The Dragon's Hot Breath

Unmasking the Awful Truth About "Christian" Rock Music

by Pastor Texe Marrs


The concert hall was filled with excited teenagers and young people, anxiously milling about and cracking jokes. Then the hall lights went dim and laser lights began to flash on stage. A bizarrely dressed group of rock musicians went into action, heavy metal guitars blasting out a vicious beat. Eerie green smoke was released and quickly enveloped the stage.

The audience went wild. Young girls screamed and tore at their hair, while the boys rocked their hips rapidly to and fro, moving to the staccato-like sounds of the band.

Suddenly, an older and wiser man, who had come to observe, bolted out of his seat and commenced to shout, "Ichabod, Ichabod (the glory is gone)! Look, there are demons coming up from the smoke!" The man's name: David Wilkerson, highly respected Christian evangelist and author of the best-selling book, THE CROSS AND THE SWITCHBLADE.

The crowd didn't seem to notice. They were partying and no "stodgy old fundamentalist Christian evangelist" was going to spoil their good time. Their favorite Christian rock group, Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart, was on stage pounding away and they were in ecstasy.

David Wilkerson, shocked and dismayed, left the concert hall, tears in his eyes and a burden on his heart. God had revealed to him the awful truth about "Christian" rock. But how would this truth get out because, through rock music, Satan has already conquered many churches which were once thought to be bastions of Christian example. Many pastors, youth leaders and other church officials are too frightened to oppose the rock invasion, too afraid to make waves. Some are so delighted to see young people "involved" in "Christianity" through rock music they haven't stopped to analyze just what is actually going on.


What a sad commentary on today's last days church that Christian music has deteriorated so much that ungodly heavy metal rock bands labeled "Christian" are invited into local churches. Moreover, their degenerate records, tapes, compact discs, and rock magazines are being sold in the millions to teenagers through secular and Christian bookstores!

Friends, there is no such thing as "Christian" rock. This is a lie of the devil. We are not to transform ourselves to the world, for the Bible says that as God's people we "are at enmity with the world." There is no "Christian" whiskey, no "Christian" pornography, no "Christian" adultery, and no "Christian" rock.


What's wrong with rock music being brought into the church? Plenty! Let's just take a look at some hard and indisputable facts about the currently best known "Christian" rock stars and music.

Stryper: In Which "god" Do They Trust?

The #1 "Christian" rock group is Stryper. Take a look at the reverse side of their million seller album, To Hell with the Devil. Notice the Satanic symbols. There is the upside-down crescent moon which to occultists is the sign of the witchcraft goddess, Diana. You'll also discover the tiny splotch of black blood.

Not convinced? Then examine the cover of this decadent group's latest album, In God We Trust. The question is, in which god does Stryper trust? Stryper's records are produced by Enigma Music Company (Enigma means "mystery") which also produces secular Satanic rock albums. The cover of one of Enigma's current top secular albums, titled Poison, features a young man with demonic looking paint on his face. Vilely, he unleashes a nine inch long bloody red tongue that sticks straight out of his mouth.

Stryper was a secular heavy metal rock band before they and their record company decided to make money off the gullible and deceived Christian community. The members of Stryper were then called Roxx Regime by heavy metal fans. Their present costumes consist of black leather garb with yellow accents. One of the members of Stryper sometimes has a large round button or disc protruding from his fly, evidently to signify and bring attention to his private parts. The group is unisex. All have long, feminine-looking hair, in disregard of the Bible's admonition against it, and all wear heavy feminine makeup and rouge.

Stryper's atrocious behavior is not unusual on the tumultuous "Christian" rock scene. At a concert in Los Angeles, the popular group Petra played to a packed audience. A young Bible student who attended told me that after the concert the Holy Spirit convicted him and he began to cry out and sob in repentance. "I'll never go to another Christian rock concert—never!" He promised God, "Lord, I know you don't want me to straddle the fence—you want me far away from the fence on your side of it."

