Women Don't Belong In The Military!

By David J. Stewart

Gender Rights Insanely Moving 14,000 Women to Frontlines in Army and Marines

1st Timothy 2:9, “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array.”

1st Peter 3:4, “But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.”

Webmaster's note: Women do NOT belong in the military. The alarming number of rapes of women soldiers by their own male peers is an alarming reason to warn women against enrolling for the military. Literally thousands of rapes have been reported and unreported. If your own peers are going to rape you, what do you think the enemy will do to you? 

In addition, Jessica Lynch was brutally raped and sodomized in Iraq by the Iraqis. At first the military tried to cover it up, but for fear of being assassinated to silence her, Jessica Lynch went public with the truth that she was indeed brutally raped. The Iraqi's were paid back by the brutal torture and killing of over 1,455,000 Iraqi's. Iraqi men were shot in the buttocks by Blackwater's gang with exploding ammunitions, dying in slow agonizing pain.

Will your daughter be next, sexually attacked by dozens of males? The fact that hundreds of U.S. women soldiers have been raped by their own male peers is proof enough of what I am saying. Ladies, go be school teachers or work in a bakery, let the men go to war.

Note: The exception I think would be If a woman can enroll into the military as a nurse, cook, accountant, a secretary or hundreds of other safe jobs that don't require their presence on the battlefield. I am against women joining the military if they're going to be on the field with men and have the risk of rape. Read your contract carefully. Recruiters may not be honest with you, saying anything to get you to sign up. You have a right to negotiate your contract.

“You can name anything you want to name, but I am opposed to anything in the world that de-emphasizes the line of difference between the sexes. I believe that ladies ought to be feminine and sweet and lovely and charming. I believe men ought to be strong and masculine and decisive. I’m opposed to anything that makes a man and a woman act alike, look alike, dress alike, or talk alike.”

—Pastor Jack Hyles (quote taken from Dr. Hyle's sermon, Unisex)

I think it is an honorable thing to enroll into the armed forces; BUT it's dishonorable if you know that you're going to be killing innocent people, destroying your own nation's sovereignty, or helping to grow heroine over in Afghanistan. You need to read the news about what's going on in the military before you enroll, because you may end up killing women and children over in the Middle East under the contrived hoax of terrorism. Anybody can be labeled a terrorist and then it suddenly becomes ok to blow their head off. That's the sick reality of what's going on in America today. And most tragic is that American citizens are now being labeled as domestic terrorists for standing up against the treasonous criminals who've hi-jacked our White House via Wall Street thieves and thug Banksters. Hell will be hot enough!

I hear radio personalities saying that America's youth are going into the military to serve their country. That may sound politically correct, but it's a bunch of bull in most cases. Young people enroll into the military for a steady paycheck, benefits, college tuition, food and housing benefits, retirement benefits, low-cost home loan benefits, VA medical benefits, et cetera. In a recession, it's one of the best careers around. They go into the military to get something in return. And of course, many of them want to shoot guns and do rugged stuff. They want the prestige of being able to say they were in the military. I can understand all of that.

But let's be very honest, military troops are using the government and the government are using the military troops. No one is doing anyone any favors. You get paid and receive some basic benefits (not anywhere as good as they used to be), and they get to send you to do their dirty work overseas. You are a paid mercenary, paid to go fight someone else's war, plain and simple.

For a small paycheck, your life is on the line. I couldn't believe when the Iraqi war broke out that the U.S. government refused to pay time-and-a-half (penalty time) to troops fighting in Iraq. Read up (do a websearch) under "troops abused," or "veterans money stolen by government," or "troops families hurt back home," or "troops denied bullet proof vests" or troops treated badly.

You can type in anything concerning veterans abuse and mistreatment and a whole slew of articles will come up to read. You need to read all this BEFORE you sign your life away. 8-years is a long time and you may find yourself in prison if you back out later!!!

When you're dealing with the Pentagon and the government, you're dealing with cold-hearted monsters who will bury you, urinate on your grave, and steal your death benefits from your family. They do it all the time. Don't believe it? CHECK THIS OUT AND GET ANGRY!!!

Veterans are being cheated out of their healthcare and disability benefits. These scum politicians talk about America's best and brightest service men and women when speaking to the public, but then dump on veterans like cattle headed for the slaughter house behind the scenes...

Wounded War Veterans Cheated out of Healthcare and Disability Benefits by Military

Written by Bob Woodruff
Wednesday, 11 July 2007 00:00

July 11, 2007 - Veterans for Common Sense urges our members and supporters to watch ABC's "World News Tonight.  The program features breakthrough reporting from Bob Woodruff, with assistance from Joshua Kors, on how the Pentagon is abusing the personality disorder diagnosis to kick soldiers out of the military, as reported in The Nation.

