Food, Fasting and Faith

By Lester Roloff

Chapter 1


I hope you read every line of the foreword in order that you might understand the spirit in which this book is written. I am convinced that four things are killing the American people too much food, bad food, wrong combinations of food, and anxiety and worry which stem from an absence of faith and trust and wisdom that comes from God.

Daniel purposed in his heart not to defile himself, first of all, by eating the wrong thing and then by drinking wine. Daniel 1:8. The wise man said in Proverbs 23:21, "For the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty." In that verse, he yoked the glutton -the man who eats too much- with the drunkard.

The Psalmist said that man is fearfully and wonderfully made. Man has never made a machine with a motor that would run 969 years like the heart of Methuselah. The human body is the only machine that will repair itself if given the proper cooperation. Man is not a mechanical machine, but a living organism and has innate wisdom that no other part of God's creation has been able to exercise.

The birds and chickens and other fowl change from summer to winter clothes without having to go shopping. The ducks and geese have a built-in radar that guides them safely to the south to spend the winter. The dog becomes his own doctor as he puts himself on a fast except for maybe some green grass, and licks his bleeding wounds with the healing salve that comes through his tongue. A dog's tongue is a very valuable member of his body, not only to be used to bark with, to taste with, to eat with, but it's his first-aid kit and also his air-conditioner. When you see a dog panting, he has his air-conditioner going, apart from which he would smother to death.

Physically, you can only be what you eat or at least what you assimilate and use of that which goes into your body. Doesn't it seem strange to you that the average parent knows more about the physical needs of the chicken in the pen, the hog in the lot, or the dog in the house than he does the needs of his own children? The average man knows more about the needs of his automobile than he does about the physical needs of his own child. America is the sickest nation she has ever been with heart trouble, cancer, leukemia, poliomyelitis, hepatitis, nervous disorders, and mental maladies. I believe much of it can be laid at the door of improper diet.

In the first place, who started the three meals a day? Most people feel that they are religiously bound to eat three squares a day, with coffee breaks and all sorts of supplements in between. God only fed Elijah twice a day and it probably wasn't too much of a ration because it was brought by a raven which of course couldn't have had too big of a baggage department. And yet, Elijah was a specimen of tremendous physical health who could outrun the king's horses.

Find out what your body needs and then in spite of the cost and criticism, stay with it to live longer and stronger. All of us are victims of a depraved appetite. We were born with that. That's the reason a baby will eat dirt, trash, roaches, pins, tacks and sometimes the reason a baby does that is because he is craving something that he is not getting that his little body needs.

For thirty-five years, I lived (or rather died) on potatoes, meat, gravy, and refined sweets, my main excuse being "I don't like it." Therefore, I turned down the fresh lettuce, the green beans, the english peas, and many other delightful and healthful things that came straight out of our garden. As a result, I was the sickest boy of the three in our family and baffled the doctors and was treated for everything except the right thing, namely, an improper diet.

Now don't get the idea in the first few sentences of this book that I am suggesting that you starve yourself to death or go on some unhappy diet. No sir. I'm enjoying eating now more than I ever have before, even though during the last ten days, as I write this book, I have eaten only one cooked meal. But it doesn't mean that I haven't enjoyed eating figs, dates, raisins, almonds, pecans, honey, apples, grapes, grapefruit, oranges, cashew butter, and almond butter. I feel fine and my weight is practically the same. If you have a normal body, you will have no weight problem if you'll eat right.

Now, friend, don't say that it doesn't make any difference about the needs of your body. To me, it would be just as foolish for you to be flying with me over the mountains of Arkansas and I look at the gauges on my panel and say, "Well, it looks like I'm about out of oil and gas, but it doesn't make a good deal of difference." Why, it would frighten you to death! Or when I land at the airport and tell the man to put some coal-oil into that high compression engine and some used oil in the crankcase. How far would you ride with me?

There's a manual that goes with that tri-pacer plane and the guarantee only holds as I go by the manual. Likewise, I believe God gives a guarantee with your body that if you'll go by His Word and wisdom, health can be yours. So if God tells you to burn 100 aviation octane, don't try to get by on 80. That plane is my flying temple and has already saved me over two-hundred eight hour work days. But on the other hand, my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and must be attended to according to His good pleasure.

