Chapter VII.

The Power of the Pope in Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippine Islands.

It makes my heart sick when I realize that the Government of the United States has spent hundreds of millions of dollars upon the Islands of Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippine Islands, and, after all, these Islands are still in the grasp and the filthy embrace of the Vatican at Rome.

Not only fabulous amounts of money have been spent by the United States upon these islands, but hundreds of our noble boys in blue have given up their lives in battle and by the scourge of disease, and still Catholicism has absolute sway in these far-away countries.

These islands have been under the immediate control of Popery for hundreds of years, but when the Government of the United States took charge


of them, their inhabitants had advanced no further in intellectuality and the freedom of free men than they were centuries ago.

It may sound strange to the average reader when I declare that all of the lives lost and all of the money expended by the United States upon Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippine Islands was brought about by the tyrannical rule of Rome, for it was by her abominations that Cuba rebelled, which was the prime cause of the interference by the government of the United States; therefore you can readily see why it is that I claim that Catholicism is to blame for the part that the government of the United States took in the affairs of these countries, and what puzzles me so much is why the government of the United States still permits Catholicism to control the destinies of these countries, when the officials of this government know full well that had it not been for abhorrent Catholicism that Cuba would never have rebelled and that Porto Rico would have been satisfied, and that the Philippine Islands would not to-day belong to the United States; but, instead of this


government trying to remedy the great wrong done to the inhabitants of these countries, it went right ahead and allowed the bone of contention to remain, and to-day finds this government not only permitting Catholicism to continue to practice her abominations in these countries, but this government is instrumental in sending Catholic teachers over to these countries, when, if this country would, do its whole duty, it would not permit Catholicism to take any part in the affairs of these countries.

Archbishop Chapelle was shipped to the Philippine Islands with all the pomp of a ruler, and so was Archbishop J. J. Harty, whom I am personally acquainted with, whom I have been on intimate terms with for a number of years, and this, man Harty is to-day in the Philippine Islands ruling with the same tyrannical hand that has characterized Romanism for centuries past, and whose rule is only symbolic to ruin, as the interests of the inhabitants of these countries are never considered, as it is Rome's ambition and only


desire to keep them under the heel of perpetual tyranny.

We would like to know why Archbishop Chapelle should be given the best stateroom in a transport ship sailing for Manila, while our pureblooded, honest, sincere Protestant boys who wear the blue were huddled together like so many cattle.

Ah, this is, the reason: Archbishop Chapelle is an emissary of the Pope of, Rome and stands ready at all times to serve the wishes and obey the orders of that Italian pontiff, and our officials were aware of this fact and they did not want to stir up the Catholic officials for fear of losing a few votes, as both of our old parties have sunk so low into the quagmire of filth that they would allow their country to sink to the level of Romish abominations if they thought by so doing they could control the Catholic vote for either party.

Was one of your boys on this transport ship? Was your kith and kin aboard, this vessel that showed this ungodly discrimination between the soldier boy who wrung a poor mother's heart by leaving the parental fireside? If such was the


case, you can vividly see the injustice done to these brave lads in favor of this Archbishop Chapelle, as these boys were on their way to this terrible land of disease and death to help pliant the emblem of liberty upon the ramparts of these far-away Islands, and this same Archbishop Chapelle was, on his way to destroy the influence of these boys mission.

The time is not far distant until the Protestant world will wake up to the realization that they have been humbled before this Italian pontiff for the simple reason that our officials are willing to cater to Catholicism in Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippine Islands for the sake of votes.

We do not care whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, this chapter should fire your blood to the fullest extent, for I am telling you truths, and if you have got the common decency of the most ignorant liberty-loving American you will right now make a resolve that Protestant America must redeem her pledge to Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippine, Islands to liberate them not only from the hardships placed upon them by a foreign


nation, but liberate them from the bonds of Catholicism, which not only binds the body, but chains the soul with the fetters of ignorance and superstition.

When it became known that the government of the United States was to interfere in the affairs of Cuba, the Catholic Church put all of her machinery to work immediately in order to fool Uncle Sam and cajole him into dealing only with the government of Spain, which would permit Catholicism to exist in these Islands, and the pages of history only tell us too well how successfully she laid her plans, as to-day we have the awful spectacle of beholding the government of the United States playing the part of "protector," while she is quietly aiding the identical institution which caused the misery in these far-away countries.