Tragically, to confuse and deceive young people, Stryper actually distributes tiny Bibles at its concerts. But God is not mocked. Jesus prophesied that at the Last Day, before His throne will come those who will boast of the many things they had done in His name. Then those who have attempted to use God for commercial gain and for vain glory will hear Jesus pronounce this momentous and shattering judgment: "Depart from me ye workers of iniquity. I never knew you."


Such groups as Stryper, whose leader arrogantly brags that his group emits "positive energy," and Petra, are just two gospel rock bands being sold as "Christian" to our youth. There's also Mercy Seat, whose lead gospel singer wears a revealing leather miniskirt and projects carnal sensuality; Rez, which features a mother goddess type woman with serpentlike stringy hair standing on a Satanic circle on one of their albums; and Daniel Band, whose logo is a Luciferic bolt of lightning inside a Satanic circle. There's also the offensive thrasher group, Vengeance, whose lead song is "Human Sacrifice"; and Tempest, whose newest album pictures a Satanic 6-pointed star (the hexagram) and lightning bolt on its jacket cover and features such unholy lyrics as these: "When you hear our music being played/Do you like the sound of my scream?"


I could go on and on about the horrors of "Christian" rock. For example, how about the group Seriah, which screeches out the words, "I wanna be known in hell/feared, hated, respected...." Consider White Cross, which admittedly uses backmasking in its productions; Allies, whose album entitled "Virtues" favorably depicts on its cover a red Soviet-type flag composed of a Satanic triangle within a circle; and Saint, whose producer, Morada, is a New Age-oriented recording company with a pyramid logo. Saint offers our young people such tunes as "Legions of the Dead," "Abyss," and "Vicars of Fate."

There's also Bloodgood, whose vocal singer, Les Carlsen, parades around the stage wearing an imposing black costume with red feathers and red gloves. Bloodgood aggressively belts out such amplified tunes as "Eat the Flesh," "Vagrant People," "Alone in Suicide," and "Self-Destruction." Its record company, Frontline, uses for its logo two Satanic triangles colored aqua, the color of the Age of Aquarius, the astrological water bearer. The cover of Bloodgood's "Detonation" album depicts a monstrous, fiery sphinx-like image with a volcano-like eruption spewing from its head and a guitar in its distorted hands.


Recently my investigation into "Christian" rock turned up remarkable evidence. A 19-year-old now in a state prison for murder was the subject of part of this investigation. This youth had first become involved with rock music and the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy game. Graduating to blatant Satanism, he drank animal and human blood at Satanic rituals. Eventually, he was convicted of murder-of sacrificing both of his parents to Satan!

I further uncovered the startling fact that, from his prison cell, this young man was communicating with young girls who had written to him because they saw him on television and "thought he was handsome." He masterfully instructed two young girls to participate in a local teen Satanism group and to read Anton LaVey's THE SATANIC BIBLE.

So what does this have to do with "Christian" rock? Simply this: the convict made it clear to his youthful new prospects that there was only one rule they must obey regarding music: They could listen only to "Christian" rock!!


Mixing the perverted world with the Church is one of the most unholy things one could possibly do. A type of music that began with the hip-gyrations of Elvis Presley, whose wasted life ended in a drugged state, has finally made its way into the hallowed confines of the Church where God's people ostensibly meet to worship God. "Christian Rock" is a plague in our midst. God help the evangelist, pastor, deacon, or other church leader responsible for bringing this abomination before God's people and offering it up as a sacrifice to the Lord. Surely, the blood of our youth will be on the hands of those who, by so doing, aid Satan.

Rock music cannot be redeemed, sanctified, and made useful for the Church. Its roots are evil, its father is the devil himself. Rock's rhythm and beat induce rebellion and anger in the breasts of young people. Satan is adept at making surface and temporary changes in a youth's life so that parents will believe the lie that "Christian" rock is different from other rock music.

Don't fall for this lie. The ultimate result is that the young person (or the adult!) who listens often to "Christian" rock will eventually turn bad. Rock is rock. Period. The whole purpose of church music is to honor the name of Jesus Christ. Rock cannot possibly do so, for it honors its author, the devil, alone.

