Devil. It's no coincidence that our highest politicians are all going around flashing Satanic hand signs. How do you think they got into power?

Ye Must Be Born Again!