That's the reason this book is important. One's body is only important in the sight of God and the light of the Word as it becomes the very temple of the Holy Spirit to be used as a yielded instrument to glorify our Father and to exalt the Name of Jesus. Therefore, these chapters on Food, Fasting, and Faith are not unrelated. Again, I say, the man who puts salt water in the radiator or sand in the crankcase is a fool, but not any bigger fool than the man who will put alcohol or dirt in his human system.

For illustration, a man will drive into a service station and ask for the best permanent anti-freeze to be put in his radiator, then will go next door and get a bottle of liquor and put it in his human system to enter the delicate lining of his stomach and pass through the blood stream to the liver to begin cirrhosis of the liver and paralysis of the brain. Have you ever heard a man say, "Well, I eat as much as I want of anything and as much as I can hold." All I can say is that you'd better take out some hospitalization and a burial policy to make it light on your family.

There have literally been thousands of people who have asked me, even with my limited knowledge, "Well, what can I eat? I want to be healthy. I'd like to be well and stay well. Where can I get information that would help me?" Therefore, I hope to give some practical suggestions in this book and I hope you will practice them.

Let us return to the simple things like God gives them. Even though we are all aware of the fact that man has poisoned the water system, the ground, and polluted the air, I still believe, in spite of the terrible conditions upon us, that with the right effort, man can have a large measure of health. The food situation is sort of like the Gospel. It's been decorated, advertised, and glamorized, but at the same time, it's been refined and de-lifed. It looks good, tastes good, and lasts longer without spoiling. The American people are sort of like the little bird when the mama bird comes home he just throws his mouth wide open and apparently it doesn't make any difference whether a beetle or a bumblebee goes down his throat.

The cook stove is the murderer in your house. After our foods are poisoned, killed, cooked, fried, baked, boiled, stewed, mashed, hashed, and seasoned, we don't get much of the original good that was in them when they were harvested. It would be a wonderful start for you to take one day a week just to fast and, if necessary, drink a little unsweetened fruit juice or eat a piece of fruit. The body is about ninety percent liquid and therefore ought to have a lot of liquids, but liquids of the right kind.

People ask me, "Well, why don't you drink coffee, tea, or soft drinks?" I would like to ask, "Why do you drink them? Is there a health reason for it?" Now, I'm interested in being healthy because of the call of God upon my life. There's no demand for a sick body. People ask, "Don't you like them?" Why, of course, I like them and until sixteen years ago, I drank and indulged in all of these things, but let me remind you that it was back in my sick days.

Drink unsweetened juices. God put enough sugar in the orange and in the grapefruit and even in the grape juice. I eat grapes practically every day of my life. But let me remind you not to eat your fruits with your vegetables, meats, and so forth. Your fruit juices are your cleansers; your vegetables and vegetable juices are your feeders. Now remember, I'm not writing this book as a doctor and I'm not trying to introduce a sure cure for everything. I'm writing down some things that have been extremely helpful to me and if they can be a blessing to you, well and good.

I have gotten away from white sugar, white flour, and an abundance of meat, along with milk, which is mucous-forming and causes congestion, in my system, bringing on a sore throat and colds. In my opinion, the two most over-evaluated foods are meat and milk and yet, you hear the people say, "I work hard. I've got to have plenty of meat." "In order to be really strong, you must get plenty of meat," is the cry of the public, which explains, of course, along with advertising, the high cost of meat. But the average person overlooks the origin of the meat which comes from the alfalfa, the clover, and that which grows in the field. Why not go to the field and get it instead of straining it through an animal that goes through tremendous fear when it is killed. Then the meat is usually put on cold storage and goes through all sorts of packing processes and finally winds up in a skillet in hot grease, usually with white flour all over it. And then by the time you put your hot sauces or catsup on it, just what of the original value do you have left? Have you ever noticed the putrefaction of meat and the horrible smell around a meat packing plant?

The average American eats meat for breakfast, dinner, and supper. When you think of breakfast, ordinarily one thinks of bacon, eggs, toast, jelly, and coffee, or either a sweet roll and coffee. While I'm thinking about it, let me urge you to drink your fruit juices at least forty-five minutes before your meal so it will have an opportunity to do its cleansing. I have gotten away from drinking anything while I eat because the salivary juices have proved themselves to be so much better in digesting the food.

