The Answer Book

By Evangelist Samuel C. Gipp, Th.D.

Comment by David J. Stewart: Respectfully, please note that I promote Dr. Sam Gipp's book because it contains much helpful information for King James Bible believers. HOWEVER: I totally DISAGREE with Dr. Gipp that the King James Bible is NOT inspired. He believes that only the original autographs were inspired. If true, that means we DO NOT have God's very pure Word today! I fully agree with Pastor Jack Hyles that we have an inspired King James Bible today! God PROMISED in Psalms 12:6-7 to PRESERVE His VERY PURE WORDS, as silver tried in a furnace of earth seven times. THAT'S PURE!!! I also DISAGREE with Dr. Gipp in the following chapter, when he claims that the Gospel can still be found even in the grossest of Bible perversions. THAT IS NOT TRUE!!! I admire Brother Gipp and I support his ministry, but I think it is a big mistake for preachers to teach that we don't have an inspired Bible today! God bless Brother Gipp and his family!

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Dr. Samuel C. Gipp, author of An Understandable History of the Bible,
answers 62 common questions about the King James Bible.

The reason for this book is two-fold. First, it was written to answer the raft of questions used by critics of the King James Bible to attack and destroy the faith of anyone who really BELIEVES that the Bible is infallible.

The style is such that its arguments can be understood and advanced by one who has NOT had the benefit (or curse) of a Bible college education. This brings us to the second reason for its existence. Some time ago a leader of a large fundamental movement made the statement, "What really fires me is ... these guys with a High School education debating textual criticism." That is the second purpose of this book.

For years those faithful folk who have not been to college have been bullied around for their lack of formal education by an arm load of D.D.'s who seek to keep them "in the dark." Many of these people have done more serious study of the Bible issue in the privacy of their homes than the honorary doctored critics have in college classrooms. Yet the common man is often intimidated by the "trick" questions asked by his "educated" foe. The critic feels invincible in his armor of education. This book is written so that the ordinary Christian will be properly equipped to defend him or herself from the fiery darts of their pompous foes. In fact, they may even punch a few holes in their armor.


    1. Shouldn't We Be Loyal to the Originals?
    2. Isn't "Easter" a Mistranslation?
    3. Was King James a Homosexual?
    4. What About the Archaic Words?
    5. Hasn't the King James Bible Been Revised?
    6. Don't the Best Manuscripts Support the New Versions?
    7. Don't We Need Perfect Bibles in Other Languages?
    8. Where Do Bible Manuscripts Come From?
    9. What is the LXX?
    10. Was the King James Bible Good Enough for Paul?
    11. What About the Italicized Words?
    12. Aren't There Great Men Who Use Other Versions?
    13. Where Was the Bible Before 1611?
    14. Did the A.V. Translators Claim to be Inspired?
    15. Aren't Today's Scholars Better Equipped to Translate?
    16. How Did King James Authorize His Translation?
    17. Who Was the King James Bible Translated For?
    18. Is the King James Bible the Word of God Because I Got Saved Through It?
    19. Are King James Bible Believers Church Splitters?
    20. Aren't All King James Bible Believers Name Callers?
    21. Do King James Bible Believers Worship the Bible?
    22. Aren't King James Bible Believers a Cult?
    23. Is it Heresy to Believe the King James Bible is Perfect?
    24. Who Was Dean Burgon?
    25. What is Different Between a 'TR Man' and 'KJV Man?'
    26. Will a Bible Education Help Clear Up the Issue?
    27. Do People Who Use Other Versions Hate God?
    28. Is the King James Bible Inspired or Preserved?
    29. Can a Translation be Inspired?
    30. Can a Translation be as Good as the Originals?
    31. Can't We Find the Fundamentals in Other Bibles?
    32. How Can So Many People be Wrong About the KJV?
    33. Is it Wrong to Call the Holy Spirit "it?"
    34. Didn't the KJV Contain the Apocrypha at First?
    35. Can Someone Get Saved Using Another Version?
    36. What About the Testimony of the Dead Sea Scrolls?
    37. What About All the "Thees" and "Thous?"
    38. Is the New King James Version an Improvement?
    39. Is the New Scofield Bible a King James Bible?
    40. Is the New International Version Trustworthy?
    41. Do New Manuscripts Support the King James Bible?
    42. Aren't Modem Translations Easier to Understand?
    43. Is the Devil Behind the Confusion of Bible Versions?
    44. Who Were Westcott and Hort?
    45. Can a Person of Greek Ethnic Origin Understand the Greek New Testament and English Bible Better?
    46. What is a Ruckmanite?
    47. What About the Nuggets Found Only in the Greek?
    48. Wasn't the Textus Receptus Named After 1611?
    49. Were the KJV Translators Baby Sprinklers?
    50. If Believing the King James Bible is Contrary to the Stand My Alma Mater Takes What Should I Do?
    51. What is Progressive Revelation?
    52. Is Believing the KJV the Historic Position?
    53. Should We Make An Issue Out of Bible Translations?
    54. Shouldn't We Respect the Education of the Many Drs. in the Issue of the Bible?
    55. Shouldn't We Emphasize the Love of Jesus?
    56. What About When My Lexicon and Bible Contradict?
    57. Was Erasmus a Good Roman Catholic?
    58. How Many Mistakes Are in the King James Bible?
    59. What About My Friends and Future If I Stand for the King James Bible?
    60. What About a Contradiction That Can't be Explained?
    61. What If There Really Are Mistakes in the King James Bible?
    62. I'm Convinced That the King James Bible is the Infallible Word of God. Now What Should I Do?

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2003 Samuel C. Gipp


Author's Note

All reference to "the Bible," "the Holy Bible," "God's Perfect Bible," "Holy Scripture," etc, are references to the Authorized Version of 1611, also known as the King James Bible, unless otherwise defined by the immediate context of a passage.

Also: Although each question is handled individually, some of the later questions build on the answer of a previous question. For that reason it is advisable to read this book from start to finish rather than by skipping around to the questions that most interest you.

Thank you,
Dr. Samuel C. Gipp

The Answer Book