Hospice of Florida Suncoast Nurse says, "Terri's family should THANK THEM for killing Terri," and says "don't judge us!"


Hospice Patients Alliance | April 1, 2005

Now we ( www.infowars.com) have an email from a Hospice of the Florida Suncoast nurse who says the nurses and hospice are wonderful for "caring" for Terri and "accepting" her and are just following orders.  She writes, "how dare we judge them..."
Here it is:
Subject:  The Hospice of The Florida Suncoast
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2005 00:34:54 EST
To:  <patientadvocates@hospicepatients.org>  
"I find it most disheartening and appalling that the Schindler family has failed to thank the Hospice of the Florida Suncoast AND  this  link to the hospice alliance. I found it disgusting and offensive to both myself and the other Hospice workers who provide compassionate, end of life care to those in need. I am especially disgusted by the portrayal of Mary Labyak, who, out of compassion, took Terri in when nursing homes would not touch her with a ten foot pole!! Through all these 5 years, Mary has withheld ANY personal opinion of the Schiavo case and instructed her staff to do the same. In other words, show equal compassion for the husband and Terri's side of the family. The staff that cared for Terri at woodside endured cat calls, posters criticizing them, being called "killers", etc yet you quote ONE nurse who stated that her feeding tube should not have been removed. NEVER, was this a Hospice decision. It was made by judges, courts, appeal after endless appeal and even the Supreme Court! I have been a Hospice nurse for over 7 years and never seen such an attack because Hospice chose not to break the law nor ignore court orders. The staff at Woodside AND Mary Labyak showed nothing but compassion for all sides. Now, in appreciation for 5 years of compassionate and loving care for Terri, we are enduring bomb threats, safety issues and police stationed at the the Hospice. How dare any of you judge us. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone".
Comments by Ron Panzer:  Well, we have been over this so many times, but to comment:  How unbelievable this nurse's perspective!  Should the family of the executed criminal thank the government for doing in their loved one?  Should the family thank the "good soldiers" (hospice nurses) who helped to kill their loved one?
Terri Schinder was imprisoned in the hospice for the express purpose of killing her, through passive euthanasia (dehydration death, the omission/"failure" to provide hydration and nutrition).  Nursing homes would have taken Terri if the guardian, Michael Schiavo, had not fired so many of the facilities over the years, and ordered them, as "guardian," to violate physicians' orders requiring rehabilitation, and interfered with the normal process of CARING for patients not killing them through neglect.
The decision to "accept" Terri into the hospice WAS EXACTLY A HOSPICE DECISION made by George Felos, Chairman of the board of the Hospice of the Florida of the Suncoast, also the lawyer for Michael Schiavo who is on the record as seeking legal case precedents to further the "right-to-die" cause, and eagerly not only "accepted" Terri, but railroaded her into a place where death would be hastened at will, not allowed to occur in its own natural timing.  Terri's "acceptance" into hospice was also a decision made by "right-to-die" advocate, Mary Labyak.  If Mary Labyak was NOT a "right-to-die" advocate, she would not have led her hospice in the effort and active participation in state-ordered killing of a NON-terminal patient within hospice,in violation of the very hospice mission.
How dare we judge you?  We do not judge you in the sense of whether you will go to hell or not, we leave that to God, but we do have a right to observe, evaluate and judge your choices, your behavior and the consequences of your choices, behavior and their consequences.  What have you chosen?  You have chosen to work for an agency that is actively working to pervert the hospice mission, that actively sought and did kill a defenseless non-terminal disabled woman.  You did choose to stay working for a hospice found guilty by the US Dept of Justice of bilking Medicare of over 14.8 millions dollars in fraudulent billings.  You choose to stay in a place that has basically spit in the face of Terri's own family, her parents, her brothers and sisters, and done so over and over again, with despicable arrogance.
Led by a heartless, slippery-tongued George Felos, (and if you think he is not influencing the hospice, you are in dreamland!) your hospice has disgraced the hospice industry, all the professionals who would never actively participate in the killing of a defenseless disabled woman.  Using legal expertise to manipulate the courts for the desired result: court-sanctioned, state-sanctioned passive euthanasia.
For five years you have stood there, violating the regulations.  Under federal regulations governing hospice, Terri was entitled, in hospice, to any therapy that would have benefited her.  She was entitled to take in oral foods or thickened liquids in trials with speech therapists that have been willing and ready to help her.
She was entitled to have basic oral care and not have her teeth rot out and have them extracted due to the negligence of the nurses and agency to follow basic standards of care that even the most ignorant nursing professional would know about!
She was entitled under basic standards to have visitors at any time, but you actively participated in the imprisonment of Terri Schindler Schiavo, the denial of visitors, the denial of open interaction with anyone she might want to see, her friends, her family, people who loved her, but who were banned from visiting.  She was denied visits by so many.  
You ask, "how dare you judge us?"  I ask, how dare we NOT judge your evil actions that have led to the intentional death, the murder of one we loved.  We have an obligation to discern the results of your actions.  We have an obligation to see what the fruits of your actions are.  The fruit of your actions is the death of an innocent woman you have never understood.  The fruit of your actions is the bastardization of the caring profession, the health care system, into a place to kill.
Letting a terminal person go, stopping feedings and fluid when a patient cannot handle it, at the very end, active phase of dying is appropriate, and part of the natural process of dying.  But to withhold fluids and nutrition from a woman who was not dying, that was a real step to actively end the life of Terri Schindler Schiavo.
God will judge your soul.   We don't have to.  But we have a right to judge your actions and find them to be evil, not consistent with the basic principles of our nation's Constitution, not consistent with even the most basic of standards of care, not consisten with hospice's mission.
You think that if you imprison someone and wash them and make sure they get a feeding until you decide to kill them, that that is just fine?  So did the Nazi SS troops and soldiers who said, "we were just following orders."  "The courts ordered us to do these things."  Well, the Neuremberg trials reminded the world that we all must listen to our own conscience and when an "order" is evil, refuse to participate in it, so the Holocaust never is repeated.
You have participated in heartless cruelty, spitting in the face of those who loved Terri, by working with the death dealers, not caregivers.  You write, "let him who is without sin cast the first stone."  We are not stoning you, but we are condemning your evil actions for what they are.  You forgot the other part, what Jesus said to the sinner, "go and sin no more!"  You wallow in your evil actions, year after year imprisoning and violating Terri Schindler Schiavo's rights.  And yes, you can say, "oh, that was under court orders and the wishes of the guardian."  Well, again, that was the same answer the Nazi "good soldiers" gave when they were tried and found guilty of war crimes against humanity.  -  Ron Panzer


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