Now then you say, "Well, what am I going to do if I do not eat meat three times a day?" Just remember that egg yolks, cottage cheese (especially when it is homemade), avocado, nuts, and the right kind of cheese are very good meat substitutes. I have friends who haven't had a bite of meat in twenty years and are in perfect health. That's proof enough for me. Meat at its best is still greasy. Hog meat is especially detrimental to the human system. Chocolates and chilis and hot foods are hurtful to the system. You may know by this time that chocolate is difficult to digest and also bad for the complexion.

Maybe you are saying by now, "Well, what am I going to eat?" We'll come to that a little later on. The way people eat and under the conditions they eat can be just about as bad as the wrong kind of food. For instance, the family gets to the table and starts a family brawl and winds up in tears. That's a meal that ought to have been skipped. Eating ought to be done under very pleasant conditions. I'd rather eat one meal with my family, with all four of us happy, than eat a dozen with strife and misunderstanding. I think the wise man had it in mind when he said in Proverbs 15: 17, "Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith."

When the body is real tired, it is certainly not good to eat a heavy meal. One of the fatal faults of the American people is to eat late at night and then come in at midnight and fall into the bed dead tired. I can just hear the heart saying to the liver, "Well, old boy, we'll have to take the night shift tonight." Many people die with a heart attack in their sleep, or wake up the next morning and say at the breakfast table, "I feel like I've never gone to bed. I'm so tired and have a headache and I don't see how I'll make it through the day." or "I'm not hungry." Well, no wonder, my friend, the liver and the heart and all the other organs are still hammering away at what you ate at midnight.

Can' t you see the practical side of what I'm talking about? Sickness is no accident, neither is health. Sickness is an accumulation of poisons that the system could not get rid of. God has put every cleanser and purifier and eradicator in the human system that was necessary, but because of man's misuses and abuses, he makes himself sick. For instance, many of the poisons of the human system will go out through the pores when one perspires enough and yet, we find ourselves riding in air-conditioned cars and sitting in air-conditioned offices and living in elevator and escalator times. The proper exercise is essential to good health. A Russian Communist said the other day that the secret of his health was that he fasted and he walked wherever it was possible to walk.

Also, remember it is a lot easier to get that which is bad than that which is good. For instance, I go in a cafe, which I hardly ever do, and ask for a bowl of shredded wheat or some whole wheat cereal and ask for honey to sweeten it with and they look at me surprised and say, "We don't have any honey." To me, honey is a necessary natural sweet that ought to be in every home. Use it for sweetening purposes but don't cook with it. You usually have to get brown sugar and raw sugar at the health food store, but you can also use dates and raisins for sweetening purposes.

I get amused at people as sometimes I, as graciously as possible, refuse some offer of food or drink that I consider harmful and they look with sympathy and say, "I didn't know you had stomach trouble." Actually, since I stopped eating and drinking certain things, I have not had any stomach trouble. Oh, the sickness and pain, worry and depression and lost days of thirty-five years just because of bad food. Overstuffed, but undernourished, is the condition of the average American.

While I am dictating this book, I am here in the Wynnewood Hotel in Dallas, Texas. I just looked out the window and saw a man dressed in nice clothes walk out of a business establishment and get on a bicycle and ride toward home. Now, that's unusual, and yet, why should it be? He's in the open air and he's exercising his legs.

How you prepare your foods is important and we'll have more to say about this later. Your health is invaluable. It ought to be measured in terms of souls and spiritual usefulness. Get away from rich gravies. The word gravy comes from the word, "graveyard". I've had some very unhappy experiences with gravy, even though I used to be the gravy-maker in the big church feeds. When I was a boy, I had gravy every morning for breakfast, along with hot biscuits made with white flour and, of course, suffered with clogging of my system. I marvel that I lived for thirty-five years on such a careless and dead diet.

Now, if I haven't lost my readers, in just a moment, I want to give you some practical suggestions about what you can eat. But in order to allay your fears that you'll starve to death or become too weak to work, let me remind you that I can run a mile right now without stopping at an age of nearly forty-six. If you want to be healthy, don't be a pincushion for a hypodermic needle. Don't let your system stay saturated with chemicals that are foreign to the human body. Eat natural foods and use natural means for healing in case you become sick, such as fasting, the Word of God and prayer, and whatever liquids are necessary to cleanse your system.