What I tell you in this chapter is true, as I was a Catholic priest and was on the inside of the workings of Catholicism at that time, and what I relate is not guess work nor imagination, but it is plain, unvarnished and unadulterated truths, and the American people will sooner or later wake up to the realization of these awful truths, for just so


long as the United States permits Catholicism to control the destinies of Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippine Islands, just that long turmoil and misery will remain in these tropical regions, for Catholicism has sworn by all of her imaginary saints that Protestantism shall never rule these countries, and so far she has carried out her threat truly and well, as Protestantism to-day has no more control over the inhabitants of these islands than she did before the damnable creed of the Pope was molested by the appearance of Dewey's guns at Manila.

Can you expect these countries to grow in greatness, and can you expect the inhabitants of these countries to become giants in intellect when they practice the conjurings of Catholicism?

We want to give the reader an insight in this chapter to what Catholicism practices in this country and in other countries that are not near so densely ignorant as Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippine Islands, and then you can have an idea of what the inhabitants of these countries may expect in the way of advancement from Catholicism,


and what I will repeat is the abominations that I have helped to practice myself for thirty years; therefore I know whereof I speak and no man dare dispute.

We will take a Catholic cemetery, for instance, and in order that the ground may be sanctified and fit to receive the dead bodies of those who believe in the Catholic faith a bishop must sanctify this earth and consecrate it before it is fit to conceal the body of one of the Pope Is followers.

Our Savior has declared that "From earth we came, and to earth we shall return," and there was no proviso made that before we should return to earth that it would have to be consecrated by a human being, as any man or woman of intelligence knows full well that what the Lord our God has made cannot be improved upon by the idiotic chant and superstitious rant of a Catholic bishop.

It matters not how godly nor how piously a Protestant may have lived, Catholicism teaches that it is. an abomination to bury a Protestant in a Catholic cemetery, and one of her laws is that to bury a heretic (which means Protestant) in a


Catholic cemetery is unlawful, and the Catholic Popes instruct that the remains of any Protestant buried in a Catholic cemetery shall, if they can be distinguished, be removed, and if they can not be distinguished, that the cemetery shall be cleansed by sprinkling holy water over the ground, and bear in mind that this holy water is to receive its cleansing power from some priest or bishop, who perhaps is as immoral as hell.

In Canada, some time since, the laws of that country forcibly effected the burial of a Protestant in a Catholic cemetery, and the bishop of that diocese, by the name of Bourget, declared that portion of the cemetery as "desecrated and filthy" and forbade any priest to step his foot upon the ground.

Now, do you expect an institution which teaches such doctrines to elevate a nation above their own' doctrine? If you do, you are expecting something unreasonable, and if the inhabitants of Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippine Islands are not to be elevated above such abominations can the future hold anything for them but misery?


There is but one thing that beats a bishop's consecration of a graveyard, and that is money, and money only; but a few dollars will turn the trick and will open up the ground in a Catholic cemetery for a heretic, and enough money will turn the entire cemetery into a Protestant graveyard.

In the City of St. Louis there is a Catholic cemetery called "Calvary," and lots twelve feet square are sold at from $50 to $1,000 each. A lot was bought by a Protestant whose son died and who was baptized in his last hour by a. Catholic nurse. While his people were Protestants, they consented, since he had been baptized into the Catholic Church, that they would give him a Catholic burial, and a priest by the name of Ward performed the ceremony. Now, bear in mind that the father of this young man had bought a lot large enough for his whole family to be buried there, when they should die, as he, of course, wanted his entire family to be buried together, but the Catholic Church would not consent to consecrate any part of that lot but the grave in which the young man was buried that was baptized on


his death bed, simply because the remainder of the family were Protestants; but for money they consecrated a portion of this lot, four feet wide and six and one-half feet long, but the remainder of this lot was not consecrated, therefore you will see that money in the Catholic Church has as much power to consecrate the earth as doth the bishopric and priestcraft.

Ah, what abominations! but still this Government expects Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippine Islands to be elevated to the standard of manhood and womanhood by this class of ghouls.

Now, if we could halt with the recital of only a few abominations, my task, perhaps, would not, be so disgusting, but had I the endurance to live on, until I were a thousand years old, and could write what I know and have experienced in the ranks of Catholicism, I would be unable to portray to the reader all of her abominations.

The Catholic Church is a church of show and glamor, and of nonsensical doctrines, and not a church of God and of holy worship.

