God's Divine Order

by David J. Stewart
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This is God's divine order:

1. God

2. Marriage

3. Family

4. Church (ministry)

5. Government

This is God's divine plan, plain and simple.  Mix these up and you've got major problems.  Before God ever created the church, He created the family.  Before God ever created the family, He created the marriage.  Before God created anything, He was!  A cult tries to reverse this divine order.  It is so critical for you to understand God's divine order.  So many people have destroyed their own lives because they didn't understand God's divine order.  I sure hope someone's listening, it could save your marriage!

What does all this mean?  I'll get right to the heart-of-the-matter... many people make the mistake of placing the church before their family.  Please read the rest of this article before you criticize me.  I love the church.  I am not trying to diminish the church.  I am simply saying that the church should never come before your family.  I am simply saying that the family should never come before your marriage.  I am simply saying that your marriage should never come before God.  Please continue reading to fully understand what I am saying. 

Many wives place their family before their husband.  This is not good.  Many marriages have been destroyed by a meddling mother-in-law.  The same is true of the husband.  Your wife married you, not your mother.  Tell your mother to kindly mind her own business. 

Many marriages have been destroyed by people at church.  It's often a single or divorced women who's trying to talk a wife into leaving her husband.  I've seen this even at church.  People are people―just because they're church members doesn't mean they're above giving bad advice.  There are quite a few home-wreckers in this world.  They've  ruined their own marriage and now they want to ruin yours too.  A husband and wife must renew their commitments to each often.

Many Christians have been persecuted (and prosecuted) because the government interfered with the church.  Even now, many states are seeking to eliminate tax-exemption status for churches.  Many families have been destroyed by the government (especially through CPS/DCFS).   The church must come before the government in matters of faith, education and our children.  On and on, we see the consequences of reversing God's order.  It was never the government's responsibility to educate our children.  It's not their responsibility today!  Uncle Sam has no right to oversee the education of my child.  The government has no business forcing me to drug my child.  The government has no business telling me where I can or cannot protest against them.  I have a First Amendment right to legally protest against my government.  This is not anarchy, this is my legal right.

Whereas the Bible seeks to strengthen marriages, families and churches... the Devil works to destroy them (John 10:10). 

People are people, and people are dirty-rotten sinners (Romans 3:23).  Christians sometimes let their guard down and forget this fact.  There is a dangerous tendency in churches for women to idolize the pastor above their own husband.  This is not good!  Some women have even given their pastor control (veto power) instead of their own husband.  This is sin!  It is wrong and sinful for a woman to idolize her pastor above her own husband.  A husband should KNOW that his wife thinks he's the ONLY and best man in the world as far as she's concerned.  Your husband should think you hate your pastor compared to your love for your own husband.  I don't care if your husband isn't what he should be (no man is), this is God's divine order.  Read the following verses...

"Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder." -Matthew 19:6

 "What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder." -Mark 10:9

Did you read that? ... "let not man put asunder."  It's as simple as that folks!  Nothing but nothing should ever come between husband and wife... nothing!  No person or group should ever separate a husband and wife.  Notice that nowhere in the Bible does it say that God has joined us to our family, our neighbors or our church.  God has only joined the husband and wife, thus it is to be the strongest of all relationships.  Unfortunately, society has launched an all-out attack on the marriage.  Government tax laws (and many other laws) penalize people for being married.  Married people are disqualified from certain benefits; thus, many couples refuse to marry.  The government discourages marriage. 

In addition, the courts are often unfair in a divorce.  The lawyers and judges make out like bandits, but the couple loses.  Bankruptcy often follows divorce.  It is a shame that America has the highest divorce rate in the world. 

Society also hurts marriages through incarceration.  Prison is sinful and wrong.  The Bible teaches either restitution or execution (depending upon the crime).  There were no prisons in Israel during early Old Testament times.  It is sinful to separate a husband and wife.  God never intended for humans to be caged like animals.  This is one reason God instituted the death penalty.  It is unfair for a wife to suffer because her husband goes to prison for life.  The Bible says she is committing adultery if she remarries (Matthew 5:32).  So what does she do?  The same is true with the husband, what is he to do if his wife is taken away from him for a life sentence in prison?  It is happening right now in America!  It was the heathen world that created prisons as a means of obtaining free labor, which is still happening in some places in America today.  Prisons are big business!  God did not create prisons.  It is man's own wickedness that has made the entire planet a big prison.  So again, no one should ever come between a husband and wife!  This is what God says!