Satan has found a magnificently effective method to bring new souls into his foul kingdom. Take your basic Satanic rock band, dress it up with a few "Christian" ornaments, and embellish it with rhythm, sound and fury. This is a recipe for disaster...and for death.


Not too long ago, I came across this insightful letter published in the "letters to the editor" page of The Denver Post (August 14, 1988) newspaper, and tears welled up in my eyes. I honestly believe the inspired words of this letter writer perfectly capsulize the awful truth about today's "Christian" rock music.

I attended the August 9 program of the week-long, annual Christian music extravaganza called "Praise in the Rockies" in Estes Park.

From the perspective of a senior citizen who considers himself to be a mature, "spirit-filled" Christian, the scene in the auditorium of the YMCA Campground was as close to Babylon as I want to get.

The artificially produced smoke, the flashing lights and gyrating accompanists created an atmosphere like unto many nightclubs I have frequented in the past. The music, supposedly "Christian," so glorified the performer and masked the Savior that I could only say, "God have mercy on them."

Many in the audience were parents with small or teenage children. I wondered what they thought as they heard and saw that which they had tried to protect them from in their homes.

What I observed there, in that beautiful setting in the Colorado Rockies, maybe is best described as Christian entertainment at its best and Christianity at its worst.

Fellow believers, if that is Christianity, we are in big trouble. The Scriptures admonish us to be not conformed to the world system, but to be transformed.

Jesus told His listeners, "If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me."

A personal observation during my 31 years as a born-again Christian: Quite often, if a sinner is "saved" through music, he will seek to be fed by music. If he is saved by hearing the unadulterated Word of God, he will be satisfied to be fed by that Word.


As one earnestly studies the many magazines devoted to "Christian" rock and its cousin "Christian" contemporary music (CCM), one fact above all stands out. These who are the biggest names in the field seem to have a Jekyll and Hyde nature to their personalities. On the one hand, they frequently refer to "Jesus" and "God" in their interviews, evidently because they know their comments will be printed for all to see. On the other hand, their songs rarely mention Jesus Christ and His Gospel. Instead, their rock lyrics overwhelmingly refer to Satan, to hell, to demons, and to fire, death, destruction, and chaos. Meanwhile, the lyrics of the CCM crowd go out of their way to avoid speaking aloud the name of Jesus. Pronouns such as "he" and "she" predominate.

Another fact that stands out is that while rock and CCM entertainers proclaim Jesus and Christianity, for the most part their lifestyles and language do not bear witness that they are born again Christians. Vulgarity and profanity among these young men and women is commonplace. The tongue is a revealer of character, and it is their unbridled, ungodly tongue that exposes the separation of these entertainers from Christ.

One group that is widely known for its filthiness is The Call. In one issue of Harvest Rock Syndicate, a "Christian" rock magazine sold in some Christian and Bible bookstores, the interviewed leader of The Call spouted filthy cuss words as if they were normal to Christians. Incredibly, in that same interview, this same individual insisted he and the other members of the group were true-blue Christians. To prove it, he said they had printed up and signed The Apostles Creed and sent a copy to every Christian radio station in America.

Given the above facts, it should come as no surprise to us that Michael Been, the singer/songwriter of The Call and self-professed follower of Christ, played a featured supporting role as the Apostle John in the horribly blasphemous movie, The Last Temptation of Christ.

Nearly every Christian fundamentalist leader in America opposed this movie, from James Dobson and Marlin Maddoux to D. James Kennedy, Hal Lindsey, and Ted Baehr. But Michael Been, leader of a "Christian" rock group, enthusiastically played the role of John in The Last Temptation of Christ!

Been is not alone among rockers and CCM'ers in his defiance of the real Jesus Christ. Chris Willman, a contributing editor of CCM magazine, the top publication in this poisonous music field, not only admitted he went to see the movie, but actually praised and applauded the movie. According to Willman, though the movie does not agree with "orthodox theology," it still has great value:

We caught the film at a preview screening at Universal and felt that...its the first thing that has forced the average American Joe to think about who Jesus really was and is... (CCM, Sep. 88, p.14).