Many believe that Catholicism has taught all


of her cungerings for centuries past, and this is the case, but bear in mind, that Catholicism often has to have new "fakes," in order to make the money slide out of the pockets of their "dupes" more easily, so they get up new intrigues and modern shows for this purpose, and the fake that works the best is the one that they work the hardest, as I solemnly declare that the Catholic Church as a whole is a money proposition upon the part of those who teach her abominations, and I further declare that it is a "graft" conceived by minds that are more, cunning and deceptive than any class of men upon the face of the whole earth.

The Catholic Church changes its form of worship like cheap chop houses change their bills of fare, as they are after "suckers," and if one bait will not get them, they throw out another, and the pomp and show of the church is to catch the eye and not to save the soul.

Not long since, the Catholic Church, with singular devotion, turned its attention to the five wounds of Christ, and immediately after giving these five wounds their solicitous attention, they


bade their followers to have recourse to the sacred heart of Jesus, and in hundreds of Catholic Churches you will find to-day a statue made in the likeness of Christ, with a heart attached over the breast, and this heart is illuminated by electricity or candle, and the followers of Catholicism absolutely worship this mechanism of man, and it has proven 'a great drawing card, and you can rest assured that Catholicism is pushing the scheme along good and hard, and "The St. Anthony Bread Box" hoax is another scheme that is not very old, but which the Catholic Church has found to be another great paying investment, and they are working "St. Anthony" for all that he is worth.

Now, can any man or woman of intelligence believe that the inhabitants of these islands can ever expect to become men and women of affairs--men and women of individuality--and men and women of intellectuality? If you can give a rational reason why these countries should ever expect to be elevated to the standard of greatness under such influences and under the tutelage of


such an institution, then the road to greatness must be a very easy one to travel.

The Catholic Church is conducted on about the same principle as Dun's and Bradstreet's mercantile agencies, as they go into the minutest detail to keep record of the affairs of the country, so that they may know the weakest as well as the strongest points of their creed, so that they may at all times be prepared to exercise the greatest influence at the proper time, and what makes this creed so dangerous, is that they impress upon their dupes that the church is "eternal law," and they hold out the crown of glory on high as a reward for following their doctrine, and this is the most dangerous and damnable scheme ever perpetrated by mortal, for when you force a man or woman to believe that you hold in your hands their future destiny, you have them to the point where you can force them to do your bidding, and this is exactly what Catholicism does to her followers, and this is the reason why Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippine Islands can never expect to go higher in the scale of morality and


intellectuality than they are at the present time, if the Government of the United States permits this troop of ghouls to continue to be their masters.

We believe that we have in this chapter made it plain to the reader why the influence of Catholicism should be remotely removed from these islands, and if I am right, the Government of the. United States is everlastingly wrong in permitting Catholicism to retain her hold upon the throats of the inhabitants of these islands, and I undoubtedly am, right, as I know whereof I speak, as I have trod the deceptive road of Catholicism for the past thirty years, and I dare not tell in this book all that I know of her cunning in regard to these far-away countries, as I would have to use language so plain that I could not expect this volume to pass through the mails, as the priestcraft in Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippine Islands are an immoral set, as a whole, and treat the female population of these islands in a manner that breeds immorality from generation to generation, and the awful part of this immorality


is that those who commit it with the priestcraft do not consider that it is a wrong, as they have been taught that it is no sin to do as the priestcraft demands, therefore it is ten thousand times worse than if the sin was committed with the knowledge of the fact that it was a sin, as the mother or father who is aware of the fact that they are, sinners will not teach their off-spring to commit the sins that they are guilty of, but when they are not aware of the fact that they are committing a sin, of course, they allow their children to believe that their actions are in harmony with the teachings of God, therefore this damnable practice goes on and on, from generation to generation, and this is why the morals, intelligence and progress of Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippine Islands, are to-day on the same plane of depravity as they were centuries ago, and no one is to blame for this carnality and debauchery of the inhabitants of these islands but the Roman Catholic Church, and until the Government of the United States shall declare and back up her declaration by Protestant manhood, the inhabitants of


these islands will never know of the beauties of chastity and morality and the wonderful blessings that are held in store for them by embracing Protestantism.