Woodruff and Kors showed how the military is cheating our wounded Iraq War veterans out of a lifetime of medical care and disability compensation payments by claiming that the combat veterans were mentally ill before joining the Army. Kors reviewed medical records and found the military fabricated the personality disorder diagnosis. In fact, our veterans suffer from traumatic brain injury (TBI) and/or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

SOURCE: Wounded War Veterans Cheated out of Healthcare and Disability Benefits by Military

Don't sell your soul and dignity for money. If you're going into the military for money, then I feel sorry for you, because when the money's gone what will you have? So many people work 60 to 100 hours a week, work weekends, work holidays, work 7-days a week, never take a vacation... for what? MONEY!!! I guarantee you 30-years from now that you won't remember where any of that money went. Don't ever allow money to control your decisions. So many people live in fear of their bosses, because they're afraid of losing their job and not being able to pay their bills. I've seen it all my life in the workplace. The Bible tells us not to live in fear, because the fear of man bringeth a snare.

Go start a restaurant, be your own boss. Get out of the crime-filled city! Move out to rural America and start to live again. There's tens-of-thousands of smaller towns with under 50,000 people. Great places to raise a family. To Hell with the New World Order! They want to herd the masses like cattle into the cities, cameras everywhere, thug police sticking their hands down your pants, a ticket for this and a citation for that, license-plate scanners, street crime everywhere, face-recognition software, higher and higher taxes... it's only going to get much worse.

And just to show you how much Uncle Sam truly appreciates your hard work and dedication for serving your country...

Homeland Security Sees Veterans As America's Number One Terror Threat

Go ahead, sign up for the military; but don't say I didn't tell you so in 4-8 years when you are discharged (if you don't die in combat or some freak accident). By then you'll see the corruption and realize that the military is a dead end, just like everything else where you work for somebody else.

The Navy Seals, team 6, who alleging captured Osama Bin Laden, were all killed months later in a freak helicopter explosion in Afghanistan. Right! Talk about covering up evidence. Team 6 was murdered to silence them. It would have been obvious that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, President Obama and others were all liars. They didn't dare take the risk so they killed them. Once you've killed tens-of-millions of people in war, what's another 3,000 on 9/11, or 20 from Seal Team 6? It's the cost of doing business for them. They didn't want those guys to become heroes, nor for them to talk. The global elite who are behind the New World Order are bastards.

They murdered 20,000,000 men in World War I and another 60,000,000 (including civilians) in World War II. They're the ones who steal our homes by luring people in with the Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) scam, and then they jack-up interest rates to steal everyone's homes. Then they hire lawyers to foreclose before you can salvage your home. They are scum, maggot-filled, puss-bucket, rat-infested vermin, the filth of the earth. They'll laugh in your face at your child's grave. I'm serious, they are satanic, Wall Street, Communist scum!

When you go into the military, you now work for these perverted people!!!

They've killed a hundred million people over the past century through wars to make money and achieve the United Nations, which is their open door to World Government. The Banksters have started and financed both sides of every major war since the Revolutionary War of 1776. They'll kill their own mother or children to accomplish their dastardly evil deeds for Satan. They are all homosexual, demented, lying, Luciferian-worshippers. Wake up!!!

The following lengthy quote is from an excellent article written by Dr. Bill Muehlenberg, which makes very important key points concerning women serving in the military...

This leads to one of the most important issues in this debate: just what is the military for, anyway? I used to think that it had something to do with defending civilians, fighting wars, and securing peace. Now politicians have added social engineering to an already busy agenda.

As another US feminist critic, Phyllis Schlafly, rightly states, “The purpose of the armed services is to defend the United States of America – not to create a tax-funded haven for sexually active young men and women, nor is it to serve as a giant social welfare institution.”

Has the military not noticed that men and women are different? As George Gilder remarks, “The hard evidence is overwhelming that men are more aggressive, competitive, risk-taking – indeed more combative – than women.” Even feminist scholars admit this.

One obvious difference is that women get pregnant. Tight confined spaces (whether in a barracks, a submarine, or a battlefield) will only increase sexual friction and tension, and pregnancy will be a common result.

So what happens then? “Er, sorry guys, but can you hold my rifle while I take off for nine months, and then a few more, to have my baby? I will then dump him or her in the nearest day care centre, and join you back in battle in a year or so.”

This is not exactly how wars are won. Indeed, the field of combat is already difficult enough without having these sorts of concerns to contend with. One woman veteran of Iraq put it this way: “It’s like this: I’m a woman and a mother before I am a soldier. Out here I think more about my family than my job, and, yes, that could affect my performance if things get intense here.”

Thankfully this soldier did not renounce her maternal instincts. No woman should be forced to do so. But her proper concern for her family meant she was less effective as a soldier, and could potentially put her comrades at real risk.