"What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder." -Mark 10:9

You ladies should be careful not to brag about your pastor in front of your husband.  In fact, you should make it a habit to brag on your husband in front of your pastor.  You husbands should brag on your wives too.  This is loyalty!  We should brag on each other.  If you brag on your pastor more than your husband, you are making a foolish mistake!  I don't care if your husband is a drunk!  Does he pay the bills?  Does he do anything good?  Sure he does!  Everyone has good and bad habits.  You brag on what "good" there is and see how he falls in love with you.  At a minimum, he'll know you truly love him and admire him.  Go to your husband and let him know that you're glad God made him.  You husbands do the same with your wives.  Today may be your last day alive (or theirs).  Every wife should brag on her husband.  Let him know that NO MAN, not even your pastor, means more to you than him.  You let your husband know that he OWNS you and you OWN him.  This is what the Bible teaches!

"The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife." -1st Corinthians 7:4

A husband has ownership rights over his wife, and the wife has ownership rights over her husband.  This is Scriptural.  Your pastor does NOT have a right to touch you in any way ladies.  No man has that right except your hubby.  Don't let another man ever place his hand on your arm, shoulder or back.  There's no such thing as a man innocently placing his hand on another woman whom he's not married to!  You ladies, don't let it happen!  Immediately (and politely) tell the man not to touch you anymore.  If he does it again, have your husband go with you to tell him.  He's disrespecting you!  He's taking liberties that BELONG only to your husband.  If you think this is silly, you are playing with the Devil's fire.  I am simply saying that you had better keep your guard up, especially at church where we're prone to let it down. 

I am primarily speaking to you ladies simple because it's the men who are exalted in most churches (the pastor, assistant pastors, deacons, et cetera).  These men are on their best behavior at church, wearing their best clothing, and so forth.  It would be very easy for a woman to let down her guard and have TOO MUCH trust in one or more of these men.  Don't do it!  I like the saying, "Be nice to everybody, but trust no one!"  I'm going to make a very good statement here...

If you and your spouse are not the best of friends after ten years of marriage, something is very wrong!

This means that no one should be able to divide your marriage!  This means that your mother knows she is on the outside looking in... where she belongs!  This means that you're NOT closer friends with someone at church, work, et cetera.  It's sad that a woman would be closer to her employer than to her own husband (but this is all too common).  Many wives have run off with their manager, coworker, or associate.  This is wicked!  By the way, I believe that a mother's place is in the home.  The Apostle Paul gives this godly advice in 1st Timothy 5:14-15...

 "I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.  For some are already turned aside after Satan." -1st Timothy 5:14-15

It's a shame that so many mothers are not at home with their children.  Many women have run off with another man at work (was it worth that extra income?).  Regardless of what we think, God has declared to us that His will for a young woman is for her to do four things:

1. marry

2. bear children

3. guide the house.

4. not be a reproach to her husband

This teaching is not very popular nowadays, but it is solid Bible.  In Japan, couples have been putting off having children so much to pursue their own careers that the population of Japan's youth is fast decreasing.  The Japanese government is taking drastic steps to encourage couples to have children.  Can you imagine a society that is so advanced that people don't even have the time to raise children anymore?  How crazy!  In America, people have children but then spent little or no time with them, this is equally wrong.  I haven't worked overtime in years.  Do I owe money?  Of course, but my days off are for my family.  I refuse to live for money.  The greatest things in life are not things!  No one ever looks back over their life and thinks, "Gee, I wish I would have spent more time at the job working."  No, rather, people think to themselves, "I sure wish I had spent more time with my family."  Do it now, so you don't have to regret it later! 

I've mentioned the workplace because the government is interfering with the family by forcing mothers to go to work.  The wicked Federal Reserve System (owned and operated by rich and powerful private bankers) has deliberately placed the American people into lifetime debt.  We can never seem to make ends meet because the greedy rich men who control this country want to keep us in debt.  They control interest rates, inflation, and our buying power.  MOST American people and big companies are in debt.  We have to pay for three houses just to get one because of outrageous interest rates.

The Central Bank could cause another Great Depression over night simply by greatly increasing the money supply.  More money means less buying power.  Thus, to be able to live anywhere above poverty, BOTH parents are FORCED to go to work (even still, families are having a tougher time making it).  Bankruptcy's are at an all-time high.  Property forfeitures have sky-rocketed.  We don't have some of the things we would like to have, but we have food on the table.  My car has 202,563 miles on it (no kidding!).  It gets us from point A to point B (usually).  We live simple.

The U.S. Constitution declares that congress (the people we vote into office) are supposed to control our money, not independently wealthy private bankers.  The government is not only interfering with families, they're destroying them.  Child Protection Services is a nightmare all across America!  Parents are losing their children.  Hilary Clinton's lousy book, "It takes a village," is another example of how the government wants to interfere with the family.  It is not the government's responsibility to tell us how to raise our children.  We don't want their help!  It doesn't take a village!  A child needs loving parents, no more.  God's divine order places the government at the BOTTOM of the list.  The government was created to preserve our way of life, i.e., to protect our property, person and freedom!   It's NOT the government's purpose to interfere with our churches, families or marriages. 