May the Lord of Hosts hasten the day when the eyes of those who rule in Protestant America may be opened to the awful sins they are committing, by allowing Romanism to hover over these islands with her vulturous and carnivorous appetite of depravity,, and may the time soon come when the Government of the United States shall proclaim to the Vatican at Rome that this veil of abomination shall be lifted from the inhabitants of these islands; and when this is done, the goddess of liberty that has made Protestant America what she is to-day, will hover over these far-away islands of the sea, and new life will pulsate in the veins of these Romish-ridden countries.



Chapter VIII.

Monasteries Are Often the Abode of Criminals, and Nunneries the Slaughter Pens of Virtue.

When I was living beneath the folds of the black banner of Catholicism, I sincerely and devoutly believed that to shield a Catholic criminal was a righteous and Godly calling, as I believed that to prevent the civil law from taking hold of the criminal career of a Catholic official, for his shortcomings, was but an act of Godly justice.

I also believed that anything that was done 'between the walls of a Nunnery was sanctified by the approval of those who were higher in authority in the Catholic Church than myself; therefore, the things which I now realize are both criminal and immoral, as well as utterly detestable, I at one time considered righteous, simply because my education had been confined to the narrow channels of


bigotry, and the effulgency of Biblical knowledge had never penetrated my Romish-inspired perceptibilities.

I believe that 1, will make many assertions in this chapter that have never been made before, but there will not be an assertion made but what is true; however, there will be many that will arise from the trenches of Catholicism, to denounce the truthfulness of them, but I know whereof I speak, and I defy any mortal man to successfully dispute what I may state.

This chapter will relate to monasteries and nunneries, which in olden times were called "asylums."

These asylums are used by Catholicism to scuffle criminals of their following into, in defiance of law and justice, as these asylums are notorious among those who are on the inside workings of this creed, as to places where Cathode criminals can be concealed without fear of having the civil law bring them to justice, as these places are a retreat for Catholic criminals who are pursued by the ministers of justice, and where, so long as


they remain, they cannot be arrested; but in order to elevate these "asylums" to the plane of religion, they are called by different names which are misnomers, and are only raised to the level of religious institutions to cover up the infamy of their actual missions, as Catholicism has learned that as long as she can throw around and about herself a religious glamour, that she is permitted to go ahead and violate the laws of man without molestation.

The "asylums" of olden times were intended as retreats for those who were persecuted for their religious belief, but the mission of these institutions became useless, under the splendid and godly progress of Protestantism, as Protestantism planted her banner of, enlightenment under the glorious leadership. of Martin Luther, and such institutions were done away with, but Catholicism turned these asylums, which were once a protection to the persecuted followers of Christ, and converted them into an abode for Catholic criminals.

There is scarcely a man or woman in America


but what has heard of Wm. Morgan, who lived at Batavia, in Western New York, who, it was claimed, wrote an expose of Freemasonry, and who, the Catholic Church claims, was killed by the Masonic fraternity for writing this expose.

The fact of the matter is that this book was prepared by the Catholic Church for electioneering purposes, and it served their scheme well and truly.

It is history that Morgan disappeared very suddenly, and the Catholic Church gave it out that he had been killed by the Masonic fraternity, which is untrue, as Wm. Morgan was spirited away, and the trick was turned by Catholicism.

"Wm. Morgan" became the issue for the campaign, and it was narrated around that Morgan was conveyed in a carriage from Batavia to Niagara by Freemasons, and there drowned in Lake Ontario.

A body was produced near the mouth of the Niagara River, but a friend of Wm. Morgan, who knew him well, by the name of Mrs. Wm. G. Barr, denied that the body that was found at the mouth


of the Niagara River, was that of Morgan, and a devout Catholic remarked at the post-mortem examination that "It was a good enough Morgan until after the election."

A rigid investigation was made and no one was ever convicted of murdering Morgan.

The result of the election was that Catholicism carried her point. The Catholic Church had turned by this excitement the eyes of the world towards Freemasonry, and claimed that Morgan's fate was caused by the Masonic fraternity.

When I came to America, I was given instructions in regard to secret societies, and the Morgan case was gone over with me in detail, and I was given "The Bulls" of three popes, which excluded all members of Freemasons from the Catholic Church, and all who belonged to the Masonic fraternity were denied even a Christian burial by the Catholic Church.

I was told by a priest, who was in good standing, that the Masons had in their meetings a literal devil concealed in a box, and that when they would meet, they would stick pins in a picture of


some supposed "traitor" and shriek out in their madness: "Die like Morgan!"

