A New Bible With No Thou Shalt Nots

The following story was taken from the pages of a newspaper. We quote it word for word, so our readers can see this shameful story:

Thou shalt not find any 'thou shalt nots' in new Bible translation. The Contemporary English Version of the Bible may be the most easy-to-read translation of the perennial bestsellers ever published.

Other recent translations have already dumped the troublesome thees, thous, and whithersoevers of the 17th century's King James Version. But millions of Americans still weren't sure just what such things as an ark and a manger were, American Bible Society translators found. So, in the new version, they have Noah simply building a "boat" and Mary laying Jesus on a "bed of hay." Instead of beating swords into plow-shares, the new version turns them into "rakes and shovels."

"The truth can't set you free if you can't understand it," says one slogan developed for the new Bible campaign by advertising giants Bozell International. This agency also promotes Taco Bell and American Airlines, and recently touted dairy products in ads showing celebrities with moist milk mustaches.


Attacking The Bible
The American Bible Society (ABS) was once under the control of godly people who believed in the Holy Word of God. This is no longer true, and has not been so for many years. While they still print and sell copies of the King James Version, they have been busy promoting its destruction. No Bible believer should support the American Bible Society in any way. Do not give them money, and do not purchase any Bibles or supplies from them. This Contemporary English Version of the Bible, is a bold and Satanic attack upon God's word.

No More "Thou Shalt Not"
The ABS evidently thinks that it is a good thing to get rid of "thou shalt not" in the Bible. At least they seem to be making light of them in their new release. A quick check reveals that "thou shalt not" appears 240 times in the KJV. It starts in Genesis 2:17, and ends in Revelation 3:3. It occurs 11 times in Exodus chapter 20 (i.e., the Ten Commandments). The liberal, libertarians and free thinkers have never liked "thou shalt not." The liberals have longed to change the Ten Commandments into the Ten Suggestions. Please consider these classic examples of "thou shalt not." They were once memorized and believed in this country, but they are largely relegated to the ash heap in modern America.

The following "THOU SHALT NOTS" are from Exodus 20:3-17 of the precious King James Bible:  

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