Revelation Chapter Six

by Pastor Jack Hyles

(Chapter 6 from Dr. Hyle's excellent book, Let's Study The Revelation)

Verse 1:
In the preceding chapter, we had the acceptance of the sealed book by the Lamb. Remember that the book is the Title Deed to the purchased possession bought by Jesus on Calvary. In this chapter we have the opening of the seals. In this verse, the Lamb (Jesus) starts to open the seals.

Notice the words, "COME AND SEE. " Probably this should have been simply "Come. "

Verse 2:
THE FIRST SEAL IS OPENED and lo, one comes forth on a white horse. Comparing other Scriptures with this, it undoubtedly speaks of the coming of the Man of Sin, the Antichrist. The Bible teaches that immediately after the church is caught out a terrible world dictator will come who will be Satan incarnate (Satan in a human form). He is the Devil’s key figure in the Great Tribulation. Read II Thessalonians 2.

You will notice that he comes on a horse. He is imitating Jesus. Other Scripture passages seem to teach that he comes as a false messiah. At any rate, he comes as Jesus will eventually come--on a white horse.

Verses 3-4:
THE SECOND SEAL IS OPENED. What is it? It is war. Remember now that the church has already been taken out and the Antichrist is revealed. Now comes bloody war.

Verses 5-6:
THE THIRD SEAL IS OPENED. What is it? It is a famine.

A measure of wheat is approximately one quart. A "penny " was the normal day’s wage for a laborer. Imagine a day’s wage only buying a quart of wheat. The depression of the 1920’s and 30’s was nothing compared to the one that is coming to the world after the church is caught out. Thank God, I’ll be with Jesus at the marriage of the Lamb.

"SEE THOU HURT NOT THE OIL AND THE WINE. " Oil and wine in the Bible seem to symbolize luxury. There will be none in that day. The world shall be cast into a terrible time of hunger.

Verses 7-8:
THE FOURTH SEAL IS OPENED. What is it? It is death.

"ONE FOURTH PART OF THE EARTH " seems to imply that one fourth of the people of the earth will be killed. Imagine it. The world’s population is approximately three billion. One fourth of that would be 750 million people. Can you imagine that many killed in such a short period of time?

All of these events will take place after the Christians are gone.

How foolish for one to be here when he could be with Jesus by trusting Him as Saviour and Lord.

Verses 9-11:
The next three verses deal with the souls of martyrs. The question comes immediately as to what martyrs they are. They could not be the souls of martyrs who were slain before the rapture because they were raptured and received their glorified bodies in chapter 4. Hence these must be the ones who are to be killed for the Gospel during the tribulation up to this time. In verse 8, one fourth of the world’s population was killed, and probably many of these were martyrs.

Notice why these are to be killed. "FOR THE WORD OF GOD, AND FOR THE TESTIMONY WHICH THEY HELD. "

Notice that they are under the altar. Why an altar? The answer is simple. The brazen altar was the place of sacrifice. Every person who dies for Jesus gives the supreme sacrifice.

There are several things that are taught here about souls that should be brought out in this study: The dead in Christ are still alive. They can be seen. John said that he saw them. They are with Jesus.

NOTICE THEIR CRY, "HOW LONG? " They are so anxious to gain their glorified bodies. "Even so, come, Lord Jesus " THE SINNER’S PRAYER MEETING...Revelation 6:12-17.

Verse 12:

"THERE WAS A GREAT EARTHQUAKE. " The word here for "earthquake " means "quaking in general. " In other words, there shall be quaking all over the earth. It also means to "shake, toss, or jolt. " It involves the entire world and planetary system in a time of commotion.

"AND THE SUN BECAME BLACK. " Imagine sleeping until noon and it still being dark. Imagine it with the sun completely darkened. Such a day took place in the northeastern section of this country in May, 1780. People were in a state of panic as the day became dark for seemingly no reason at all.

Verse 13:
You can easily imagine this verse transpiring after reading verse 12. On November 13, 1833, a night like this happened and the people were scared to death. On that night, for nearly three hours, fiery balls filled the sky and people were horrified.

Verse 14:
You have seen a scroll unroll and roll up. That is what is meant here.

The reason for the mountains moving is simple. Several times in California there has been a quake so bad that rivers have dried up and mountains have been leveled. That is exactly what will take place except that all the mountains will be moved. Imagine how morbid everything will look.


Kings-who thought they were too powerful for Jesus. Great men- who thought they were too great for God. Rich men-who thought they were too wealthy for God. Soldiers-who thought they were too strong for God. All Christ rejecters.

Look at the object of their prayers: The rocks. They rejected the Rock of Ages and now they are praying to the rocks.

Now notice their PRAYER: "HIDE US. " They were asking to be hidden from Jesus, when they could have been hidden in Jesus. And well they might cry for a hiding place from Jesus, for He will pour out His wrath upon them.



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