For meat, eat fish, fowl, wild game, avocado, egg yolks, nuts, cheese, and cottage cheese, sunflower seed, and a minimum of other meats. Drink a lot of juices, always unsweetened, forty-five minutes to an hour before the meal, or a couple of hours after the meal. Everyone ought to have a vegetable juicer. You may say, "I can't afford one," yet, one trip to the hospital costs you from three hundred to a thousand dollars. My dad has spent over fifty thousand dollars on illness in our family and I've not spent five cents for drugs in ten years. If what I'm doing for God and others is as vital as I believe it is, nothing is too costly to keep me well enough to do it.

Let me bear a personal testimony about how I begin my day. I start with a great big juicy verse or a chapter of the Word of God. Then, before reading a number of chapters and entering into a season of prayer, I usually drink a big glass of grapefruit juice. If I cannot get grapefruit, I drink a big glass of lime or lemon water. If no juice is available, I will drink just a big glass of water. However, I usually see that juice is available. In my plane or car, I carry an icebox with all arrangements made for fruits and juices.

For breakfast, sometimes I will have chopped dates, figs, raisins, a banana, a piece of whole wheat toast or other good whole grain bread and honey, along with some nuts or sunflower seed sprinkled over the fruit. Or I may have a bowl of steel cut oats or whole grain cereal or other health food cereal that still has the life in it. Or many times, when in season, I have grapes, pears, apples, or fresh peaches, with nuts. Or I may have dried apples or apricots that have been properly soaked, mixed with some cashew butter or almond butter and honey, with nuts and various seeds, which make a delicious breakfast. And occasionally, if I eat an egg or maybe two or three eggs, I eat the yolks steamed slowly in butter in a covered pan or either poached, with toast and honey, or with toast and Fig Pep, which is a product made from black mission figs. Or during fruit season, I may have a cantaloupe or a watermelon. Sometimes I put a little cream, preferably goat milk, over my cereal and over the dates, figs, and raisins. Raw milk, of course, is better because it still has the culture and the life.

It would be well if you had the opportunity and the place to keep a good milk goat and a cow and your own chickens and feed them properly in order to have the right kind of food. Also, it would be wonderful if you had a little garden spot and would organically grow, without commercial fertilizers and poisons, your own vegetables and some of your fruits.

Right here, I must pay tribute to Mrs. Ira Page, of Raymondville, Texas, who with much patience, got me started to thinking and studying about the needs of my own body. I shall always be in debt to her for her many kindnesses and sincere interest in my ministry.

You may say, "Well, I travel a great deal." I doubt if you travel more than I do. I travel from fifty to a hundred thousand miles a year, but that presents no insurmountable problem. I'm here in the hotel where I've been since yesterday and I have ample food in the room such as honey, black mission figs, dates, raisins, almond butter, grapefruit, oranges, and Fig Pep. Friend, it's just a matter of whether you want to be well or not. Your health must be guarded and protected, and you're not wasting time or money when you are making an effort to stay well.

The thing that has amazed me is how little a person can eat and still feel good and go hard. Thousands of people have said to me, "I don't understand how you have so many ministries, make so many miles, preach so many times, and even live." Let me be quick to say, the first secret is the goodness of God and faith in Him and His Word. But on the human side, He certainly has blessed the efforts we have put forth in temple care.

Now, we would like to give you some practical suggestions to help you in your kitchen. It is most important that you have proper utensils. If you want to be at your best physically, you will discard all your aluminum pots and pans (and aluminum foil) and equip your kitchen with some good stainless steel utensils. I realize that this involves money, but in the long run, it will mean much more to you than the initial expense. These stainless steel utensils will last indefinitely and be just as lovely as when they were new.

We have already mentioned the value of a vegetable juicer. I would like to suggest one other appliance for your health kitchen that will be of great help a liquefier or food blender. These come in a wide range of prices.

For maximum health, we need to eat as much of our food as possible in its raw state. However, our American people have become so accustomed to cooked foods that it is unlikely we will be able to get very many of you on a raw food diet. Proper food preparation, though, will be of great benefit to you and your family.