Likewise, the church has NO right to interfere with the family or the marriage.  The family has NO right to interfere with the marriage.  The first and foremost institution which God ever ordained was the marriage.  How sad that marriage is nothing more than a piece of paper to so many people today.  How sad that so many people only plan to stay married for five years or so and move on.  I heard a man once say that he only wanted to be married to a women for five years, then find another.  This is Hollywood's mentality.  This is progressive adultery.  Marriage is supposed to be a commitment for life... 'til death do us part.  To do otherwise is to disobey God's laws and commit adultery.

I hope that this article will open your eyes to several things:

First, don't allow your family (especially mom) to meddle in your marriage... it's none of their (her) business.  Don't let your mother control your wedding―don't let her run or ruin your marriage.  One of the number one causes of divorce is a foolish and meddling mother (especially the wife's mother).

Second, don't allow your church to control your family.  The church is a "called out assembly" of believers, a place where Christians meet, a headquarters for soulwinning.  The church has NO power over the family or the marriage.  The Catholic Church claims much power and tries to dominate the families of it's members (especially financially).  Don't let anyone control your money.  Catholicism is a system of cultic religious practices and rituals based upon unbiblical manmade traditions.

The church is supposed to help people; but instead I see people are being required to help the church.  Even in Baptist churches you must beware of those well-meaning people, who will destroy your marriage IF you allow them to get into your business.  Your marriage is nobody's business!  If you counsel with an elder at the church, be aware that they may give you some bad advice... it happens all the time.  Take advice with a grain of salt.  Think and look before you leap!  If you jump out of the frying pan, you may end up in the fire instead. 

Ladies especially have to be careful because there are many women in this world (including in our churches) that HATE masculinity.  They are female chauvinist pigs.  In Baptist churches?  Yes!  Let me tell you... Americas churches are filled with carnal believers and feminists.  I'm simply saying, be careful who you talk to!  When these women poison your mind with garbage, and cause you to hurt your husband, they still have their marriage but you just ruined yours.  I've seen this happen.

People talk you into hurting your husband with the police, unkind words, leaving home, filing for separation, etc... but they would never do such a thing to their own husband!  And then to add insult to injury, they don't even call you back to see how your doing after they gave you a knife to stab your husband with.  This is how rotten people can be... I'm talking about church people here too.  The bottom line is, seek counsel from God's Word... not people.  If you do go to someone, be very careful who you go to, and what you do with their advice.  Remember what God says...

"What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder." -Mark 10:9

Do you want to know the best place to seek marriage counseling?  Go find an older couple who has been married for over 30 years, who has raised a successful family, who has "been there and done that."  I'm always sickened how some young woman with no children will advise a mother how to care for her children.  Just learn to say, "shut up!"  A woman who's been married for only five years should NOT counsel with an "expert" who's only been married for ten years.  You younger wives and mothers are foolish to counsel with a younger wife or mother.  Don't do it!  You find a woman who's KEPT her husband for thirty or forty years... that's the woman you need to go see. 

If you want to succeed at something, find a person who has successfully done what you want to do and then go ask them how they did it.  If they're where you want to be, ask them how they got there.  Don't ask the person who never did it.  Don't ask the person who's trying to do it.  You go ask somebody who's done it!  Most advice today is given by people who have little experience (especially in the secular world).  Five years is no experience at all in my book, I'm talking twenty or more years.  Christianity is not measured in months or even years, but in decades.  You show me where you're at in your Christian life 10-years from now, and then I'll know if you're genuine or not. 

Stay away from psychologists and psychiatrists if you want to obey Psalm 1:1.  You need the Word of God, not Dr. know-it-all with a PHD (post hole digger).  Psychologists don't recognize the fact of man's sin-nature. 

Let's look at God's divine order once more:

1. God

2. Marriage

3. Family

4. Church (ministry)

5. Government

So in closing... there is a divine order.  Mix the order up and you've got big problems.  False religions place themselves above God by redefining the truth and God.  This is wicked!  The government is NOT to interfere the church, family or marriage.  To do so is wicked!  The church is not to interfere with the family or the marriage.  To do so is wicked!  A husband and wife MUST be loyal to each other.  No family or church should come between them.  The family is not to interfere with the marriage.  The church is not to interfere with the family.  To do so is wrong! 

By the way, when people say to you, "How is your spouse treating you?"  You reply by saying, "WE are doing just fine!"  Learn to use the words, "us," "we" and "our."  Never let someone come between you and your spouse, not even in conversation.  This is good stuff here!  Satan wants to destroy your marriage, family and church.  You must protect yourself.  Never let anyone bad mouth your spouse, your family, your pastor or your church.  Tell them you don't want to hear it!  Learn to say, "Shut up!"  It's about time we started obeying the Bible and butting out of things that are NOT our business.  Mind your own back yard!  God bless you and I hope I have helped you a bit.