Food, Fasting and Faith

By Lester Roloff

To Receive Food, Fasting and Faith in Print Form

By Mail

Although we can not currently accept requests for literature by E-Mail, we enjoy hearing from our friends in old-fashioned letters. The booklet "Dr. Law And Dr. Grace" is available in a print edition for a donation of any amount to the Roloff Ministries (although a $1.00 donation is requested to cover both the printing expenses and the postage). To reach the Roloff Ministries by mail, please write:

Roloff Ministries
P.O. Box 1177
Corpus Christi, Tx 78403

If you are able to listen to the Family Altar Program, please include the CALL LETTERS of the radio station in your letter along with a request for the booklet "Dr. Law And Dr. Grace." If you listen to The Family Altar Program over the internet in TrueSpeech, please use the word INTERNET for the call letters.

By Phone

The Roloff Ministries does have a 1-800 phone number for requesting literature, cassettes, videos, and the book "Lester Roloff - In Life and In Death." The 800 number is ONLY answered weekdays (M-F) between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Central Time USA, and we can only take orders associated with credit card donations on this number. The requested donation for "Dr. Law and Dr. Grace" is $1.00. This donation covers both the printing expenses and the postage. When ordering by credit card, we do request a minimum donation of $5.00 (additional item(s) may be added to offset the $4.00 difference between the suggested donation for "Dr Law and Dr Grace" and the minimum credit card donation). We do accept mail-in credit card orders with the stipulation that the minimum credit card donation is still $5.00. Please include the credit card number and expiration date with your request in any mail-in credit card orders.

For requesting literature, cassettes, videos and books only, call 1-800-772-7507.

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