Get away from the habit of peeling such vegetables as carrots and potatoes before cooking them. Much of the food value in your vegetables lies just under the skin and is lost if they are peeled. Scrub them clean with a vegetable brush. In cooking vegetables, use just a small amount of water. By this, I mean just enough to barely cover the bottom of your pan, less than a fourth of a cup. Put your prepared vegetables in the pan, cover with a tight-fitting cover, and place on high heat just until steam begins to escape and then reduce your heat to as low as possible. BE SURE TO KEEP PAN TIGHTLY COVERED WHILE COOKING. Cook just until tender. Do not overcook your vegetables. The longer you cook them, the more of the food value you destroy. Do not use fat meats in cooking vegetables. Learn to enjoy the good natural flavor of the things you eat. Season vegetables AFTER cooking with a little butter, if desired, and vegetable salt (from health food store).

If you like cabbage, but find that it doesn't agree with you, try cooking it by this steaming method just until tender. You'll have no cabbage odor in your house and no indigestion after eating! We like sliced carrots cooked with cabbage.

Form the habit of tightly covering all food stored in the refrigerator.

One of the worst punishments we give our poor stomachs is throwing so many different foods into them at mealtime. Try serving just three items at your meals, or four at the most. You'll find that you will feel much better. And do make it a habit to have at least one raw food at every meal.

A salad made of lettuce, carrots, celery, avocado, boiled egg yolks, and sunflower seed with a little health food dressing sprinkled over with maybe some cottage cheese in it, makes a delicious and nourishing meal.


The Following Recopies Are Included Below:

  1. Mayonnaise
  2. Whole Wheat Bread
  3. Egg Custard
  4. Drop Cookies
  5. Brownies

Here is a recipe for making your own mayonnaise:
The first three ingredients and all utensils should be thoroughly chilled. Use a rotary beater or electric mixer. Beat egg yolks well. Add oil and lemon juice drop by drop, increasing the amount as the dressing thickens. Gradually add honey and salt during the mixing process, ending with oil. When all oil is used, dressing should be thick enough to hold its shape; if not, add a little more oil. Add the boiling water last to prevent separation. Refrigerate.

In the evening, a big fruit plate is a good light meal A big glass of unsweetened juice before you go to bed will be healthy for you. In serving nuts over fruit dishes, it is good to grind them briefly in the food blender that we mentioned earlier. They are more digestible this way and your body can assimilate more of the food value from them. Be sure to thoroughly chew all your food, especially nuts.

Get some whole wheat flour and make your own bread. Make every effort to get freshly ground whole wheat flour. I make a custard that I think is delicious and I'm going to ask Mrs. Gene Price, formerly Miss Frances Goodman, who has worked for us for many years, to give you the recipe for bread and also for the custard, since she actually perfected the custard recipe.

Now for the baking suggestions. There is nothing quite so delicious as a fresh loaf of home baked whole wheat bread. However, even though the temptation is great, be careful that you do not over-eat even of good whole grain products. Keep your diet well-balanced. Here is the recipe for whole wheat bread. If you like, you can replace part of the whole wheat flour with unbleached white flour. For other variations, try kneading raisins, chopped dates, cinnamon, or nuts into your dough.

Whole Wheat Bread

Scald milk. Add butter, salt, and brown sugar and pour into large mixing bowl. Cool to lukewarm.

Dissolve yeast in 1/3 cup lukewarm water. Add dissolved yeast to mixture in bowl.

Add 3 cups of the flour. Stir eight minutes with electric mixer at low speed or 300 strokes by hand. Add remainder of flour and mix well.

Turn onto floured board and knead until dough is smooth and elastic, kneading in more flour if necessary.

Place in oiled bowl, cover with towel and let rise in a warm place until double in bulk, about one hour.

Knead down to original size, cover and let rise again.

Knead down, cut in half, shape into two loaves, place in oiled bread pans, cover with towel and let rise until dough begins to lift towel.

Bake in 350 F. preheated oven for 45 minutes or until golden brown.

Remove from pans and place on wire rack to cool.

For soft crust, brush with butter.

Egg Custard

Now the recipe for egg custard. You will notice that we use just the egg yolks.

Scald the milk and sugar. Add VERY slowly to the lightly beaten egg yolks. Add vanilla. Pour through strainer into baking dish. Sprinkle the top with nutmeg or dot with butter. Place baking dish in a pan of hot water and bake at 325 until knife inserted in middle of custard comes out clean, about one hour.

We have done quite a bit of experimenting with cookie recipes, especially drop cookies, substituting unbleached and whole wheat flour. Here is one suggested recipe that you can try.

