Jesus is Coming

William E. Blackstone (1841-1935) would be the first to disclaim credit for any of his achievements. Blackstone, a Chicago businessman and layman in the Church, wrote one of the most popular books on prophecy, simply entitled: ”Jesus Is Coming.” Over 1 million copies have been printed since the book was first published, and it has been translated into at least 47 languages. Because of his humble nature, Blackstone would only use his initials W.E.B. as the author. WARNING: W.E.B. was a Zionist, which is a false doctrine. The Lord promised to regather Israel when He returns at the Revelation, not before. Please read, Satan's Counterfeit Israel, Antichrist and World Rule. Yet, W.E.B.'s book contains very helpful Biblical support for prophecy and the Pretribulation Rapture.

  • Chapter  1 - Jesus is Coming Again
  • Chapter  2 - Literal Interpretation
  • Chapter  3 - His Coming Does Not Mean Death
  • Chapter  4 - The Three Appearings
  • Chapter  5 - The Millennium
  • Chapter  6 - Post-Millennialism
  • Chapter  7 - Pre-Millennial Arguments.
  • Chapter  8 - Diagram of Events
  • Chapter  9 - Rapture and Revelation
  • Chapter 10 - The Church and the Millennial Kingdom
  • Chapter 11 - The Tribulation
  • Chapter 12 - The Antichrist
  • Chapter 13 - The Principal Event
  • Chapter 14 - Some Objections Considered
  • Chapter 15 - Israel To Be Restored
  • Chapter 16 - The Study of Prophecy
  • Chapter 17 - A Practical Doctrine
  • Chapter 18 - Outline Of The Order Of Events
  • Chapter 19 - Anathema or Comfort
  • Chapter 20 - The Time
  • Chapter 21 - Signs of Christ's Speedy Coming

  • Comparatively few religious writings have had the widespread distribution that the book Jesus Is Coming has enjoyed. Its impact is seen in the testimony of well-known men who have enjoyed great influence in the Christian church. R. A. Torrey, former dean of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles and President of Moody Bible Institute, recorded:Jesus is Coming, W.E.B.

    "The book, Jesus Is Coming by W.E.B., was the first book that made the coming of Christ a living reality. I had already become convinced that our Lord’s coming would be before the millennium, having reached that conclusion, having studied the works of the Danish theologian, Martenson, but it was merely a theological conception until I read the book Jesus Is Coming. It was this that first brought me to definite convictions and made the doctrine not only clear, but very precious. It is one of the books that has had a decidedly formulative influence on my life and teaching. I always recommend it to those who are beginning the study of the subject."

    J. Wilbur Chapman, noted Presbyterian minister, wrote: "A number of years ago I had placed in my hands the little book, Jesus Is Coming by W.E.B. Prior to that time I had no defined method of Bible study, and I confess it would seem that I had very little passion for Bible reading and the winning of souls. This book completely revolutionized my thinking, gave me a conception of Christ and a new understanding of what it meant to work for Him."