Since the movie in question portrays Jesus as a fornicator and as more man than deity, Willman's comments in CCM take on bizarre dimensions. Willman not only endorsed the movie but he spitefully took a stab at Bible-believing fundamentalists in the process, snidely remarking that The Last Temptation of Christ is "the movie fundamentalists love to hate."

When exposed for their vulgarity, "Christian" rock and CCM stars and their record companies swiftly go into action to control the damage. After Steve Camp let out a filthy curse word during an interview, his ministry covered up by sending out an "apology" to anyone who wrote and complained. Soon the furor died down.

Amy Grant, the premier superstar and reigning queen of the rock and CCM world, also is given to profanity and even crude sexual language. "That's the way she is," goes the official explanation of her record company, "she's very frank."

Jesus was frank, too, but he never used vulgarity and profanity.


In an issue of my newsletter, Flashpoint, we discussed the satanic foundations of New Age music. We also briefly showed how the New Age and the occult have made inroads into so-called "Christian" rock music. A graphic example given was Steve Taylor's newest album, I PREDICT 1990, the cover of which unmistakably resembles an occultic Tarot card, the type used by some Gypsy fortune tellers and others for divination.

Recently, Mr. Taylor phoned me and violently objected. He insisted that his album cover is not of a Tarot card design. Instead, he claimed that he got the idea for his album cover while on a trip to Europe. There, in a museum, he came across an old, turn-of-the-century Viennese art poster. The cover for I PREDICT 1990, says Steve, is based on this old Viennese art poster.


I related to Mr. Taylor that I had searched the lyrics of every song in his album and that, regrettably, I could find no reference to Jesus and the Cross.

"Why do you not confess Jesus in your music?" I implored. "Why do you not witness to our youth that Jesus loved them so much He suffered on the cross for them?" His response was, unfortunately, lacking. Taylor responded hotly, "Is it necessary to tell young people about Jesus in every album?"

My immediate answer was "Yes! In every album. Indeed, in every song!"


I then asked Mr. Taylor why he had used the cover of the album to ridicule and make fun of a noted evangelist and prophecy teacher. Steve Taylor's answer was that he didn't believe in a book that this evangelist had written a few years ago on Bible prophecy. Did you read the book? I asked. "Well, no," Taylor admitted, he had never read the book.

The attitude of Taylor is familiar in "Christian" rock circles. Christian rock stars frequently attack, mock and ridicule such conservative teachers and evangelists as Dave Wilkerson, Bill Gothard, and Bob Jones. In one magazine interview, Steve Taylor even suggested that Christians who believed like Wilkerson were so intolerant and rigid their minds weren't "subject to being opened."

Evangelist Dave Wilkerson (author of THE CROSS AND THE SWITCHBLADE) has done much work for the Lord, and I simply can not understand why Taylor and his friends in "Christian" rock and "Christian" contemporary music so despise him. The only reason I can think of is the fact that Brother Wilkerson has preached on the perversions of rock music.


From our telephone conversation, Steve Taylor seemed to me to be a sincere but deceived person. I can even believe him when he says he did not know that his album cover resembles an occultic Tarot card. Moreover, I cannot and will not judge his salvation. That is God's business and I hope and pray that Steve Taylor knows or will come to know the Lord as his personal Savior.

But the Bible does tell us we can judge fruits. And it tells us to make righteous judgments and not to cast our pearls before swine (see Matthew 7). We can know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, acts.

First, I would remind Mr. Taylor that many young people look to him and his music for Christian example. Therefore, why is he too ashamed or unwilling to confess Jesus before men in his songs? Furthermore, if we are to believe him, he chose an old Viennese art poster for an album cover not realizing its occultic nature. Why choose something so totally unrelated to the things of God? What kind of spirit suggested this to him?

Moreover, why does Mr. Taylor unjustly delight in publicly ridiculing and mocking men of God like Dave Wilkerson and others? Taylor and his friends call this "biting satire." I call it cruelty and a sin before God (see James 3 and 1 Peter 3:16).


