Power Through Prayer

by Pastor E.M. Bounds


Edward McKendree Bounds (1835-1913), Methodist minister and devotional writer, was born in Shelby County, Missouri.  He studied law and was admitted to the bar at 21 years of age.  After practicing law for three years, he began preaching for the Methodist Episcopal Church.  After the Civil War, Bounds served as pastor of churches in Tennessee and Alabama, and in St. Louis, Missouri.  He spent the last 17 years of his life with his family in Washington, Georgia, writing his Spiritual Life Books.

  • Chapter  1 - Men of Prayer Needed
  • Chapter  2 - Our Sufficiency Is of God
  • Chapter  3 - The Letter Killeth
  • Chapter  4 - Tendencies to Be Avoided
  • Chapter  5 - Prayer, the Great Essential
  • Chapter  6 - A Praying Ministry Successful
  • Chapter  7 - Much Time Should Be Given to Prayer
  • Chapter  8 - Examples of Praying Men
  • Chapter  9 - Begin the Day with Prayer
  • Chapter 10 - Prayer and Devotion United
  • Chapter 11 - An Example of Devotion
  • Chapter 12 - Heart Preparation Necessary
  • Chapter 13 - Grace from the Heart Rather than the Head
  • Chapter 14 - Unction a Necessity
  • Chapter 15 - Unction, the Mark of True Gospel Preaching
  • Chapter 16 - Much Prayer the Price of Unction
  • Chapter 17 - Prayer Marks Spiritual Leadership
  • Chapter 18 - Preachers Need the Prayers of the People
  • Chapter 19 - Deliberation Necessary to Largest Results from Prayer
  • Chapter 20 - A Praying Pulpit Begets a Praying Pew

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