Mrs. Wm. G. Barr was called to identify the supposed body of Wm. Morgan, which was found at the mouth of the Niagara River.

Her husband, Wm. G. Barr, was an old dry goods man and once ran for governor of the State of Kansas, but was defeated because his wife had declared "that Wm. Morgan's body had never been discovered at the mouth of the Niagara River,, and further declared that it was a 'fake,' pure and simple, and gotten up by Catholicism in order to vilify the Masonic fraternity."

I had always been of an investigating turn of mind, and the stories that were told to me in regard to Wm. Morgan did not sound right, so I took the train for Topeka, Kans., where Mrs. Wm. G. Barr lived, and this is the story that she related to me in great emotion:

Mrs. Barr told me that she was a friend of Wm. Morgan, and that she was called to identify his body, but instead of finding the corpse of Wm. Morgan, on the seashore, she found the body of


some one else and not that of Morgan, and she further told me that Wm. Morgan, before his disappearance, had written her that he was persuaded by a number of Catholic priests to leave the Masons, and that he, to his sorrow, had followed their advice, and that these priests had written a book, and insisted that he should publish, it, but he never did give his consent, and stated that he never. would; however, the book appeared, and the fact of the matter is that it was a clumsy forgery by the priestcraft of Catholicism.

This book appeared in print, and Wm. Morgan became frightened, as he realized that should the country at large believe that he was the author of this book, he would be considered as a traitor, and he became frightened and did not know what to do, and about this time two Catholic priests approached him, and persuaded him to leave the country, "and they took him to "a Trappist monastery," near Montreal, Canada.

He remained there quite a time, and left Canada and went to Asia, and he was seen and identified in Asia years after Catholicism had declared


that he had been murdered by the Masonic fraternity.

I do not remember of ever reading this history before, and I am under the impression that I am the first man-in fact, I know' that I am the first man who was for thirty years a Catholic priest that ever gave this information to the public.

Now, if a monastery in Canada would be turned into a lie and a deception in order that the Catholic Church might carry out her diabolical and cunning schemes, what can we expect of other monasteries?

If this history attaches itself to a monastery like that in Canada, what must be the condition of the monasteries and nunneries of nations which have not the enlightenment that Canada has I

I desire to call to the attention of the reader a little history that is not exceedingly old, and which every boy and girl is acquainted with, as it has transpired in the past ten years--yea, later.

It was in the afternoon of a December day, in 1900. A boy, Edward Cudahy, Jr., was walking to his father's mansion and was invited to step into a


buggy and was informed that he was under arrest. This boy was then and there abducted, and this abduction became known by the boy remaining away from his home that night.

The police and detectives of Omaha and the detectives from Chicago and other cities were busy on the case day and night. Days and weeks passed and nothing came to light except letters from the ones who had kidnapped this boy, asking for a ransom of $25,000, and stating that if this sum of money in gold was not forthcoming, that the boy's eyes would be put out and he would forever lose his sight.

This last threat startled the poor, heartbroken mother, and as the time approached for these devils to put into execution their threat, this poor frantic Mother insisted that her millionaire husband, Edward Cudahy, Sr., give up the $25,000 and save her precious boy's eyesight.

Her husband resisted as long as he could, but at last took the $25,000 in gold and stepped into his buggy, with the signal lantern, and drove to a certain spot, designated by Pat Crow, who is the one


who abducted Cudahy, and with this $25,000 bought his boy Is liberty, and this boy was brought from that cottage on Grover street, unhurt, and Pat Crowe made away with his $25,000 in gold.

Cudahy was called up a number of times by telephone and was threatened that if he did not withdraw the reward that he was offering for Pat Crow's arrest that there would be something awful befall him; but he resisted and would not withdraw his offer of reward, consequently this made it necessary for Pat Crow and Eddy MeGehee, alias Burns, to leave the country.

These men were known in Omaha 'St. Joe,' Kansas City, St. Louis and Chicago, not only by a number of their ilk, but also to the police forces, consequently the nets of the law were stretched all over the United States for these abductors.

On December 28 it was reported from La Salle, Ill., that Pat Crow was arrested. Kansas City police promised his arrest before sunset, but he was not arrested.

There were 80,000,000 people looking for Pat Crow, but he took a Pullman sleeper and traveled


to New York, and from there sailed on a first-class ticket for Europe and spent a good time in London, from whence he went to South Africa and played a deceptive role in the English-African war.