I would plead with rock music entertainers and their fans not only to abstain from evil and all appearances of evil, but also, if they truly love God, to put Jesus and the Gospel in their songs. The early Christian church should be our example. In Acts 5:42 we read: "And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ."

Today, many "Christian" music stars often say they don't want to offend the unsaved by mentioning Jesus, His Word, and His sacrifice. What a tragedy! Do they not understand that, in so doing, their lukewarm messages have no power and become carnal and unholy?

Do they not know that Paul boldly announced "For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth" (Romans 1:16)? Are they not aware that God has given Jesus an exalted name of honor and glory?: "Wherefore God also hath highly exalted Him and given Him a name which is above every name" (Phil. 2:9).

Discerning Christians are not fooled by "Christian" entertainers who fail or refuse to bring a message of Jesus and the Cross and His wonderful love to their audience. These people are frauds and fakes. They are simply secular entertainers who rip off and lead into darkness the uncommitted and the unaware. There is no such thing as "Christian" music without Christ!


However, Steve Taylor is not the only rock or contemporary music star being deceived and now unknowingly going about deceiving others. His behavior is mild compared to some entertainers. Just examine the actual photos of some "Christian" rock stars found at the back of this report. If you have been fed the lie that today's "Christian" rock and contemporary music is holy or that it is just harmless, clean fun, these photos will be eye-openers.

Fellow Christians, we need to get on our knees before our God and pray that He will forgive us for ever allowing this incredible, outrageous perversion to go on right in our very midst. Today, it is totally out of control. I take responsibility for my own prior failure to fully investigate the horrors of this "new" music.

But friends, now I know the depravities of many of the people who perform this music and the utter sinfulness and abhorrent evil of their music.

Some of these rock and contemporary stars curse; many preach and promote violence and disrespect for parents and church leaders; others use occult symbols in performances and on album covers. Most are fans of secular rock; they admit they enjoy listening to Satanic rock groups. Many dress in demonic leather costumes and unashamedly show off their body parts while prancing about the stage.

The photos I've included in this report amply demonstrate the crude perversity, rebellious behavior, vile appearance and occultic leanings of most "Christian" rock groups.


The promoters of carnal and unholy "Christian" rock will tell you that their music is "God's music." When confronted with the awful facts, they'll almost always resort to angrily growling: "Show me in the Bible where Christian rock music is wrong!"

That's a challenge I love to accept. First, we should note that the Bible does not specifically mention and list cocaine, marijuana, child sexual abuse, hard core pornography, X-rated movies, wife battering, wife swapping, physical torture, abortion, and a host of other criminal and immoral acts. It is nevertheless ridiculous for us to assert that these acts are permissible for Christians. God has written the law on our hearts and the Holy Spirit within will surely be grieved if we participate in such evil doings.

However, the Bible does specifically warn against Satanic music. For example, Scripture tells us that Satan, who inspired Cain to slay Abel, also inspired his descendent, Jubal, to invent musical compositions and instruments: "And his brother's name was Jubal; he was the father of all such as handle the harp and organ." (Genesis 4:21).

In the wilderness, as Moses and Joshua came down from the mountains, how did they know that something was terribly wrong in the camp below? The answer is that they heard a strange sound, a noise. That noise was the singing of pagan songs and the instrumental accompaniment:

"And when Joshua heard the noise of the people as they shouted, he said unto Moses, There is a noise of war in the camp. And he said, It is not the voice of them that shout for mastery, neither is it the voice of them that cry for being overcome: but the noise of them that sing do I hear."

(Exodus 32:17-18)

It was in tune with this music of Lucifer that the Children of Israel were drinking, dancing, and engaging in frenzied sexual orgies before the golden calf. Now today, in the 1990s, our children, too, are found drinking, dancing, and engaging in sensual acts before their idols: "Christian" rock stars, as the heavy beat of the music draws them feverishly into the devil's web.

Solomon, the Bible records, called the devil's music "the song of fools" (Eccles. 7:5). Amos prophesied that in the end time, "the songs of the temple shall be howlings in that day, saith the Lord God."