And of course any babies born will be greatly disadvantaged as well. Unless the military is willing to allow a female soldier a lengthy period of time off, the baby will grow up in child care, while mum seeks to do her national duty.

War is hell, and men are far more equipped for this – psychologically, physically, mentally, and emotionally - than women. Women should not be placed in such circumstances. One soldier puts it this way:

“I have personally participated in hand-to-hand combat and have seen men fight and die on the battlefield. The combat environment is an ugly one. For the ground soldier it is characterized by loneliness and terrible desolation, weary marches, at times relentless heat, bitter cold, torrential rains, filth, pestilence, disease, the slime of dripping dugouts, and the stench of human carnage, all coupled with feelings of depression which stem from fear, uncertainty, and long separation from loved ones. It calls for an antic toughness that women do not normally possess. The soldier’s feelings fluctuate from despair to extreme hate and bitterness, and these emotions tend to bring forth his most animalistic instincts.”

And the truth is, there is no advantage to having female combat troops. As Schlafly reminds us,

“There is no evidence in all history for the proposition that the assignment of women to military combat jobs is the way to promote national security, improve combat readiness, or win wars. Indeed, the entire experience of recorded history teaches us that battles are not won by coed armies or coed navies. Even Hitler and the Japanese, when they ran short of manpower, found it more efficient to use underage and overage men in combat than to use female troops.”

It is one thing to allow women to hold support roles in the military, but quite another to place them in the actual field of combat. This is unfair to women, unfair to men, and unfair to the nation which has deployed them. Social-engineering experiments should never be allowed to weaken the military. All we are doing is asking for trouble.

In any case, it’s good to see that Australia’s future officers are still being prepared to wage war. The government has wheeled out its heavy artillery. "I don't deny that I will find resistance and that there will be significant challenges," says Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick as she prepares for her review of how women are treated at ADFA. She sounds tough. She’ll whip those pockets of resistance into shape, all right.

Right attitude. Wrong war.

Bill Muehlenberg is a lecturer in ethics and philosophy at several Melbourne theological colleges and a PhD candida

SOURCE: MercatorNet: Should women serve as front-line troops?

Women Don't Belong In Ground Combat

The following is a quote from an article written by Dr. Phyllis Schlafly, one of my personal heroes...

Putting women in military combat is the cutting edge of the feminist goal to force us into an androgynous society. Feminists are determined to impose what Gloria Steinem called "liberation biology" that pretends all male-female differences are culturally imposed by a discriminatory patriarchy.

History offers no evidence for the proposition that the assignment of women to military combat jobs is the way to win wars, improve combat readiness, or promote national security.

Women, on the average, have only 60 percent of the physical strength of men, are about six inches shorter, and survive basic training only by the subterfuge of being graded on effort rather than on performance. These facts, self-evident to anyone who watches professional or Olympic sports competitions, are only some of the many sex differences confirmed by scholarly studies.

Denial of physical differences is an illusion that kills. That's the lesson of the Atlanta courtroom massacre where a 5-foot-one, 51-year-old grandmother police guard was overpowered by a 6-foot-tall, 210-pound former football linebacker criminal; so now three people are dead.

Every country that has experimented with women in actual combat has abandoned the idea, and the notion that Israel uses women in combat is a feminist myth. The armies and navies of every potential enemy are exclusively male; their combat readiness is not diminished by coed complications or social experimentation.

The 1992 Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces voted to maintain the exemption of women from assignment to combat in ground troops, combat aviation, amphibious ships and submarines. But already 33 servicewomen including mothers have been killed and 270 wounded in the war in Iraq.

The Army is wondering why it can't meet its recruitment goals. It could be that the current 15 percent female quota is a turn-off to men who don't want to fight alongside of women who can't carry a man off the battlefield if he is wounded. Forcing women in or near land combat will hurt recruiting, not help.

No country in history ever sent mothers of toddlers off to fight enemy soldiers until the United States did this in the Iraq war. We hope this won't be the legacy of the Bush Administration.

SOURCE: Women Don't Belong In Ground Combat -- Phyllis Schlafly June 1, 2005 column

U.S. Private, Jessica Lynch, Brutally Raped by Iraqi Soldiers and Sodomized

Over 100 U.S. Women Soldiers Raped By Male Colleagues

Rape kits expose nearly 200 female U.S. soldiers report being raped by fellow troops in Iraq

Sex Assaults on Military Reported Abroad (307 assaults)

Sexual Abuse By Military Recruiters

We Will Rape Your Women

Women can be great leaders over other women or over children, but not over men. It is not natural. TV has gone insane with feminism. I mean, only on TV will you see a woman leading an army, defeating 10 men in hand-to-hand combat, single-handedly saving planet earth, et cetera. It's far from reality. In reality, U.S. women soldiers like Jessica Lynch are brutally raped (including being "sodomized by Iraqi thugs") by the enemy, and some are raped by their own military colleagues (and then sent back home to America in shame). 