Now, I am going to relate something that will make one's blood boil with indignation and the cold sweat stand out with the clamminess of death, but what I tell you is true.

Priest Dempsey, pastor of St. Patrick's Church in St. Louis, was president of the "Emmet" celebration in the year 1902.

After a speech by Judge Ryan of St. Louis, and a most eloquent address by a priest, who had been a young Boer officer, he inspired Irish patriotism by an elegant appeal against "Old England." He was indeed an orator who, by his recitation, held the audience for an hour. I was one who was nearest to him on the platform and congratulated him on his powerful speech.

After the applause from his Irish friends, as he had called them, he decided to leave with me for his hotel, and I was stopping at St. Patrick's


parsonage, so we both had to go in the same direction. I had become interested in the fellow while he was delivering his speech and I became much more interested in him in our car ride, together, to the Lindell Hotel, and he invited me to stop off with him awhile at the Lindell Hotel, and we were soon engaged in all kinds of discussions, both religious and political. He was a "Dutchman" and had asked his government of Holland for a leave of absence to fight in the Boer war, which was granted him, and to prove the truthfulness of this assertion he showed me a wound on his breast which had not yet healed.

He remarked that he came "nearly" telling in his address at the "Emmet" meeting about the miraculous escape of Pat Crow to South Africa, and stated that if it had not been for the bad impression Pat Crow had made in America, he would have told of the trick that had been turned to gain him his freedom and rob some one in America of the reward that had been put on his head by Millionaire Cudahy.


The following is his story he told me as near as I can remember it:

"One night I was in Johannesburg, South Africa, and stayed with Pat Crow in the same room. I knew that it was Pat Crow and did not intend to have much to do with him, but he noticed me and I became interested in him, and he spoke to me about matters, and the millionaire's boy being abducted, and the ransom that he received, and his escape to Africa.

"He remarked that I would realize from his name that he was an Irish Catholic, and stated that he had gone through the Catholic schools and was a 'brother' in the cloisters, and stated that this was his strong point in never being caught in his daring undertakings.

"He stated that when they received their $25,000 ransom from Cudahy that it was divided at the cottage where the crime was committed. He stated that it cost him quite a sum of money to stay with friends a few days in Omaha, but that he soon disguised himself as an inmate of the Jesuit College, a school for Catholic boys.


"He stated that lie traveled on a 'permit' as Father O'Connor to Kansas City, and stated that from there he went to St. Louis, disguised as a Catholic priest, and that the conductors on the train spoke to him as 'How do you do, Father?'

"When I arrived in St. Louis I went 'to St. Anthony's Church, where you can obtain most anything from that saint. I rang the bell for confession. I confessed all kinds of things. I confessed to murder, robbery, kidnapping, and the Father Confessor was impressed with me because I was a 'big fish' in my line, and because I had done no harm to the millionaire's boy. I told the inmates of St. Anthony's Church that I wanted to make confession and do penance the remainder of my life.

"A brother came with the scissors and I received the 'tonsure' for the third time, which left only a circle of hair around my head, and no Pinkerton detective, or even Bertillion himself could have identified me.

"In a short time I left this St. Anthony Church in a 'Catholic Habit,' which disguised me as a


Catholic official, and I went to Omaha and passed myself off as 'Brother Clement from St. Louis.'

"When I reached Omaha I had no trouble in passing myself off as 'Brother Clement.'

"After I had remained there awhile I excused myself and in my priestly robes I walked to the banks of the 'Missouri River and raised by buried treasure, as I had left a part of the money that I received from Cudahy buried near the river, and I took the train to St. Louis, and from there to New York, and from New York I took a German steamer to Southampton.

"I stayed in London two weeks and read in the papers all about Pat Crow. London was not the place for a man like me, as I had been there before, and they knew me; so I sailed for the diamond fields of South Africa, where I am now free, by the system of 'asylums' (which are Catholic monasteries) of the Catholic Church. Pat Crow wound up his story by telling me that if I ever needed to try this plan that I could do it, and stated that the Catholic Church was the refuge of criminals."


Now, bear in mind, the reason that the Catholic Church is such a refuge for criminals is because no police or detective is ever allowed to cross over the door-sills into these places of Catholic refuge, where the worst chapters of crime never will be told, and where these criminals flee to avoid the punishment of their crimes.

