There's No Controversy if You Believe the Bible

By David J. Stewart | November 2017 | Updated January 2018

       There is no controversy if you believe God's Word! I once heard a Baptist pastor tell his congregation that he will not allow controversies into his church. I asked that same pastor if he believed Jesus' blood is on the Mercy Seat in Heaven, to which he replied, “Uh, I think so.” How can a pastor lead his congregation to sing, “Nothing But The Blood,” when he doesn't even know where the blood is at?

That same pastor told me, as I shared with him what is wrong with the Alexandrian Bible versions, that he didn't know even one thing wrong with the modern Bible perversions. Well good night man, why not? He's a preacher! How did he ever graduate from a Bible college? That same pastor told his congregation in a sermon that he thinks the debt owed by the United States is up to $20,000,000 (twenty million). I tried not to laugh at him, because the national debt is actually a staggering $20,557,279,072,690!!![1] Clearly, he is ignorant of the truth, which explains why he avoids controversies.

Now, I'm not a critic, and I love pastors. I would never mention his name or church. I pastored for many years in Chicago to the inner-city through rescue missions, and am pastoring now in some ways to my web visitors, many of which have outright called me their “pastor.” I certainly don't think a website ministry can substitute for involvement in a local New Testament church, nor would I ever dare encourage people to ditch their church for a website ministry. Everyone is missing out who is not involved in a local New Testament church!!!

However, I am helping a group of unreached people that still need a shepherd to guide them. I am feeding God's sheep who've gone astray! Many people, who would never don the doorsteps of a church, are getting born-again through my humble labors for Jesus Christ. Praise God!!! To God be the glory, great things He hath done! I rely solely on the power of the Holy Spirit to change people's lives, for I am just a VOICE in cyberspace! You wouldn't believe some of the heartbreaking e-mails that I receive from people, and the heavy burdens that they carry. There are so many broken families and lives, deaths, lots of questions and dire heartaches. It is my privilege to do what I can to help others in the Lord Jesus Christ. You are loved my friend. I care!

There is no controversy if you believe God's Word! Instead of a pastor refusing to allow controversies into his church, he ought to PREACH THE TRUTH! The Devil uses the term “controversy” to confuse people. I remember when Bill Clinton was U.S. President. Someone asked him where he stood on abortion. Mr. Clinton said that even leading theologians cannot agree on whether abortion is right or wrong, so who was he to decide. Folks, God calls it murder! Exodus 20:13 plainly says, “Thou shalt not kill.” Any theologian who approves of abortion is a false prophet!!! There is no controversy if you believe the Bible!!!

There is much debate over the age of the earth. Some people believe in a Young Earth, others an Old Earth. It is clear to me from the Holy Scripture that the earth is very old, specifically, billions of years old. Science never contradicts the Bible! Science shows that dinosaurs roamed the earth 65,000,000 to 220,000,000 years ago. I believe this is accurate. Science and the Bible agree! Only false science, like evolution, contradicts the Holy Bible (1st Timothy 6:20). There is no controversy if you believe the Bible!!! A YOUNG EARTH IS A FALSE DOCTRINE (see pgs. 229-301, 73 pages of Bible exegesis by Dr. Younce).

Another popular debate is over the timing of the Rapture, but I firmly believe that a diligent Bible student can only conclude a Pretribulation Rapture, if you rightly divide the word of truth. Logic Proves A Pretribulation Rapture! There is no controversy if you believe the Bible!!! As much as I love and support Pastor Steven Anderson's aggressive soul-winning efforts, I have been disappointed that Brother Anderson has actually set a date, 75 days after the Abomination for the Lord's return. Respectfully, Pastor Anderson is very wrong on the timing of the Rapture. We KNOW that Jesus is not coming back 75 days after the Antichrist breaks his covenant with Israel during the Tribulation period. The Scriptures are abundantly clear that NO MAN knows the timing of the Lord's return!

Satan, and the liberal kooky crowd who serve him, throw around the word “controversy” to obscure the truth. Many ministers use the excuse that something is a “controversy” to avoid having to take a position on the matter. If a pastor evades “controversy,” then he is failing to feed his people. There's nothing more repulsive than a pastor who won't preach the whole truth. Our churches are filled with ignorant pastors. Jesus said that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. A pastor who doesn't care about truth, won't preach the truth. You can tell where a pastor's heart is by what he preaches on over time.

The apostate Bob Jones crowd won't expose the Devil's corrupt Bible versions, because they use, sell and promote them!!! GET RIGHT WITH GOD BOB JONES UNIVERSITY AND YOUR SHAMEFUL ALUMNI!!! Any child can understand that God only authored ONE BOOK! The adults aren't so bright, filled with arrogance, indifference and pride. I am listening to a wonderful 6-part MP3 lecture by Dr. Max D. Younce titled, “The King James Bible - Still The Best.” I really like part 3b, in which Pastor Younce hits hard against the satanic modern Bible revisions, elaborating on exactly what is wrong with them. THIS IS GREAT STUFF!

All of these paraphrases and these English versions are all based on corrupt texts. If you have a New King James Version (helpful .PDF article by Dr. Gail Riplinger), you have a corrupt text!!! Thank God for the inspired King James Bible!!!!!!!

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