How the Drug Money Works

by Preston Peet

The Editor of discusses Drugs, terrorists, illegal money and official complicity in all with researcher Daniel Hopsicker at the Venice Beach by the Venice Airport in Florida, which Hopsicker suspects is the Mena, Arkansas airport of today.

January 8, 2003- Why does the War on Some Drugs and Users continue despite the obvious failure of every tactic tried by prohibitionists? Could it be that the illegal drug trade engenders such massive untraceable black market profits and forms of social control that the Warriors really do not want the War to end?

When one takes the endless tales of corruption, greed and lies on the part of so many Drug Warriors into consideration, it isn't such a stretch of the imagination. Some researchers insist that the Warriors in positions of influence and power are making too much money waging the War on Some Drugs itself to ever allow honest Drug Policy Reform to happen, that these Warriors will stoop to any levels to make sure their profits and control never end, including enabling and even engaging in illicit drug trafficking themselves. This deadly sort of greed is by no means limited to Drug Warriors alone, but extends throughout government, military and corporate cultures around the world, lead by the US military/industrial/law enforcement complex, as evidenced by the numerous reports compiled at the websites linked below.

All wars pay if one is in the business of supplying the weapons to all sides, controlling the means of spreading public information and spending tax dollars. It's a symbiotic relationship. Drug Crime certainly does pay if one is in the lucrative business of drug crime fighting, or shipping large amounts of pricey illegal drugs, made so expensive and profitable by prohibition itself.


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Notice the foreword by Congresswoman Maxine Waters!  This is no conspiracy theory.  Listen to former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. 

Gary Webb’s “Dark Alliance”

If you vote Democrat or Republican, you are part of the problem.  We need a new government or America WILL face certain financial, economic and moral doom.

If you're a Christian who is loyal to the Republicans, you had better get down on your knees and beg God to open your eyes to the blatant wickedness that exists within BOTH parties.  The CIA is bringing illegal drugs into America to sell on our streets.  Our children are dying and our neighborhoods are suffering.  Thanks a lot Mr. Benedict Arnold President.  Yes, I mean Bush sr., Reagan, Clinton, Bush Jr. and the next president.  You don't get to be president of the United States unless you can keep your mouth shut and play the game.  They're all puppets in a global scheme to destroy America.  Don't be stupid, look into this matter because you will be an accomplice if you vote for these people after reading this.


Listen to former LAPD narcotics office, Mike Ruppert at

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