Instead of sending our men into war to defend our women, we're sending our women out to get raped. Was it worth enrolling? The recruiter doesn't get raped. America has gone insane! I am not trying to be unkind, but women do not belong in the military. Let the men be men! That is my honest opinion. God meant for women to bear children, bake cookies and knit sweaters; not handle M16 rifles and drive tanks (1st Timothy 5:14-15). What is wrong with people today? I'll tell you, it's that godless rot called feminism.

Army Sends Infant to Protective Services, Mom to Afghanistan

"You can name anything you want to name, but I am opposed to anything in the world that de-emphasizes the line of difference between the sexes. I believe that ladies ought to be feminine and sweet and lovely and charming. I believe men ought to be strong and masculine and decisive. I’m opposed to anything that makes a man and a woman act alike, look alike, dress alike, or talk alike."

Pastor Jack Hyles (quote taken from Dr. Hyle's sermon, Unisex).

Female GIs Reporting Rapes by U.S. soldiers
Women say response lacking within military, some even threatened

Denver Post
Posted on Sat, Jan. 24, 2004

Female troops serving in Iraq are reporting an insidious enemy in their own camps: fellow American soldiers who sexually assault them.

At least 37 female service members have sought sexual-trauma counseling and other assistance from civilian rape-crisis organizations after returning from war duty in Iraq, Kuwait and other overseas stations, women's assistance and advocacy organizations say.

"We have significant concerns about the military's response to sexual assault in the combat zone," said Christine Hansen, executive director of the Connecticut-based Miles Foundation, which says it has assisted 31 women.

The women, ranging from enlisted soldiers to officers, have reported poor medical treatment, lack of counseling and incomplete criminal investigations by military officials. Some say they were threatened with punishment after reporting assaults.

The Pentagon did not respond to repeated requests for information about the number of sexual assault reports during the conflict. Defense officials would say only that they will not tolerate sexual assault in their ranks.

"Commanders at every level have a duty to take appropriate steps to prevent it, protect victims, and hold those who commit them accountable," a written statement from the Pentagon said.

Members of Congress said they are alarmed by the assault reports, confirming that they have learned of incidents as well. Colorado Sen. Wayne Allard said he intends to raise the issue with the Senate Armed Services Committee. Two Pennsylvania members of Congress, Rep. Joseph Pitts and Sen. Arlen Specter, intervened last month on one rape victim's behalf to bring her home.

Senate leaders pledged last year to investigate the military's handling of rape and domestic-violence cases after media reports of problems including flawed investigations, inadequate victim services and unusual leniency for soldier sex offenders. Congressional hearings were recommended, but none has been scheduled.


I was reading through the 2004 edition of New Airman Magazine (official magazine of the U.S. air force) that someone gave me.  I'll just quote what I read on page 42...

'Airman 1st Class Cynthia Kaleta says the munitions field is "back-breaking" work but when the work is finished she has "an intense feeling of accomplishment." Rounds arrive in large crates and crews break them down, remove the rounds, arm the weapons and restack them in a module for transport to an aircraft.'

It is tragic that America's daughters have become ammunition loading soldiers instead of homemaking mothers. This is the result of America's apostasy and godless feminism. 1st Timothy 5:14 is still in the Bible. A woman belongs in the kitchen, at home, raising children for the Lord. It's just crazy. Whatever happened to our daughters learning to bake bread and make homemade clothes? Now their doing "back-breaking" work that men should be doing. 

The military is no place for a woman. We are so close to becoming a police state that society is turning our women into men.  It's sickening. We don't need any more "SHE MEN" in society. There is something very wrong with a woman breaking down crates of weapon rounds and restacking them for shipment. If your one of these women, you need to reconsider your priorities. The Bible expressly forbids any woman from dressing like a man...

"The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God." —Deuteronomy 22:5

You may call the Bible "old-fashioned," but it is still God's Word. God hates mixing of the genders. God wants men to look and act like men, and women to look and act like women. It's obvious that women don't wear dresses or culottes into battle, they look like G. I. Joes (like rugged men). It's just not right! 


Over 100 U.S. Women Soldiers Raped By Male Colleagues

Army Sends Infant to Protective Services, Mom Arrested and Sent to Afghanistan

U.S. Private, Jessica Lynch, Brutally Raped by Iraqi Soldiers

Rape kits expose nearly 200 female US soldiers report being raped by fellow troops in Iraq

Sex Assaults on Military Reported Abroad (307 assaults)

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