Howlings! What an accurate picture of the distorted hollers, blood curdling screams, shouting, and deafening screeching and hissing of today's "Christian" rock bands. (Screaming is a universal sign of demon possession.)


Holy spiritual music is far different. Paul advised the early Christians to meet, "speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord" (Eph. 5:19). Now compare this with devilish songs by the Christian rock group One Bad Pig, such as that group's "Take a Flying Leap" and "Smash the Guitar." The Christian rock group The Warning gives us the tune entitled "Cut the Crap;" the group Rez sings "Bootleg;" Bride screams out such songs as "Show no Mercy," "A Virgin in the Midst of Whores," and "Monkey See, Monkey Do;" the group Trouble belts out tunes such as "The Skull," "Drown the Devil in the Urinal," and "Kick the Devil in the Head;" White Heart screeches the lyrics to "No Taboo;" and Crumbacher contributes the song "Reckless Boys and Bad, Bad Girls."

No, my friends, this is a cruel thing we are seeing. The Bible warns us of this type of foul music. And if a person can enjoy such demonic music while professing to be Christian, that person is either a liar or is deceived. The Holy Spirit inside simply will not allow this of true believers.


The Bible provides much sound advice and instruction that those involved in Christian rock should heed. In I Thess. 5:22, we are commanded to "Abstain from all appearance of evil." Then why do most of the members of top Christian rock bands proudly boast that their own "heroes" are those who lead secular, heavy metal Satanic rock bands? Why do many Christian rock groups play regularly in night clubs, encouraging youth to drink and dance? Why do some Christian rock groups and entertainers such as Steve Taylor, Stryper, and others go on the road with and record songs with unholy secular rock stars such as King Diamond, Hurricane and others?

Why do the members of Christian rock groups often wear occult emblems? Why do they dress in chains, leather, metal studs, and spandex, the same as do the gay sadomasochists in San Francisco?

These filthy dreamers don't run away from sin and degradation—they willingly hurdle right toward it, embrace it, and wallow in the mire. And their wicked goal is to seduce every other Christian young person to do likewise.

Kids are not finding Jesus through these groups. They're being initiated into the devil's corps. It is not through music that we came to know Jesus as Lord. This is true even of worthy praise music—which rock is not! Instead I Cor. 1:18 tells us that it is the preaching of the cross that saves. However, to them that perish, the preaching of the cross is "foolishness."

Yes, friends, the Christian testimony and the preaching of the Word of God yields results while the hellish sounds of rock bring confusion and chaos. It also brings conformity with the world; but Paul taught:

"I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God." (Romans 12:1-2)


That rock music has no place in the Christian church is even recognized by the worst of heavy metal Satanic rockers. These secular rock stars find it laughable that some Christians are so stupid and gullible. Lita Ford, known as hard rock's "bad girl" put it this way:

"Listen, rock 'n' roll ain't church. It's a nasty business. You gotta be nasty too. If you're goody, goody, you can't sing or play it. Kids don't pay to see nice. They want aggression, they want anger—and some sleaze, too. They want rebels." (Los Angeles Times, August 7, 1988)


If you are involved in "Christian" rock music, stop listening to it now! Destroy your albums. Renounce rock and ask Jesus Christ to replace this music in your life with something he loves and approves. If you are a church leader and you have been an accomplice, knowingly or unknowingly, in bringing Rock into your church, ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness; then courageously lead the youth and adults under your discipling out of rock, carefully explaining to them the reason for your actions

If you are a parent, you must take tough but loving measures now to help your teenager withdraw completely from this evil form of music idolatry. Jesus can strengthen and guide you in your efforts.

If you are not a Christian and are hooked on rock music, listen up! God can set you free of rock and all other sin. He can save you for all eternity and bring profound joy, peace and happiness into your life. Won't you please give God the opportunity to change your life and make you whole? You can do this by getting on your knees, confessing your sins and asking forgiveness from the one and only Lord Jesus Christ. Pledge to commit your life to His service and ask for Him to enter your heart and become Lord of all. You'll never, ever regret your decision, for the Bible tells us that God is just and faithful. "God is Love."

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