This is the first time in the history of the world that this awful history in regard to Pat Crow and Catholicism was ever given to the reading public.

Catholicism teaches, and acts accordingly, that if a confessor forgives the sins of these criminals that God has taken away all guilt from their heinous crimes and that the civil laws have no right to punish these criminals after a Catholic priest has forgiven their sins, and on this damnable dogma, Catholicism bases her right for the existence of these "asylums."

I want to give the reader a little history in regard to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Wilkes Booth, a Roman Catholic, was the assassin of President Lincoln. The Roman Catholic Church, under the mask of Democracy, was always


believed to be responsible for this diabolical assassination. In fact, it is believed, and the belief is well founded, that through the "inquisition" in the City of Rome that a plot was laid to destroy the republican form of government of the United States, and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln was the first step, and the plotting on this side of the water was done in Catholic houses, adorned with crucifixes, religious saints, religious statues, religious relies, and rosaries, scapulars, holy water pots, and medals of Catholicism innumerable.

It was in the house of Mrs. Surratt, located in the very heart of Washington, D. C., that the officers of this government proceeded after the assassination of President Lincoln, and bear in mind that Mrs. Surratt was a Roman Catholic, and the occupants of this house were arrested. The ones who were arrested were: Mrs. Surratt, a Roman Catholic; her daughter, Anna, a Roman Catholic; Mrs. Fitzpatrick, a Roman Catholic, and Miss Hollahan, a Roman Catholic. Before the officers had left this house a light knock was heard


at the door and a young man appeared in disguise, as he was dressed as a common laborer and carried a pick upon his shoulder; his hands were white and soft and he was also arrested, and his name was Powell, another Roman Catholic.

John Wilkes Booth, the assassin, was a Roman Catholic, consequently the belief is undoubtedly well founded that not only the scheme to assassinate Abraham Lincoln was laid in the City of Rome by Roman Catholics, but was carried into execution by the same set in this country.

Booth, after the assassination, fled to Surrattsville to the hotel of Mrs. Surratt, and there a Roman Catholic woman had concealed a carbine. Mr. Surratt, at Washington, had warned the folks at the hotel that the weapon would be called for the night of Abraham Lincoln's assassination, which is prima facie evidence of the plot to assassinate Lincoln. After the assassination Booth fled, but on the eastern shores of the Potomac he was concealed in a, Roman Catholic Church for nearly a week. As we relate this history, which is


true, the evidence becomes more damaging against Roman Catholicism.

The finale of this national tragedy was that Herald, Powell and Mrs. Surratt were hung, and Dr. Mudd and O'Laughlin were committed to lifelong imprisonment, and all of these were Roman Catholics.

The question now arises, How did John H. Surratt escape from the same fate of Herald, Powell and Mrs. Surratt? I will tell you! John H. Surratt escaped by the assistance of Catholic officials and went to Canada, and as concealed in a "Trappist cloister" near Montreal, and remained there until 1865, when, as a Priest, he went to Liverpool.

In the spring of 1866, Mr. W m. H. Seward was informed by a Mr. King, at Rome, Italy, that John H. Surratt had enlisted in the Papal Guards, under the name of John Watson. He was arrested at Teroli, in Italy, but escaped by plunging down a ravine twenty-three feet deep.

He was wounded by the fall and crawled off to a monastery and remained there until he was


healed and then resumed his flight. After his wounds healed, he went to Egypt, as he was not satisfied with Italy, and was there captured by our minister, Mr. Hale, and sent to America.

I could go on and on, giving you history of lesser importance that this, which occurs week in and week out, month in and month out, and year in and year out, and which is strictly connected with the Catholic Church, but what I have given you are truths, and indisputable truths, which should be evidence enough of the awfulness of monasteries of this and other countries, and a class of men who will commit such dastardly deeds in the monasteries would not hesitate to slaughter innocent virtue in the nunneries of this country.

I could give you history in regard to the nunneries that would make the cheek of virtue blush with shame, but to give you this history I would have to use language that I do not desire to use, as I want to keep the minds and morals of the girls of this country as pure as possible; but from this chapter, Protestant fathers and mothers must know what Roman Catholicism consists of, and


Catholic fathers and mothers who are not everlastingly blinded by the false light of this damnable creed should rally from their lethargic walks of debauchery and snatch their children from the Romish mire of degradation and place them upon the Protestant highways, which lead to the beauties of individual and collective greatness.