Drop Cookies

Mix together thoroughly:

Stir in: Sift together and stir in: Add: Chill at least one hour. Drop rounded teaspoonfuls about 2" apart on lightly greased baking sheet. Bake 10 - 12 minutes at 350 , until, when touched lightly with finger, almost no imprint remains.

There is a preparation that you can get at the health food store that is a wonderful substitute for chocolate, called Carob Powder. You can experiment with your recipes using this Carob Powder in place of chocolate. As a general rule, 3 level tablespoons Carob Powder plus 2 tablespoons liquid ( milk or water) equals 1 square of chocolate.


Try this recipe for Brownies:

Cream butter and sugar until well blended. Add eggs, salt, vanilla, milk, and Carob Powder mixture. Beat vigorously.

Sift the baking powder with the flour. Add flour and chopped nuts to mixture.

Spread batter in a 9 x 9 inch greased pan. Bake for 30 minutes at 350 . Cut brownies before they have cooled.

Hints for Health

Since sore throat and a cold, which results many times in flu or pneumonia, is such a common malady, let me offer you a suggestion or at least tell you what I do. If I feel a sore throat coming on, I immediately stop eating and drink only water or grapefruit juice until my system is clean again. It usually doesn't take over twenty-four or forty-eight hours until the sore throat is gone. Most people get sick like that in the winter time because they do not get sunshine and fresh air, but sit around in some old stuffy room, too hot from gas stoves that have already burned up the oxygen. Also, they do not take enough exercise in the winter time.

The television set has done plenty to damage the health of the people as they sit hour after hour. Especially has it damaged the health of the little children because instead of playing in the back yard or on the soft ball lot, they are sitting around watching television and many times in positions that are not good for developing the body. Excuse me for this, but I thought of it and I might as well say it the Lord gave us one seat and two feet. Therefore He must intend for us to walk and stand more than He does for us to sit!

Now let me summarize the thing that I've been trying to say. Eat natural foods as much as possible. Don't over-eat. Stay away from things that may not be particularly harmful or kill you right away, but simply do not have any contribution to make to your over-all health picture. Paul says there are some things that may not be sin, but they are weights, and he suggested we lay them aside. Most people are trying to run the race of life weighted down with too much luggage.

22 Hints for Health

  1. Eat uncooked food one day each week.
  2. Fast at least three meals a week.
  3. Do not eat fast.
  4. Do not drink things real hot or real cold.
  5. Do not drink liquids with your meals.
  6. Drink your fruit juices at least forty-five minutes before you eat and wait at least two hours after you eat before you drink fruit juices or vegetable juices.
  7. DO NOT eat starches, sugar, or sweet fruits such as raisins, dates, and figs with meats or fruits such as grapefruit, oranges, lemons, apples, pears, peaches, etc.
  8. Avoid fried foods, gravies, hot sauces, and black pepper.
  9. Drink a lot of pure water.
  10. Do not eat late at night.
  11. Since food is sanctified by the Word of God and prayer, quote a verse of Scripture and always ask the Lord to bless the food.
  12. Young people, remember that a good complexion does not come out of a jar or a bottle, but out of your stomach. A healthy outside comes from a healthy inside.
  13. Make your own toothpaste out of salt and soda. The dentist will tell you this is safer and better for your teeth.
  14. Take a good fast walk every day, concentrating on breathing deeply. It's better to walk early in the morning when things are fresh and you get your purest air.
  15. Wear the most comfortable shoes if you want healthy feet.
  16. Do not wear clothes that interfere with the circulation.
  17. Do not be afraid of sunshine. There is healing in it.
  18. Sleep on a hard bed and learn to sleep on your back. Your framework is in your back, but if you sleep on your stomach or side, you are likely to impair the organs of your body and many times develop cricks in your neck and in your arms. I would rather sleep three hours on a hard bed than four on a soft bed.
  19. Do not sleep in a room with the gas turned on because it will burn out the oxygen. Keep plenty of fresh air in the room.
  20. Try to be asleep by ten o'clock and not later than eleven. One hour before midnight is worth two after midnight.
  21. Do not be deceived either by the advertisements or by the great intellects. Good food and good health habits really work. Find out what your body needs and faithfully provide it.
  22. Don't compare money or time with health. Health is priceless.

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